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Hello Braillist,

We're at Sight Village London next week and will have a Braillists meeting close by - so join us there. We also have details of a new Braillecast episode, reports from our other activities and more on the discussions from our forum.

In this newsletter you'll find:


  • 7th & 8th November, Sight Village London, Canute Mk12 on display
  • 8th of November, London Braillists meeting, reports from India & more
  • BrailleCast Episode 5, reporting from Perk-up Your Perkins
  • 20th November, INBAF Braille Reading day at Child Vision, Dubin

Other news:

  • Reporting from Sight Village Manchester
  • Canute Mk12 being demonstrated around the UK
  • Perk up Your Perkins, talk by Alan Thorpe

Discussions on the forum:

  • ELIA, a new alternative the Braille and Moon?
  • Affordable Braille keypads
  • What paper types can you use for Brailling?
  • Second half of India reports to come

We will be at Sight Village London next week (Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November), once again sharing our stand with Bristol Braille and demonstrating the latest Canute prototype. We will also be demonstrating A2i's Braille QWERTY keyboard cover. So come along to meet us and hear how we have been involved in the development of many exciting Braille projects helped develop it, as well as news of all the other interesting projects that we have been involved with this year. It is always a great pleasure to meet with our fellow Braillists.

Following the Sight Village London show on Wednesday 8th November the London Braillists will be hosting a meeting in a convivial venue close by. Braillist and Bristol Braille Technology Director Ed Rogers will be joining us to discus his journey across Southern India to learn about Braille use in the sub-continent. The group will consider ways the Braillists Foundation can learn from Indian practices for teaching and distributing Braille, and whether there are any Indian projects we would like to support. Free and open to everyone it will also be a great opportunity for some post Sight Village chat on all things Braille-related. The meeting will start at 5pm at The Churchill Arms, 119 Kensington Church Street, W8 7LN. So if you would like to join us please contact Laurent at or on 020 389 333 92. See the forum post for more details.

BrailleCast Episode 5 has just been released and features extended audio from the Perk Up Your Perkins event in Bristol in case you missed it (see below for more information on the event). Visit to hear the shows and for plenty of other Braille news. Join the discussion on the show on our forum.

Monday 20th November is INBAF Braille Reading day at Child Vision in Dublin. Details are still to be released - watch the forum for further information.

More Braillists news

Steph Sergeant and Ed Rogers were at Sight Village Manchester, representing the Braillists Foundation and Bristol Braille Technology. This was our first showing at the Mancunian show, and we were very pleased with the feedback for the Canute Mk12 we received on the day. We would like to extend an especially warm welcome to our new members who signed up with us at the event.

Thanks to extensive Braillists testing around the UK the Canute continues to be well received and attracts valuable feedback towards its develpment. Demonstrated at the recent Deaf Blind Rally near Peterborough there was very good take up from Deaf Blind people, who cannot listen to audio books. Potential new applications included the suggestion of using the Canute for crosswords. There was also keen interest in the use of the Canute for Braille teaching in schools even for pupils as young as four years old!

The Perk Up Your Perkins event in Bristol at the end of September was very successful with lots of interesting Braille technology on display and the opportunity to get your Perkins Brailler serviced. The accompanying Bristol Braillist meeting included testing the quality of the Canute's Braille with Ed Rogers and an interesting talk from Alan Thorpe on the workings of the Perkins Brailler. See organiser Paul Sullivan's forum post for a full report.

As usual there has been plenty of interesting Braille discussion on the Braillists forum including: a very in-depth debate on a new tactile reading system called Elia; the development of new low cost Braille keypads for Smartphones; and looking at Brailling on alternative paper. Ed Rogers' will also be continuing his travel diary reports on his quest to discover the state of Braille in India, so if you are not signed up already now is a good time to do so and get all the latest Braillists discussion directly in your inbox. It's free and easy to manage.

Don't forget you can find all our contact details on our website, join the discussion on our forum and connect with us on Twitter @Braillists.

We hope all is well with you and look forward to meeting at a Braillists' event very soon.

Best regards,

The Braillists Team

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