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Happy Fall, Y'all 

When I am painting I often listen to podcasts. Here are four of my current favorites. I'm listening a lot recently as I get ready for all the upcoming festivals on the calendar this fall. See you soon. Keep in touch.

Cheers! - Elaine
Happy Listening: 

Stuff You Should Know: Always interesting, high energy, and fun. It feels like sitting around with friends talking about new things that we're excited about. It's a little geeky, which makes it just right.  

On Being with Krista TippettReflective, spiritual, well-considered, grounding. The speakers who range from scientists to poets to religious figures offer refreshing wisdom, curiosity, and compassion.  

Freakonomics Radio "The hidden side of everything." Awesomely interesting and entertaining, economists Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner explore social and economic issues, with delightfully surprising results. 

TED Radio Hour:  I like the short, powerful TED talk videos, but love the pacing, length, and audio-only format of this podcast even more. In each show, host Guy Roz explores a common, timely theme with speakers from TED talks who's ideas are explored in further depth.

California Dreaming:

Next time you're in Berkeley, eat at my brother's restaurant Easy Creole. While you're there eating awesome dishes such as spinach mushroom etoufée, choctaw chili, or chicken maque choux look for a display of my work for sale (along with all the other eclectic art that fills the walls).  

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