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Hello Braillist,

The sun is out, the birds are singing and it's been buzzing on the Braillist front.
The Bristol and Reading Braillists meetings were a great success with the showing of the Canute Mk8 followed by Ed Rogers and Dave Williams visiting CSUN in California and there has also been a lot of discussions going on on our lively Braillists forum. Braille on!

Bristol Braillists Meeting held 14th of March

In our March edition we got to put our hands on the Canute Mk8 before it took off to the annual tech and disability conference in California (CSUN). Some of our Bristol Braillists also attended the unveiling of Alistair Parks wood panel at the Southmead hospital a few days prior to the meeting which was exciting to say the least.
To see the full set of notes and what else we discussed click here.

CSUN 2016

Ed Rogers and Dave Williams attended the CSUN conference in San Diego, California last month, to present the latest Canute prototype, the Mk8.

The feedback from the those who attended the talk was hugely positive and as a result Bristol Braille has started talks with the American Printing House for the Blind, the RNIB, the National Braille Press and many others. See the talk notes here:

Many of those attending were particularly inspired by the involvement of the Braillists in creating the Canute, so we hope to capitalise on this by building relationships between the Braillists and like-minded community associations in the States and elsewhere. Here the Blind Bargains link here:

There were so many other exciting developments in Braille as well this year, many more than in previous years. Most importantly Orbit have finished their 20 cell display with a wholesale price of $320. We don't yet know what the eventual retail price will be, but are promised more information later in the year. 

Reading Braillists meeting held 2nd of April

Coming back from CSUN Ed Rogers and Dave Williams could share their experience with the Reading Braillists. The conference gave a good opportunity to present the Canute Mk8 and also learn about other technologies and products of interest for the Braillists. 
Jen Bottom's notes from the meeting cover all the most interesting points here.

ICEB 2016

Ed (representing Bristol Braille), James Bowden (representing UKAAF), Ilka Staeglin and Stuart Lawler (representing INBAF, who arranged the Dublin Braillists meetings last year) will all be flying out to the International Council for English Braille in Baltimore (near Washington DC) in a few weeks time. So please send us an email or comment on the forum thread if you get any ideas for what we could try and arrange with such a strong showing from Braillists supporters.
Here's a link to the forum thread.

Canute Mk9

After CSUN Bristol Braille has been hard at work on the Canute Mk9. Keep an eye on the new Canute team blog here.

And last but not least...
We have got a date for our next Bristol Braillists meeting which will be held on the 16th of May at the usual location in the Pervasive Media Studio at the Watershed. For more details click here

Don't forget you can find all our contact details on our website, join the discussion on our forum and connect with us on Twitter @Braillists.

We hope all is well with you and look forward to meeting at a Braillists' event very soon.

Best regards,

The Braillists Team

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