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  • A Blue Collar Wine Festival
  • Stay Tuned For Thanksgiving Packs!
  • Wine And Woo Pairings!
Playing It Safe With Your Pocketbook?
(...and who isn't right now?)
Once upon a time, Pairings had a four-times-a-year event called a 10 For 10. The event was started around the time the shop opened - two customers would come in regularly to drink glasses wine, but they never left with a bottle. When asked if they drank wine at home, they said they did - but they never paid more than $10 for a bottle - which gave Jeffrey an idea.

Jeffrey would select 10 wines running for $10 a bottle, he would make them available to people who came to the event,  and he would charge $10 to taste all of them so you would know what you were buying ahead of time. And, to sweeten the pot a little bit, Jeffrey would offer some kind of goody to folks who bought a bunch of wine: free tickets to a wine class, for example.

Fast forward in time, and 10 For 10 became 12 For 12. The wine got better, the goodies got better... and then COVID happened. We kept our Blue Collar Wines shelf, and we still did cases of 12 For 12, but the event went to sleep for awhile.

But no longer! From Friday, November 11th through Sunday, November 13th, we are resuscitating our old 10 For 10 events as a Blue Collar Wine Festival!
  • We'll have 12 different wines on pour, all selling for $15 a bottle. 
  • It'll be $20 to taste all 12 wines, and you can get case of all 12 for $160 (that's $13.33 a bottle).
  • If you buy 12 or more wines, you'll get a free Astrology & Wine Pairing Reading, and 20% off the wine paired to you during the reading!
Need Wine For Thanksgiving?
November is here, and that means that Thanksgiving packs are on their way! We'll be selling six packs of really good wine, curated by Jeffrey, in the shop and online for the month of November, up until the big day.

The Thanksgiving Packs will be available in the shop starting on Friday. We'll be including details on the selections and why we picked them in the next newsletter, or...
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Everybody Say, "WOO!"
This November, we are introducing the next step of an idea that we've been exploring for years at Pairings. You already know that Jeffrey pairs wines to astrology signs and numerology, and has been known to offer personalized wine pairings based on a reading; and you probably know by now that Patrick, our Sunday wineslinger, is really into tarot, and will pair wine for you based on a card reading. And after talking, and arguing, and crying, and hugging it out (wine may or may not have, but definitely was, involved), Jeffrey and Patrick are ready to take another step into the wonderful worlds of wine and woo.

On Saturdays and Sundays, from noon to 5pm, you can now get a Wine and Woo Pairing anytime you like! Here's how it works:
  1. Come to the shop during Wine and Woo time and either get a glass of wine, or a flight. These readings can take a little bit of time; why not enjoy it with a glass?
  2. Ask for a reading.
    • Jeffrey will be doing Astrology and Numerology Readings & Pairings on Saturdays.
    • Patrick will be doing Tarot Readings & Pairings on Sundays.
  3. It's $15 for the reading, plus the personalized wine pairing to go with it - UNLESS...
  4. end up buying the bottle of wine we pair with your reading! Then, my lovelies, your reading is free!
(But not the bottle. We still have to make money.)

And, stay tuned for more Wine and Woo offerings down the road. Jeffrey and Patrick are both really excited to explore this path together, and they can't wait to share it with you!
As always, we're so grateful to you, our community! Thank you for being our friends, virtually and otherwise.

- Jeff & the Pairings Portland crew
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