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this email took awhile because i get about as much joy out of uploading a video to youtube as i do paying my cat's vet $240 to remind me my cat has cancer.

ok so that was meant to be, like, funny and dark, so please don't respond to this giving your condolences, jefrey is fiiiiine.

another dark and funny thing was the event i emceed a couple of weekends ago: xoxo's first art + code event. with an amazing lineup of artists and activists using code to create stunning, thought-provoking, hilarious works of art, it was hands down one of the best parts of xoxo IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF and i just did. and when i call it "dark" i mean literally, the room was pretty dark and i fell over a chair during sound check.

now, some of you are surely waiting, irresponsibly holding your breathe, even, for videos of all the awesome talks to be released. but guess what, we weren't a main stage event so that's not happening! this is great news, though, because it means you have to follow the work of the following amazing speakers i hosted and keep an eye out for when they give those talks again or put out even more amazing art:


ok so if you got to this point, that's great, really great job! but you're probably wondering "what does this have to do with uploading a video to youtube? why does that keep coming up as green like this is house of leaves or some shit?" WELL MY ELECTRONIC MAIL RECIPIENT, i happened to have my good large son, willman duffy, record my introduction so that i could rewatch and nitpick all the things i found wrong about it and never let it see the light of day. but it turns was actually a 100% perfect talk (no mistakes), so I'm posting it here for you! what amazing luck!

because i do not need any more negativity around youtube in my life, instead of figuring out how to get video in email, i'll just have you click the thumbnail below for the video. and because this is a bootleg, there are no captions, so i put together my notes and added in the ad libs as best as i could in this xoxo.txt document. ok now enjoy.

ok are you done enjoying? nice. wow, what a journey! creating this electronic mail made me hate email and video, but it reminded me of how magical this event was and about all my new best friends who presented their awesome work <3

love u all, except the h8rs
xoxo j$

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