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A Message From the New President
Welcome to the first issue of UWT for the 2016-2018 biennium. Your new board of directors has been hard at work this summer for you.  We took a different look at goal setting this year.  Instead of making all “lofty” goals, we concentrated on some very specific goals.  As you know, a goal must be measurable, and I hope you will find these goals acceptable.
Pam Wolfe

From Board Meeting July, 2016 

Brief explanations/examples are italicized.
Goal 1:
Work on pay-equity by fulfilling activities outlined in Public Policy Grant Action Items. (send letters to the editor throughout the state to encourage Texans to vote) 

Goal 2: 
Verify that TX colleges and universities have Title IX coordinators (Identify all higher education Title IX Coordinators in Texas and honor those doing a great job) 

Goal 3
Develop mechanism for electronic voting at 2018 state convention.(At the 2016 state convention, we voted to allow electronic voting for elected officials and bylaws, now we have to start preparing for the 2018 convention.)

Goal 4: 
Assist branches in becoming compliant with AAUW governance requirements. (Some of our branches have not updated their bylaws with AAUW mandated changes in quite a while.  The state wants to help the branches become compliant).

Goal 5:
Assist Branches in retaining members. (Provide membership retention ideas in the UWT)

Goal 6: 
Assist Branches in increasing diversity in branch membership. 
(Publish program suggestions in some issues of the UWT) 

Pam Wolfe, President

AAUW Texas submitted an application to receive a Public Policy Impact Grant in April, and was one of the states to win funding.  The funds will be used to defray travel expenses for AAUW branches and members who ordinarily cannot participate in Lobby Day/Equal Pay Day in Austin due to the distance. We are very excited about this opportunity! Our proposal laid out responsibilities regarding GOTV activities and education regarding pay equity.

To that end, we are making two requests of each branch.
1. Submit at least one non-partisan letter to the editor of a local publication.   Some sample letters are available for your use, or you can write your own.  To satisfy the terms of the grant, the letter needs to promote voter registration/GOTV issues, and/or any of the many policy issues addressed by AAUW (e.g., pay equity, Title IX, health care).  
2. GOTV activity.  This can be a voter registration activity, a voter education activity, and/or a voter turnout activity.  It can be a tabling on a campus, or outside a grocery store, solely by members of your AAUW branch, or in conjunction with a partner organization  or a forum of local candidates for an office.  There are enough different ways to do this that every branch has some way it can promote educated voting in November.
As an example, AAUW-Lubbock and the LWV-Lubbock recently partnered to register voters at an orientation of new teachers. This provided us with the additional opportunity to introduce the AAUW to 24 early career women.
VERY IMPORTANT: If it isn't documented, it doesn't count.  I have to submit all of these letters and events to National in order to demonstrate we are following through with our commitment under the terms of the grant.  When your letter has been published, or your GOTV activity completed, please email me with the details at  If it is a letter to the editor, a link would be helpful.  If an activity, specify the number of voters registered, or educated, or transported.  And a picture is worth a thousand words - include that if you have one.
Kinta Parker, Public Policy Chair

We, at State, are thrilled to announce the 
of two new branches, Concho Valley in the West District in San Angelo and Brazos Valley in the Central District in the Bryan/College Station. 

Concho Valley by Susan Roehrig, President 
Recruitment for a new branch based in San Angelo began in September 2015 and the Concho Valley Branch received final approval in March 2016.  One of our most active members (Carrie Caldwell) is a student at Angelo State University and she was instrumental in getting an AAUW Student Organization started as well as setting up our Facebook page:  ASU is also a new college/university partner.  Concho Valley currently has 6 - 8 primary and 2 dual members and are actively recruiting branch members by tabling at various community events and by word of mouth.  The branch looks forward to coordinating with the student organization on programs and projects in the upcoming year. 

Brazos Valley by Shawna Fletcher, President 
The Brazos Valley Branch of AAUW has recently been approved by National to serve members in the Bryan/College Station area and all of Brazos County.  The branch is reaching out to members in the area that would like to join and attend our first meeting in September.  It is the hope of Branch officers that members will engage in activities to successfully launch the branch and remain connected to our AAUW TX and AAUW National affiliates.  We welcome current, life, and new AAUW members to join our branch! For more information on meetings and events, please contact Shawna Fletcher, AAUW Brazos Valley Branch President, to learn more about how you can be involved!  
Ginny Phoenix, State Membership VP 
Last October, National distributed a new “model bylaws” for branches to use to incorporate the mandatory revisions from the prior National Convention into their bylaws.  On August 19, 2016 an urgent message from National came out to STOP working on updating your bylaws.
On the advice of National’s legal counsel, AAUW has restated its bylaws to ensure compliance with DC law, IRS procedures and to modify a number of inconsistent and confusing provisions. National has sent out the new “model bylaws” and all affiliates (states, branches and other entities) will have to revise their bylaws to conform with this newer model. ALL BYLAWS SHOULD BE UPDATED BY JANUARY 31, 2017.  Here is the link to the model bylaws: The link may also be found at the AAUW TEXAS website:
Ann Berasley, AAUW Texas Bylaws Chair
District Reps – Have Email, Will Travel
The AAUW of Texas District Representatives are the liaisons between the State Board and the local branches. Texas is divided into four geographical districts which each have one or two reps. The West District stretches from Amarillo to El Paso. The North District covers Vernon to Tyler and has two reps because of the numerous branches in the DFW area. The Central District reaches from the Hill Country to Nacogdoches. The South District has one Rep for the Valley and another for the Houston area. To locate the District Rep for your branch please go to the state website and click the link: Our primary job is to provide training, leadership development and care/concern for the branches in our respective districts. In the current biennium we are especially tasked with assisting all our branches in updating branch bylaws to the new standard required by our national organization. We are delighted to be invited to visit branches and talk with your members, especially your board members. We may even invite ourselves to visit you. Some of our branches benefit from a little encouragement, and some need help in finding new ways to be AAUW in your unique location. Other branches just need a pat on the back for a job well done. We are always encouraging our Texas members to be aware of and involved in the issues of equity for women as they arise and are addressed by our national and state organization. Because the district reps are the core of the nominating committee for the State Board, we are always looking for talented members in your branch who could serve AAUW in a broader role. 
Gloria Long, North District Representative 
Ginny Phoenix, AAUW of Texas Membership Vice President
Fun(d)s! Fun(d)s! Fun(d)s!

Hello AAUW-Texas! My name is Traci Jensen and I am your newly elected Funds V.P. for AAUW-Texas. I am very excited to serve this great state and continue the work of our fabulous previous board. Our main goal right now is to close out our Ann Richards Fund. Once completed, the Ann Richards American Fellowship will assist women scholars as they complete advanced degrees. We are very close to our goal so make sure you contribute your part and mark 4324 for the Ann Richards Fund at and click Donate. Ann Richards Fund is under Fellowships and Grants.

Traci Jensen, AAUW-Texas Funds V.P.

We would like to encourage each branch to designate someone to participate in this training, offered in three parts.  Training sessions are each dedicated to a different topic, all around getting voters registered, educated, motivated, and to the polls. Register to participate here:

There are a lot of opportunities to effect positive change this year.  We are looking for some help in doing research and getting that research communicated effectively so it can be used.  Anyone with a desire to do policy work is welcome, but this is ideal for a graduate student or early career woman who would like to earn some valuable experience while contributing her efforts to AAUW.  If there is enough help, for example, Texas could build a "legislative scorecard" as some other states have done.  This is a high-impact tool for education and advocacy.  If you or someone you know might be interested, please have them email me. 
Calling all AAUW Texas members to brag about your branch! We know you and your branch are making an impact in your community to empower women and we want to hear about your efforts, and brag about you on our social media channels. Please submit pictures (text or email) of your branch activities to Melodia.
Melodia Gutierrez
(809) 918-6832 |

Facebook is used routinely by the vast majority of our members, and is a familiar, comfortable venue. Please connect to, and encourage other members to connect to, the Texas AAUW Lone Star Virtual Branch,  It makes networking and staying on top of new developments easier. Fewer of our members are on Twitter, but we will be using that as well, especially for faster response advocacy communication on particular issues.  That address is @tx_aauw_policy.
2016-2018 AAUW Texas Board
From left: Gayna DuPont, Freda Bryson, Traci Jensen, Gloria Long, Ginny Phoenix, Pam Wolfe, Brenda Moss, Dixie Christian, Barbara Cager and Kinta Parker.

Elected Officers                         

Pam Wolfe
Dixie Christian    
Ginny Phoenix
Traci Jensen
Gayna DuPont
Susan Roehrig

Elected District Representatives
Brenda Moss
Marina Rivers
Gloria Long
Barbara Cager
Kathleen Darcy

Standing Committees
Ann Berasley
Kinta Parker

Appointed Officers
Malinda Gaul
Freda Bryson

Communications Team
Janini Janakiraman
Ashley Eklof
Melodia Gutierrez
AAUW Office

Program VP
Membership VP
AAUW Funds
Finnance Officer

South Dist/Houston Area
South Dist/South Area
Central Distist
North District
North District
West District

Public Policy

Branch Services
College/Univ Representative

UWT Editor
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