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DAY 1: What it Means to Be Saved
"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost." ~ Jesus, Luke 19:10
Imagine yourself in the middle of the ocean, thrown overboard from a ship, hundreds of miles from land, without a lifeboat, without anything to hold onto, sharks starting to circle. Not a fun place to be. In fact, it would be hopeless. There would be nothing you could do in that moment to save yourself. You would need something miraculous to happen, someone to come save you.

In your moment of despair, if a helicopter zoomed overhead and dropped a ladder to the ocean's surface, the person in that helicopter would literally be saving your life. That's a picture of what it means for Jesus to save you.
When Jesus saved you, he didn't offer to improve what was already a pretty good life, any more than you drowning in a shark-infested ocean could be considered a 'pretty good life.' Jesus came to save you from a life that was hopeless and ultimately meaningless without him. You turned to Jesus because you were drowning in an ocean of your own sin and mistakes, and you needed someone to save you.

When you reached out your hands to grab that ladder being dropped down from the helicopter, you didn't choose from among five or six different ways you could save yourself. It's the ladder or the sharks. In the same way, when Jesus saved you from your sins, it's not like he was the most convenient of five or six different ways to God. Jesus is the only way to God. He's our only hope of salvation. You can't take credit for saving yourself anymore than you could take credit for that ladder appearing above you in the ocean. It's all about Jesus. He's the one that saved you.

Lastly, when that ladder drops down to the ocean's surface, by grabbing it you're choosing to place your entire trust in that lifeline. With your whole body, with your whole life, you cling onto that ladder to rescue you from certain death. In the same way, salvation is a total commitment of your trust and your life onto Jesus and his ability to save you.

And that's exactly what Jesus did: he saved you! From your sins, from certain death, from an eternity separated from God. And just like grabbing onto that ladder would give you a second chance at life, Jesus has now given you a chance at a new life in him. The next several days will help explain what's different about your new life in Jesus. The best is yet to come!
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