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  • Meet the Pairings Portland crew!
  • Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Bordeaux.
  • Let's talk about the music at Pairings...

*FINALLY!* The Office, in wine flight form

The World's Best Boss has come to Portland's Weirdest Wine Shop! Check out this awesome lineup:
Jim HalpertAntonia Munari Rolfshark 2021
I hope you find this Lambrusco as easy to get along with as Scranton's own Jim Halpert. Refreshing, easygoing, playful, and on the drier side of Lambrusco, like Jim's sense of humor. The Rolfshark label came about as a bit of an initial printing mishap years ago, but I would like to imagine it was an office prank gone awry, worthy of a wine picked in Jim's honor. Until they make a "Big Tuna" wine, a big shark will have to do. 

Pam BeeslyAntonia Munari Rolfshark Rosato 2021
A little sweeter, a little more bubbly, and a perfect coupling for the Jim pairing. A little soft up front, but finishes strong with just a touch more acid and strength than you were expecting. Antonia Munari is one of the leading winemakers in Emilgia Romana and embodies the confidence and self assuredness Pam grows into as she makes her journey from the receptionist to the office administrator. 

Michael ScottLes Lunes Cosmic Blend 
This Bordeaux inspired blend from Northern California is a bit loud, hard to ignore, and kind of like a Bordeaux that seems like it was made by someone pretending to know what Bordeaux actually is. Michael, with his inflated sense of confidence, like this wine only works because at the end of the day 
they are just so damn hard not to love. 

Dwight SchruteChâteau Bouillerot Essentia 2019
Classic Bordeaux, from a very small, very long running family winery. Imagine Schrute Farms, but grapes instead of beets. The proper, buttoned up, a little uptight version of Michaels bright, fun Bordeaux by way of CA. The assistant wine to the regional manager if you will. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, Bordeaux.

Angela MartinStein Riesling Blauschiefer 2021
The estate riesling from Ulli Stein can be a bit bracing on first taste, almost as if someone was able to juice rocks. Just give it a little time though. Like one of Angela's many cats, you have to let this wine come to you, and like Angela you'll find a little more softness than you saw in its rigid first impression. Best served cold, but just don't let Dwight put it in the freezer next to Sprinkles. 
Come try them this week!
Don't forget, when you order a wine flight during Lunch Break Happy Hour, you get a bonus pour of your favorite wine!
Meet the Crew!

We asked our staff to share what kinds of music they like to play at the shop. Here's what they said: 
Thurs-Sat, 4-8pm

"My music is all over the place. At the shop I often throw in some upbeat jams usually featuring Supertramp or the Cat Empire. Otherwise something a little more folk rock oriented like the Dead South or Dr. Dog."
Friday, 4-8pm

"Old school psychadelia, bluegrass, country. A lot of contemporary stuff, too! I like to check out Pitchfork's best new releases when I'm in the shop." 
JEFF W. He/Him
Tues-Sat, 12-4pm

"Disco. Yes I said it out loud. And lots of world beat with a South African lean. Random dancing ops abound."
KEAGAN C. They/Them
Tues-Wed, 4-8pm

"Helado Negro, Kweku Collins, Sudan Archives, always a fun mix of stuff." 
Sunday 12-7pm

"My tastes vary from 80's new wave to 90's alternative, punk to bluegrass, house to jazz. I'm down to listen to just about anything except modern country."
Tune in next week to hear their weirdest wine stories!
This might be our most popular wine flight yet! Come try it this week, maybe on our patio in the breezy shade.

- Jeff & the Pairings Portland crew
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