I'm Steph from Bristol Braillists. I'm writing to you as you've expressed an interest in Bristol Braille and/or the Braillists group - may be you've met us at a trade show, contacted us through our website or happened upon us in a pub (it does happen, occasionally!). If I've met you or been in contact before, I include you here for completeness.

In this email I'll tell you about this mailing list, give you a brief overview of Bristol Braille and the Braillists group and details of our next Braillists meeting.

I've set up this mailing list to help keep you informed of our activities and progress, and to let you know of our next Braillists group meetings. If you'd rather not get these updates you can unsubscribe by clicking on this link[UNIQID]&c=28248a5bfe

Bristol Braille is a small, dynamic social enterprise that designs and develops innovative, affordable Braille-based technology. Current projects include the Canute multi-line refreshable Braille e-book reader, aimed at costing a fraction of the price of current single-line refreshable Braille displays.

The Braillists group is a Braille-users discussion group aimed at supporting and promoting Braille use and literacy. Group meetings are currently held in Bristol, providing a venue for open discussion as well the opportunity to test and feedback on Bristol Braille's prototypes as they become available. The group is independent from Bristol Braille but is closely associated and supported by the company. An online forum for general discussion is available at

We are planning to have our next Braillists meeting on Thursday 28th August from 6.30pm until 8.30pm at the PM Studio in central Bristol. We are excited that at this meeting we'll have the chance to test the first prototypes of the Canute e-book reader. We would be delighted if you could join us and would be very happy to arrange for you to be met at the train or coach station if desired. Do email me at if you would like to attend and I'll send you more information on location and meeting details.

If you know of any one else who might be interested in our news or attending our meetings you can forward this email by clicking this link[UNIQID]

If you'd like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at

Many thanks for your interest in Bristol Braille and the Braillists group.

Best regards,

Steph Tyszka

Bristol Braillists