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An IRC conversation to myself: "Sunday, December 30th, 2018 9:06 AM <jennmoneydollars> so yesterday i went to bed bath and beyond because my kettle died and i have eschewed the conveniences of amazon delivering to me in 2 hours, sigh 9:07 AM <jennmoneydollars> the woman in front of me at the register had to go all the way to her car to get her coupons and the cashier was this pissed off angry old lady but i immediately charmed her by being like “would u believe her????” lol 9:07 AM <jennmoneydollars> so we got to talking about biotin, as one does, and she asks me if i have a coupon and i did and then she says “go on your phone and go to retailmenot, it’s one word" 9:08 AM <jennmoneydollars> and i did and i was like “i know them, my friend used to work there (lawnsea)" 9:08 AM <jennmoneydollars> and she was like “oh are they at like a place” and i told her it’s a software company and they have this weird fancy startup office in austin texas 9:08 AM <jennmoneydollars> she found me a coupon to get me even more off my new electric kettle 9:09 AM <jennmoneydollars> she asked me if i had new years plans and for a brief moment i thought she was going to invite me over lol but no, since i established i was not her enemy she was just shooting the shit 9:10 AM <jennmoneydollars> bed bath and beyond, by the way, is full of fucking monsters (the shoppers) - every electric kettle i wanted (black & decker) were all taken out of their boxes and laying around, i was texting phil calvin freaking out about ETL vs UL certification. i have never in my life encountered ETL. it must be a european thing 9:11 AM <jennmoneydollars> anyway my kettle both changes colors *and* boils water"

as i was talking to myself in IRC this morning, i realized i am way past due to send an electronic mail, based on my own socially constructed standards for e-mailing.

2018 was quite a year, huh, rofl. i think my last two e-mails were about my cat dying. that fucking sucked, but again thank you to everyone who sent really nice words and photos back to me. pumagreg and i are doing well and i haven't yet picked up jefrey's ashes because i haven't figured out yet how to do that - do i just walk into the vet and be like "hey so my cat died like two and a half months ago and i guess i should pick up his ashes and clay pawprint?" actually that's it, i'm going to say that.

anyway here's a photo of pumagreg:

i'm not a new years resolution kind of person, unless you consider your birthday to be the start of the year like i, she whomst thinks the world revolves aroundeth her, do - so my list for going into my 35th year of living (yeah we start at 0, fight me) isn't complete. but i figured a good exercise this morning would be to go over my list for age 33.

so i bring to you, today, my annotated "in age 33 i want to" list, pasted from the notes app i keep it in:

in age 33 i want to
- [ ] set up storefront for art
the idea of shipping art stresses me out, i'll figure it out, ugh

- [x] be in at least 2 art shows (1 more than last year)
i did this, in the first quarter of the year, no less. then i went into an 10-month creative block which has been about as fun as i imagine eating my own organs would be!! i think i am very close to crawling out of that hole.

- [ ] travel for fun to 2 places
i did go to austin for fun, but that's just one place. i traveled a lot but for work, next year that will change!

- [ ] get a new mattress
i got a new frame, and still have time to get a new mattress. fun fact: until this year i'd been sleeping on a futon for like 10 years lol. the only reason why i got a new frame this year was because the futon frame broke.

- [x] get a windows machine
i had the most charming visit to the best buy by houston st, where i ended up buying a lenovo yoga laptop and chromebook *and* demoing glitch to a bunch of the employees there who were all freshmen in college studying computer science. this goal was because i saw people using glitch on so many different kinds of lower-end computers that i knew i had to start using it the same way so we can build around their experiences. anyway, i love my $650 lenovo but holy sh*t how i ever got it set up is something you can ask me about if you encounter me in person.

- [x] blog more (newsletter)
"(newsletter)" lmao bless

- [x] be tender online but don’t take shit
i've gotten in way fewer debates, tweeted less about tech which tends to draw harassment, but was way more open with actually telling people they were pissing me off when they were. my getting involved in the prison abolition movement has given me the perspective that literally no one needs to give a whole shit if electron is destroying the web or whatever people hate about it today.

- [x] get to 145 pounds and stay there and below
this is for another newsletter which people who don't like to hear about health and physical stuff and the mild horrors of healthcare can skip, or for you to ask me personally. i love to talk about it but i know it's sensitive for many folks!

- [ ] do 3 v good pushups
i didn't even try, in fact i may be able to do this but yeah, this is part of the story in the previous list item.

- [x] smooch andy a lot more
aw, andy, love that guy. for the holidays he got me a straw that spells out "Jenn" and then pulled out one that said "pumagreg" and i almost died from laughter. he said "i didn't want him to be jealous" lmao

- [x] take work to the next level somehow
i became the director of community engineering and i now manage an awesome team and collaborate with leads of our other awesome teams. work at glitch is, like, going really well and i feel blessed that i not only experienced career growth here but can see the path ahead as well. that's super rare, i feel. by the way, we're hiring and i'll be posting some engineer roles for my team v soon :)

btw i am sorry if the yellow highlight is hard to see - if you want the not-highlighted version just ask and i'll send it to you! but yeah that's my list. i don't know why i didn't have "get more involved in non-profits" to it because i definitely wanted to do that and did so but i can talk about that another time.

anyway, it's nice to list the things you want to do so you can better plan around it, and although sometimes you fail miserably (like me and my creative block), many of us are v lucky and blessed to be given another year to try again.

have a happy new year, pals. i look forward to the chance of sending (and especially receiving) electronic mail in 2019. and also finally making some art.

xoxo j$
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