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As you may know, Senate Republicans took back control of the Senate Chamber last week.  Within days, we called the General Assembly back to Richmond, passed a clean budget that did not include Medicaid Expansion, and brought an end to the Democrats threats to shutdown Virginia’s government.

From the beginning, I strongly pushed to decouple Medicaid expansion from the budget.  When the first Senate session began with Republicans back in control, we were able to pass a budget in less than six hours – something that Senate Democrats had been unwilling to do when they were in control.

To ensure Medicaid expansion cannot be implemented unless the General Assembly specifically authorizes it, I sponsored an amendment (which the media has been calling “The Stanley Amendment”) that was co-patroned by all 20 Senate Republicans.   The Senate approved my amendment 20 to 19, and the House concurred 69 to 31. The amendment keeps McAuliffe from legally expanding Obamacare in Virginia on his own.  


Even though the bill is on the Governor’s desk, the fight is far from over.  On Friday, Governor McAuliffe stated that he would veto the Stanley Amendment and try to expand Obamacare in Virginia without legislative approval.

Governor McAuliffe does not have the authority to unilaterally expand Medicaid.  If he ignores the Constitution by continuing on a course to do so, I am confident that he will be given a refresher course on the limits of his powers from both the legislative and judicial branches of Virginia government.
Because of my leadership on this issue, and my commitment to conservative principles and traditional values, Governor McAuliffe and the Democrats have already recruited a candidate to run against me.  They are determined to return the Senate to Democrat control by trying to defeat me in 2015.

I need your help to fight back.

Would you please contribute $20 for the 20th District so I can continue to stand up to the Democrats and their Washington-style tactics? 

Terry McAuliffe will try to regain control of the Virginia Senate in 2015 and your contribution today will send a message to him – and his liberal Washington friends – that we need Virginia solutions, not Washington’s problems. 

Your help today will make a big difference as I fight to ensure the Senate of Virginia retains a conservative Republican majority for the duration of Terry McAuliffe’s term and Barack Obama’s.

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