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Andy Campbell CCM
After starting out as an Apprentice Greenkeeper at Chester GC in 1978 Andy has held a number of positions in Golf including Golf Course & Estates Manager-Carden Park, Golf and Landscape Manager-Dukes St Andrews, Director of Golf-Lough Erne Resort, N Ireland and Regional Sales Manager,Golf-Jacobsen
 He is a past Chairman of BIGGA (2004) and holds current Certification status with CMAE ( CCM, 2010), BIGGA ( Master Greenkeeper, 1997) and GCSAA ( CGCS, 2001). He is a passionate advocate of CPD and Life long learning and is engaged in helping others realise their potential.

CRM.............Is it right for your business?

CORE COMPETENCY REF. Membership and Marketing
By Andy Campbell CCM

A quick glance at most job vacancy postings for General Managers and Secretary positions at Golf Clubs will show that ability to grow revenues is now a prominent requirement in order to be successful in securing the position. Since the economic downturn in 2008 Golf Clubs are being forced into a more commercial and business like mode....even if some fiercely hold on to the misconception that they don’t need to make ' profit' !

If you ask most Club Managers if they know who their customers are you will probably get a positive response- members, society organisers, corporate clients etc. If you then ask the question about how this information is recorded, stored and most importantly, used, to ensure future business the responses may well be less positive.

For most  organisations the intellectual property ( knowledge) of customers, and their spending habits, largely disappears when the Manager leaves or retires- at best it may be stored on systems that prove of little value when planning budgets, sales forecasts or marketing campaigns.

At any Industry gathering you will hear plenty of comment about the lack of support, particularly from Members, for Social Events, Food and Beverage etc. Often initiatives are taken which are 'offer' led, for example ' Steak night for £10.00 per person on Saturday night'. There is widespread disappointment when take up is minimal. Of course the assumption has been made that a large number of people would enjoy eating a cheap steak on Saturday night ( in some cases EVERY Saturday night!) If the operation had previously had a method of recording customers eating/drinking/spending habits then a more measured and potentially more rewarding proposition might have been used. The old adage of give the customer what he/she wants comes to mind.....if only we knew what that was!

The above is just a small example of the lack of strategic planning which still blights many organisations. Regardless of the type of business- manufacturing, financial services, Leisure - the requirement to reduce waste, stock holding, tied up cash et al , and to maximise sales opportunities ( for Golf Clubs this is more Green Fee revenue, F&B sales, Pro Shop sales and member retention/recruitment ) is now paramount.
There are a myriad of inexpensive bespoke systems available to ensure that Customer Relationship Management ( aka Knowing your Business ) can now be recorded. The best ones assist with highlighting potential future opportunities for sales e.g Birthday, Anniversary party's, Marketing campaigns, advertising planning and Yield Management of all areas of the business. These can be very helpful in calculating cash flow and revenue forecasts. All too often these systems are seen as being just another time consuming record keeping process or a means to check on employee output ( from a Sales activity perspective this may well be true). In reality they are a means of getting real visibility in to your business and a tool that allows you to be proactive rather than reactive........imagine being able to effectively Staff your operation based on real information about usage trends as opposed to staffing hoping customers might turn up!

I would encourage you to look at these systems- and there are many, for example Salesforce, Oracle, Really Simple Systems amongst others- and some that will integrate with Tee booking systems  or loyalty cards ( great for data collection)  - it may well give your business the leading edge.

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