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University Woman Texas
Volume 66 | Issue 3 | Spring 2015
Our Mission
The American Association of University Women advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.
Empowering women and girls...AAUW‘s core value. We accomplish that core value on the state and local level through advocacy, education, philanthropy, research…and leadership. As you read through this issue of the University Woman Texas, you will find examples of every aspect of our ‘core value.’ 

Empowerment through Leadership:  There’s a leader in all of us, sometimes we just need a little nudge...
  • As you are electing branch officers for the coming year, remember to vote for AAUW National officers as well. In fact, you received your own personal ballot in your e-mail…have you voted? It’s only a ‘mouse click’ away. The first 25 branches to have 75 percent or more of eligible voters cast votes in the national election will win a flag that has been flown over the U.S. Capitol. Let’s make sure AAUW of Texas is represented in this challenge. Voting is leadership in action.
  • “A Blueprint” for the 2015-2016 year, does your branch have one? Some branch programs are yearly events but what about the other programs you will be planning for your branch? As a branch leader, have you checked out these member programs? You will find  “How to Design an Engaging Planning Meeting” and  “How to Spice Up Your Branch Programming.” Maybe your branch wants to learn how to recruit new members; or perhaps you are looking for a step-by-step guide on holding inclusive events for those potential new members. You may just want to begin by re-engaging your own branch members. Go on line, all this and more is only a ‘mouse click’ away. Better yet, does your branch have a program suggestion that has been successful? We’d like to know about it. Please, SHARE! Remember, you can also call on your AAUW of Texas Board. We are here to help your branch as well. Leaders develop ‘blueprints’ that are inclusive…they engage others and know how to best use their resources. Leaders help others become leaders as well.
  • National Convention in San Diego…Have you or your branch members “Caught the Wave”? Check out the program agenda at, it’s not your same ol’ convention anymore. Registration is still open. Leaders seek knowledge...attending convention (whether it’s national or state) and networking develops and strengthens leadership skills. 
  • AAUW of Texas is in need of a Web Maintainer on our Communications Team to keep our state website current. Are you the person to fill this leadership role? Give us a call or send us an email. 
We develop leadership by focusing on our mission; Empowerment through advocacy, education, philanthropy & research.
AAUW of Texas continues to move forward in our effort to fulfill our mission of empowering women and girls through research, advocacy, philanthropy and education. It has been my privilege to work alongside many of you as we work towards the values of our mission in the Lone Star State.

In March, AAUW of Texas, AAUW Dallas, and YWTF Dallas leaders met Equal Pay icon, Lilly Ledbetter at the Women’s Symposium at Southern Methodist University. We hosted an AAUW resource table where we signed up Action Network members, and recruited new members into our branches.

AAUW of Texas joined AAUW Austin to host a resource table at WE Con Austin 2015, a “Women’s Empowerment Conference,” where we again, recruited new members and signed up participants into our Action Network. We also hosted a resource table at Austin Community College where we signed up new e-student affiliates. 

Other AAUW resource tables hosted by AAUW of Texas this year include: Brookhaven Community College, Midwestern State University, El Paso Community College, University of Texas at El Paso, Tarrant County Community College and Texas Tech University. 

We have done a great job increasing AAUW visibility in Texas, and by recruiting new e-student affiliates and members! 

In addition to all of our fabulous outreach, we are developing College and University partnerships with Midwestern State University, Tarrant County Community College, El Paso Community College, and University of Texas at Dallas. A huge thanks to Ginny Phoenix, Gloria Long and Pris Mowinkel for all your hard work on these partnerships!

AAUW of Texas leaders also took Equal Pay Day by storm! Not only did the San Antonio, Austin, and Georgetown branches join AAUW of Texas at our Equal Pay Lobby Day, but the following branches rocked equal pay day:
  • AAUW Northeast Tarrant County (Equal Pay Resource Table)
  • AAUW Plano/Collin County (Equal Pay Proclamation)
  • AAUW Austin (Equal Pay Proclamation and Lobby Day!)
  • AAUW Lubbock (Equal Pay Resource Table)
  • AAUW San Antonio (Equal Pay Proclamation, Lobby Day and Unhappy Hour!)
  • AAUW Harris County (Equal Pay Proclamation)
  • AAUW Polk County (Equal Pay activity)
  • AAUW Texas State University (Equal Pay Twitter Storm)
  • YWTF Dallas (Unhappy Hour)
Please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out the latest news on bills relating to economic security, education and women’s health at our Texas State Legislature. 

As we enter into graduation season be sure to give the graduate in your life their “free” membership into AAUW of Texas! Want to know more about how to “Give a Grad a Gift?” Visit this website:

AAUW of Texas leaders, thank you for all you do! Remember I’m here for you as a resource. Please contact me if I can be of help to your branch. I’d love to help you recruit and retain members, and increase visibility for your branch.
Melodía Gutiérrez
AAUW of Texas, Field Representative
Phone: 202.203.8353
The AAUW Arlington (TX) Branch has funded, from Book Fair proceeds, two AAUW Research and Projects endowments of $35,000. These endowments, which are managed by the association, are pumping funds yearly into a pool that supports Career Development Grants and Community Action Grants. For these and the four other fellowships AAUW sponsors, 244 awards were made to outstanding women and non-profits for the 2014-2015 academic year.

AAUW is one of the largest sources of educational funding for graduate women. Since 1998 our Mary Swisher Smith endowment has supported these two grant programs. Mary was a charter member of the branch (1952) and was active until her death in 2005. She served twice as our branch president, was a named gift honoree and was the Texas Division Outstanding Woman in 1980. The Smith endowment has so far contributed funding for nine Career Development Grants and six Community Action Grants.

Career Development Grants ($2,000 - $12,000) are awarded to women pursuing certificates or degrees to advance or change their careers. Seven of the nine career development recipients mentioned above studied at Texas universities. For example, awardee Sarah Brown planned to use her experience as a science educator and her Spanish skills to meet the healthcare needs of South Texas. To that end her 2013-14 fellowship supported physician assistant studies at UT Health Science Center, San Antonio. Three members of the Arlington Branch benefitted from this fellowship when it was known as Project Renew. Three of the six Community Action Grants ($2,000 - 10,000) mentioned above were completed in Texas including one in Arlington in 2012. They have all promoted science and math for elementary and middle school girls as did the branch’s grant for the Career Guidance Fair at UTA in 1991.

Three community action grants from the Arlington Branch endowment are particularly interesting:

Resources Enabling Access to Community, Classroom, and Home (REACCH)

Awarded to Buckner Family Place in Lufkin, Texas, REACCH is a campus-based self-sufficiency program that provides a variety of supportive services to low-income single mothers and their children. The grant was awarded to provide loans of 13 laptop computers and wireless Internet access to the residences on the campus, enabling residents to participate in online courses, complete face-to-face coursework, communicate with instructors, and access a variety of resources. (Two-year grant awarded in 2009.)

Kauai Island Access to the Hawaii State Olympiad

The AAUW Kauai (HI) Branch partnered with Kauai Community College and the Hawaii State Science Olympiad to create a successful regional tournament. This grant funded lab and project materials for teams from Kauai in the regional and state competition. If victorious at the regional tournament, teams were required to fundraise to attend the state competition. (One-year grant awarded in 2010.)
GREEN Tech Velocity Prep
The STEM Council at Skillpoint Alliance hosts an internship that challenges students to design a working electrical microgrid for use in colonias along the Texas-Mexico border. With an innovative, community-focused approach to STEM education, Velocity Prep engages students to apply STEM skills by forming a consulting company to research, plan, develop, and present specific deliverables to address a real client’s issue.
The beauty of these endowments is that they keep on giving and giving! Thank you to Laura Blyler, the program manager in the AAUW Foundations and Grants Department, for all of her help!
Suzanne Sweek
AAUW Arlington (TX) Branch

AAUW of Texas awarded its first ever State NCCSWL scholarship to Bianca Barajas of Arlington, TX. Bianca is a student at the Tarrant County College, Southeast Campus majoring in Bilingual Education. Bianca was awarded a $500 scholarship. Congratulations, Bianca and Northeast Tarrant County Branch for submitting a fantastic candidate!

This year, AAUW of Texas announced the establishment of a grant program to aid AAUW of Texas branches in supporting Texas student attendance at AAUW and NASPA’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWLS). Early-bird registration, which includes scheduled meals and housing, is $425. Regular registration is $475. In partnership with branches, AAUW Texas plans to provide scholarships of $550 total ($275 from the state and $275 from the branch) to four sponsored students. This amount covers the registration fee and provides some extra money to be used toward transportation costs. 

AAUW of Texas will also be offering two direct grants to students attending NCCWSL from state accredited Colleges and Universities. All students must be sophomore or juniors in higher education. Graduating seniors will not be considered by AAUW of Texas.

Photo courtesy of

NCCWSL is a two-and-a-half-day conference that helps students hone leadership skills. AAUW collaborates with NASPA—Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education to present this annual leadership conference, which began in 1985. Over the years Texas Colleges and Universities have sent many students to the NCCWSL conferences.

Conference Date: May 28-30, 2015
Conference Location: University of Maryland, College Park

Saturday, February 21, was the date of a gala celebration of the centennial of the AAUW El Paso (TX) Branch. At a catered luncheon, Estela Casas, a local television anchorwoman and one of the honored women, served as mistress of ceremonies.  Two power point presentations featured “AAUW History” and “Celebrating El Paso Women of the Past.”  Several contemporary El Paso women received recognition: among them were Alicia Hernandez, a fifty-year El Paso AAUW member and a local educator; two other honorees whose names readers may recognize were Janice Windle, author of True Women and other books and a longtime resident of El Paso; and Belen Robles, the first woman to be national president of LULAC, an office she held for four consecutive terms in the 1990’s.
Pictured from the right is former El Paso mayor John Cook and Diana Natalicio, President of the University of Texas at El Paso
Pictured above is Alicia Hernandez
Pictured in foreground is Liz Justice, AAUW member and finance officer
Pictured above is Janice Windle
Pictured above is Belen Robles
If that wasn't enough, the El Paso branch was also well represented at the recent Mother/Daughter, Father/Son Career Conference. Anna Mattersdorff, Liz Justice, and Carmen LaFarelle braved a cold winter day to participate in the Career Day Conference at University of Texas at El Paso on January 24, 2015.

Dr. Josie Tinajero thanked AAUW for their participation and told the audience that AAUW had been supporting the M/D program almost since its inception (25 years). A little over 300 students and parents attended. The program has grown so much that only four districts can come at one time.

Anna, Liz, and Carmen were panelists with two other professionals. One of the panelists was an architect who is responsible for the work going on at UTEP now, and the other was a 25 year old personal trainer and WiFi installer. He had very good rapport with the students, especially the boys in the Father/Son Program. It was obvious that the students and parents enjoyed all the presentations. It was a good experience for everyone.
The AAUW Georgetown (TX) Branch had one event on January 29 featuring the chef of Berry Creek Country ClubChef Tony, who served a three course dinner which successfully raised money for their local scholarship fund.

The Georgetown Branch once again held their annual “Style Show, Luncheon and Purse Auction” at the Berry Creek Country Club on March 21 supporting their educational programs…..go girls.

The AAUW Kerrville (TX) Branch unanimously proposed to change their name to “AAUW Hill Country, Inc.” since their membership covers women throughout five Hill Country counties. They are hoping this new name will be more representative of their membership and “will facilitate marketing of the branch, especially our scholarship opportunities and make our name more geographically inclusive, “ said Anita Crane.

Spring also brings Expanding Your Horizons celebrations to Nacogdoches and Austin, even though Austin’s GirlStart calls it STEM.

In recognition of Equal Pay Day, the AAUW Polk County (TX) Branch wore red and celebrated with Cocktails and Conversation at the historic Blue Duck Kitchen & Bar in downtown Livingston.  They handed out Pay Day candy bars to other customers and explained the significance of the day. Most of all, they had fun!
Polk County is also proud to announce that they awarded four $1000 scholarships to graduating senior girls from three high schools in Polk County. They had a very successful Bridge Luncheon and Silent Auction as well as individual donations to make this happen. The branch now has 30 members. 

All seven branches are busy raising money for various funds and having good fellowship at the same time.
In February, the AAUW Denton (TX) Branch held another successful Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) Conference, which was attended by an ethnically-diverse group of 192 sixth, seventh and eighth graders from seventeen area schools.  The majority of attendees, 98%, cited information from the Conference as helpful for their future career plans. With catchy seminar titles such as, “Slime, Sludge & Silly Putty”, the seminars peaked interest in Math, Science and Computer Science.  Over 80% of the attendees would attend another Conference and 99% would encourage a friend to attend an EYH Conference!
The branch members made the event especially memorable by providing a snack and a drink bottle with the EYH symbol embossed on the side.  This gift seemed to be the most popular of the different gifts they have given over the years.  Presenters included a veterinarian, engineers, wildlife detective, graphic designer, crime scene investigator, nurse from the heart unit of a hospital, dermatologist, dental hygienist, biologists and a chemist and featured the Science of Taste presented by Frito-Lay!

The branch utilized Survey Monkeyan online survey tool, to capture attendee feedback.  Nearly all the presenters were considered "Fantastic" by at least 75% of the girls who attended those particular sessions.  This input is a very effective tool help determine future presenters and topics.
The AAUW Farmers Branch (TX) Branch just celebrated its 25th successful year of hosting Reach for the Stars, a 1/2 day career 15-subject workshop for 7th & 8th grade girls to introduce them to careers in math & science.
The workshop features hands-on activities for girls and opportunities to meet STEM role models, with a focus on the “growth mindset” promoted in the “Why So Few?” research report.

Looking Back. The event encountered a few bumps before finding the techniques that led to success. The year no students came from two of the middle schools made the branch realize the importance of coordinating with the local school district. We learned later that those schools were holding a volleyball tournament! Coordination with the middle school counselors has made all the difference in enrollment. 

Getting There. With the enticement of a gourmet luncheon prepared by long-time AAUW member and chair of the event, Julie Moore, DDS, the counselors convene with AAUW organizers to receive the enrollment brochures and learn of any new workshops. They also collect the enrollments and nominal fees, noting for the branch students who wanted to attend but needed a “scholarship” to do so. When the counselors agreed to arrange for school district buses and attend the event with the young women to help guide them through the college campus and attend workshops with them, the branch was guaranteed better attendance and fewer behavior problems. 

A Growing Partnership. The event provides a “pay-off” for the school district as well, according to Michelle Capener, Counseling Facilitator of the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, “This unique event has afforded our 7th and 8th grade female students the opportunity to explore STEM career options, to interact with successful female role models, and to view a college campus firsthand.  Through their participation in the program, our students have gained valuable insight into potential professions as well as motivation to succeed in their academic pursuits.  Our district is sincerely appreciative of the investment made in our students by the American Association of University Women.”

The Students. A diverse student population from seven area middle schools attends the event.  At the workshops girls learn that if they persevere, they can continue to grow and build their skills in STEM. Mary Lovell, Presenter Recruiter, enjoys finding diverse workshops for the young women. The veterinarian brings a pet bulldog for examination and a parrot for anatomy instruction. The geologist encourages volcano explosions, and the App Developer helps the participants move from inspiration to reality in creating an app. The young women are active in every workshop, leaving with Mary Kay creams they have made, bracelets from tumbled stones, or components from the tiny robots. The seventh graders tell us they are looking forward to next year and the eighth graders ask why they can’t return.

The College Connection. In addition to the middle school counselors and the workshop presenters, the third component for success has been the college site. Besides the obvious compatibility of classrooms and labs, a College-University Partner, Brookhaven College has embraced its role in promoting science and math to young girls. Physics professor and AAUW member Anahita Sidhwa has handled the site arrangements as they have become more complicated with the greater popularity of the event. Among a dozen other smaller details, she schedules rooms based on presenter needs, coordinates with the college public information office for design and printing of the program, and contacts the campus police for security coverage. Having a committed on-site employee has helped the branch hold a more seamless event.

The Payoff. Reach for the Starts offers a payoff for the college and the community. Since 1991 over 4,000 students from CFBISD have attended these conferences, and we have records to indicate that about 55% of them came back to Brookhaven College to take credit classes!
The Farmers Branch-Carrolton branch was presented a plaque of appreciation by the Board of Trustees of C-FB ISD for 25 years of coordination of this valuable workshop for young women.
The event is a project supported by AAUW Foundation.
On Monday, April 13, the AAUW Abilene (TX) Branch held its 6th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser. Five women in the Abilene community were recognized as Women of Outstanding Achievement and six women were recipients of a $2,500 Women of Promise & Courage Scholarship.
Women of Outstanding Achievement 2015: L to R Dr. Pearl Merritt, Maggy Morford, Roberta Thompson, Bea Ganson & Marty Anderson
2015 Women of Promise & Courage Scholarship Recipients L to R Dawn Hill, Dana Mayhall, Adrienne LaPorta, Stacy Hooper, Angie Lang & Robyn Devora
Abilene Social Workers: Jacklie Warmsly, 2012 Honoree, Roberta Thompson 2015 Honoree & Peg Smith 2011 Honoree

During the last five years the Abilene branch, through the generosity of its members and the Abilene community, have awarded $49,500 in scholarships to women who have had their formal educaiton interrupted by life circumstances and are returning to either begin or complete their degree,

And of course, THE TABLES were each decorated by Abilene community members.
Photos courtesy of Cary, Corthron, photographer and owner of Lighthouse Photography in Buffalo Gap, Tx.
The AAUW Plano/Collin County (TX) Branch was excited to partner with University of North Texas in conducting a $tart $mart Wage Negotiation Workshop on April 8, 2015. Just ahead of Equal Pay Day, it provided vital salary information to 20 young women soon to embark on their new careers.
Pictured above is Robin Bellerby, AAUW member and workshop facilitator along with student participants
The branch also held its 2nd Annual Garage Sale on April 11. Members weren't sure if the weather would cooperate, but in the end, it really paid off. The event raised $1300 for its scholarship fund! YWTF Dallas provided some extra help, which was very much appreciated.
Houston area branches have started the year with a variety of activities.

West Harris County completed its best Expanding Your Horizons in February. This year’s event allowed over 300 girls to learn about careers.  (See WHC website) On another note, is with great sadness that we said goodbye to a dear friend and strong leader, Betty McCutchan. She has left an indelible mark on AAUW-WHC with her positive spirit and hard work.   

North Harris County hosted its fifth Outstanding Women’s Luncheon. The event honors one woman each in Community Service and in Education.  The keynote speaker for the event, which included a silent auction and raffle, was a great success.

Fort Bend Branch members are dedicated and strong. The branch has 32 members and they are having an Eleanor Roosevelt Luncheon.

The Houston Branch continues to function mainly as a book group.

SE Harris County President Kathy Mallory reports that the next SE Harris County branch meeting/book review is planned for May 16, 2015. The luncheon meeting will include a book review of "Etty Hillesum; A Life Transformed" by Patrick Woodhouse.
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Rebecca Worman Baird, 96, of El Paso passed away on January 16, 2015. She was a much beloved first grade teacher who made a significant difference in countless lives. She expressed her appreciation to all her doctors and caregivers, but especially to Dr. Michael Gabbert, one of her own first graders, who treated her with tender care until the end. (photo and obituary courtesy of

Welta Conea Scruggs, 95, of El Paso passed away on January 12, 2015. Arriving in El Paso in 1943, she worked as a librarian at El Paso, Bowie and Bowie Intermediate Schools. She then taught fifth grade at Zach White Elementary School and served as librarian before retiring in 1980. (photo and obituary courtesy of

Betty Harriet McCutchan, 62, passed away on March 8, 2015. Following seven years as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County, Betty entered the United States Foreign Service serving as a consular officer in India, Chile, Turkey and Washington, D.C.; as Deputy Chief of Mission in Guyana; and Regional Director of Foreign Missions in Houston. (photo and obituary courtesy of The Houston Chronicle).
AAUW of Texas entered Bra Art in the Brazos County Health For All annual Fundraising event. Health For All is a nonprofit free health care clinic founded in 1987. Virtually all of the clinic’s funding comes from local donors who live and/or do business in the Brazos Valley, and no state or federal funding is received. They free doctor visits, pharmaceuticals, specialist exams, lab tests, X-rays, chronic disease management education and counseling services to low income patients in the Brazos Valley who do not have health insurance and do not qualify for government programs such as Medicaid, Medicare or County Indigent funds.

Health for All treats about 1,500 patients each year with more than 4,000 exams provided by a team of volunteer medical professionals.

 are able to deliver services at a very low cost thanks to a small staff and a large number of volunteers and community partners. By providing an alternative to expensive emergency room visits by the uninsured, Health For All saves Brazos Valley hospitals and taxpayers millions of dollars each year.
Exercising your right to vote on AAUW’s bylaws, Public Policy Program, and leadership  is an important part of AAUW membership.  Your best resource is located on the website, under Resources, AAUW National Election.
Meeting the candidates?
Before voting for our next president, vice president, and 10 directors, read their profiles. Don't forget to notice that Malinda Gaul is running for re-election!
Want to be appointed to the board?
After the election, the new board appoints three additional directors. Get the details on how to apply here. The deadline is May 1.

What else is on this year’s ballot? Proposed changes to the AAUW Public Policy Program and proposed amendments to the AAUW Bylaws.

More questions? Check out our detailed election FAQ for even more information.

Don’t stop there! Help fellow branch members vote by turning one (or two!) of your meetings into a polling place. 
National Election Dates: Voting starts April 15 and ends June 19.

Mid-March: Voter PIN mailed to members in the Spring/Summer AAUW Outlook along with final slate of candidates, bylaws proposals, and resolutions  

April 1: Opening date to request paper ballot; voter PIN e-mailed to members 

April 15: Voting begins online 

May 8: Deadline for AAUW to receive request for paper ballot 

May 26: Deadline for mailing paper ballot; ballots must be postmarked by 11:59 p.m. to be counted 

June 18-21: AAUW National Convention, San Diego 

June 19: Online voting ends at 9 p.m. PDT 
Held on Texas A&M University campus on February 15, 2015

Elect Her: Aggie Women Win encourages and trains college women to run for student government and future political office. A collaboration between AAUW and Running Start, Elect Her addresses the need to expand the pipeline of women running for office and to diminish the longstanding political leadership gender gap.

Why is Elect Her Necessary on the TAMU Campus?
  • There have only been 3 female Student Body Presidents in the 50 years that women have been admitted to Texas A&M, and none in the past 10 years.
  • In the past four spring election seasons (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013), there have been 15 individuals who heavily campaigned for the office of Student Body President. Only one of those was female.
  • There have been only 3 female Speakers of the Senate at Texas A&M in the past 10 years.
  • With a student body which is 47% female, only 21% of Student Senators are female.
  • During the 2013-14 academic year, women hold only about one third of the executive positions in student government.
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Does your branch have a designated STEM officer?
Please email Karen Jean North at with contact information & update your Branch Officer List at, where they now have a designated STEM Officer title.

See You in San Diego!
Registration is now open for the 2015 AAUW National Convention! Will you be the first to join the wave headed to sunny California next June? Register now for the best available rates!

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Current College/ University Partners
As the leading voice in promoting equity and education for women and girls since 1881, AAUW has deep roots in the academic community. C/U partner memberships open doors to grants and fellowships, leadership training, professional development, educational resources, and advocacy tools. Here is a current list of Texas C/U partners. 
  1. Austin College
  2. Austin Community College
  3. Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary 
  4. Brookhaven College
  5. Del Mar College
  6. Hardin-Simmons University
  7. Lone Star College - North Harris
  8. Lone Star College System
  9. Lubbock Christian University
  10. Our Lady of the Lake University
  11. Rice University
  12. San Antonio College
  13. Schreiner University
  14. Southern Methodist University
  15. St Edwards University
  16. Stephen F Austin State University
  17. Tarleton State University
  18. Texas A & M University
  19. Texas A & M University – Commerce
  20. Texas Christian University
  21. Texas State Technical College - West Texas
  22. Texas Tech University
  23. Texas Wesleyan University
  24. Texas Woman’s University
  25. The University Of Texas Pan American
  26. Tyler Junior College
  27. University of Houston
  28. University of Houston - Clear Lake
  29. University of Texas – Arlington
  30. University of Texas - El Paso
  31. University of Texas at Austin
  32. University Texas SW Medical Center - Dallas

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