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Hello Braillist,

Well, Monday's Braillists meeting was a great success. Ed and Nic from Bristol Braille Technology came in to demonstrate the Canute Braille ebook reader, we had a great dialogue on how it might influence the future of Braille and what people would like to see from it, and there was even the discovery of new functionality coming right out of the conversation. We also had just enough time to start talking about the direction and running of the Braillists group.

We had a lot of new faces and it was really inspiring to see people travel from near and far to come together to influence the development of Braille technology so passionately.

Ed has sent me the following email to share with you:
To all attendees of the Braillists September meeting,

It was amazing for Nic and I to have the opportunity to demonstrate Canute to you all. It was the first time we'd shown the prototype to anyone outside the team and we were humbled by the enthusiasm you had for what we're doing.

For the record I'd like to confirm what Paul, Steph and I spoke about on the night regarding confidentiality:

We'd be delighted if any of you feel inclined to talk about Canute. We ask that you avoid specifics about the mechanism's operation, besides it having 28 cells by 8 lines (at least until we have an open source licence in place). But, that aside, the more people that know about Canute the better!

On that note, we have been contacted by a number of journalists who are interested in writing a story about Canute. If anyone would like to go on the radio or in the local paper with their opinion about Canute and its possible uses then please let me or Steph know in the next few days.

With your permissions we'd like to put half a dozen photo's from the event on our site. These would be: one shot with Steph addressing the group, two close up shots of hands reading the Canute, two of Elizabeth reading Canute, and one of Paul and Hazel reading Canute. Please could I have confirmations that that's OK, especially from Elizabeth, Paul and Hazel.

My e-mail address is

I look forward to showing you Canute's continued development at future meetings.

Thanks again

I have posted a few topics on our on-line forum in response to some of the items raised at the meeting including: It would be really great to have your voice on these matters so please do post your comments. To get a listing of all the posts on the forum go to The forum is fairly easy to use but if you have any issues please do let me know either on the forum post "Accessibility of this forum" or by sending an email to

We are in the process of organising the next meetings and investigating systems to help support the group. I shall let you know more details of our progress very soon.

Best regards,


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