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In this edition of our newsletter:
  • Free Braille books! (for UK residents) 
  • Today (Wednesday the 27th of May) 6 PM: Clever Cooking
  • Friday the 29th of May at 6 PM: How accessible is the UK government contact tracing app?  
  • Monday the 1st of June at 7 PM: Braille for Beginners
  • Pocket Braille frames for £5
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FREE BRAILLE BOOKS (for UK residents)

The Scottish Braille Press have very kindly made all of the Braille titles on their website completely free for all UK residents. Their titles range from Harry Potter to the Devil Wears Prada to several different cookbooks. 
To order your free book(s), click here to browse titles. Click the "claim your free Braille book now" button, and fill in the form. You can add up to five book titles to your order. 
Many thanks to Royal Blind, Scotland's largest visual impairment charity, and the Scottish Braille Press for this generous offer.

If you are from outside the UK and know of similar offers please write to so we can include them in the next newsletter!


You can join all our meetings at You can also join us by telephone by calling +44 203 481 5240 and entering meeting ID 227 981 901 when prompted. A few people have reported having difficulties following the links in our emails (this may be due to the software we use to send them).
If the link doesn't work for you, the link at should. You can also enter meeting ID 227 981 901 in your Zoom client to join the meeting manually.
All times are in UK time, which is currently UTC + 1 hour. 6PM UK time, is, therefore, 17:00 UTC. Please check the local time carefully if you are joining us from a different time zone!

Wednesday the 27th of May, 6 PM: Clever cooking  

Join Emma and Liam to discuss accessible recipes and techniques in the kitchen. 
From accessible utensils to store cupboard essentials, we're hoping these sessions will help you become more confident in the kitchen and cook delicious healthy food for yourself and the people you love. 

Friday the 29th of May, 6 PM: Stay Safe, Stay Connected

This Friday, we'll be talking about the accessibility of proposed contact tracing mobile phone apps, other government services, and how you can use Braille screen input to speed up your typing on your phone. 
Ruth, from the Isle of Wight, has been taking part in the trial of the UK governments track and trace app, and she'll be walking us through her experience of using the app with Voiceover.

We'll also be discussing the accessibility of other government services (including tax, benefits and healthcare), and Matthew will be demonstrating Braille screen input on IOS. 

Monday the 1st of June, 7 PM: Braille for beginners

Our Braille for Beginners series will return on Monday the 1st of June. This week, we'll be continuing with short-form contractions. 
If you're following along with RNIB fingerprint at home, we'll be starting with volume two this week.


We have a number of small index card-sized Janus interline slate and stylus (hand frame) sets available for £5 each. If you'd like to order one, please contact


Thanks again for your continued support, as we move through these unprecedented times together. Over the coming weeks, we're looking to put in place a more regular schedule of themes for our Friday Stay Safe, Stay Connected calls in particular, so watch this space. 
We hope you find this newsletter useful and would like to remind you to follow us on twitter (@Braillists) or join the forum for up to the minute news!
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