Signups Open! Hello, Zapier!
Oki Doki

Signups Open!

Last week we sent out a notice that we were opening up more spots in our "beta" and that you could request access on our site. Well we decided that approving everyone who wanted access was becoming a bit burdensome, so we've decided to open up signups to the beta without needing to request.

So when you're ready to rock, head on over to and click on the big "GET STARTED" button.

We're offering a significant discount on subscriptions during our beta period.

Beta? What on earth are you talking about?

Beta just means that we don't have all the features we want to create done yet so we're giving you a discount when you sign up now. The discount will continue once we ship all the features we have planned later this year. We've created a progress roadmap that details what "getting out of beta" looks like. As a Doki beta "founder", you get a voice in the direction our platform takes.

Doki now works with Zapier

This week we launched Doki's Zapier application, which means you can now do basic integrations between your Doki account and tools like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and many others.

We're starting out by providing triggers that send information to Zapier whenever a user joins your Doki account or signs up for a course or class you're running. What should we do next? You decide! Email us back and tell us about your business's needs.

Happy launching!

Doki is the lovechild of Marie Poulin + Benjamin Borowski, who wanted a beautiful, seamless, and low-tech way to launch online courses & programs that integrated everything painlessly.

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