Here is a quick summary of how the new European Union GDPR law, which comes into effect in the EU and the UK today, applies to the Braillists newsletter.

The short version is: hardly at all.

The long version:

Organisations are now required to have users explicit consent store or process their data, and the user must have known what they were consenting to in plain language.

Everyone on this newsletter gave their explicit consent to be on it for the purposes of receiving a letter of news. About Braille.

The most usual methods for gathering this consent have been sign-ups during shows (like Sight Village), subscribers pro-actively signing up on the web, or by asking to be added to the list in email conversation with an existing member.

As a result we are already compliant with the letter and spirit of the new regime.

You may, as a result of the GDPR law, request we tell you exactly what data we store centrally about you. This varies slightly from subscriber to subscriber, but will, at most, include the following;

- Your email address (evidently!)

- Your name (optional)

- Your country (optional)

- Your town, city, county or region (optional)

- Your phone number (we have very few phone numbers for subscribers, mostly for those who are involved in the organisation of events).

You can request we remove any or all of the above information about you. You can also request we update it, of course, if your address, name or number have changed.

We don't use this information for anything other than sending out information about generic Braille related news, and occasionally local news targeted at people in certain regions. It has never been and will never be sold.

The Braillists is a loose community of Braille enthusiasts, and, as such, is not responsible for ad hoc email or phone arrangements made between Braillists members, for example in co-ordinating local meetings. However we're sure local co-ordinators will be happy to remove your email addresses and/or telephone numbers from any lists if you've given it to them in the past.

To those members who are on the forum ( As you had to apply to join the forum, you have explicitly given consent. Broader concerns about Google Groups (where the forum is hosted), or the Google account you post from, should be directed at Google.

We have no objection to this new data regime so will act as though it applies equally to people outside the EU and UK.

If you would like to be removed, or you think you were incorrectly added in the first place, or you want to update your information, please follow the links below, or email back.


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