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November 2019

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Esther shares her greetings and excitement about our recent events as well as our re-branding...COGO Ministries
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Calendar of Events
Ohio Ministries

Office Hours:
Monday thru Thursday
9:00 am to 4:30 pm
P O Box 276, 3438 TWP RD 221
Marengo OH 43334
(740) 747-2916
2020 Ohio Events
  • March 13-15 3SLi Student Leadership
  • March 14 Start Fresh
  • April 23 Senior Adult Spring Fling in Plain City
  • Summer Youth Camps (see below)
  • Camp Meetings (see below)
  • September 11-12 Men's Ox Roast
  • October 1 Senior Adult Fall Feast in Walnut Creek
  • October 13 Senior Adult Fall Feast in Plain City
  • October 22 Ohio General Assembly and Ordination Service
  • November 13-15 OSYC Ohio State Youth Conference

News around Ohio
October Revival
Columbus Area ~ Five Churches
Faith Community | Columbus West | Hilltop | New Horizons | Kimberly Parkway

Pastors: Rob Watts | Steve Anthony | Adrian Powell | Iran Watson | Dave Lewis
Five churches participated in a Columbus area revival 5 nights and 5 locations in early October. The first night was well attended and we had a fantastic message from Pastor Rob Watts and Spirit-filled worship from the Faith was Praise Team. The service was Chaired by Pastor Iran Watson who also did an outstanding job of keeping the service flowing. I believe that we have already had an impact on all five of the churches involved!
The young man at the center asked for prayer for a friend as well as a newborn baby* from New Horizons and Pastor Watson asked him to come forward to be prayed for in proxy. It was a highlight of the service.
We also had great fellowship following the service and new bonds were formed in all the churches.

Pastor Adrian D. Powell, Faith Community Church of God

*additional information the baby-as of 10-9-19 Baby was released from the hospital today. Here’s the information from Pastor Dave Lewis.
Hi all! PRAISE THE LORD! I had to share the good news about baby Joel. Just talked to his Mom. God worked a miracle!  Yesterday  everything looked bad, very ill, constant stopping of breathing and in ICU. Then late last night there was a dramatic shift! Fever went down, breathing improved dramatically, coughing better. So much better that they were sent home today. The Mom knows this was a result of prayer. It's amazing.  I hope we can share this praise tonight at service.  God bless! 
That is what can happen when God’s people come together and prayerfully expect the Lord to work.We’re looking forward to seeing more in the next few days of this Revival and I know we have all gained much from sense of unity and common purpose of all the churches.
Northwest District Assembly Meeting
October 2019

Ashtabula - First Church of God
Pastor Installation - Jeff Combs
First Community Church of God of Ashtabula will be celebrating the installation of Jeff Combs as the Senior Pastor. Jeff enters this season of ministry with the loving support of his wife, Kim. The Service of Installation will be on Sunday, November 10 at 3:00 with light refreshments following the service.

Wilmington - First Church of God
Pastor Installation - Andy Christiansen
November 3, 2019
First Church of God of Wilmington celebrated the installation of Andy Christiansen as the Senior Pastor. This year marks 28 years for full time ministry for Andy and his family. He and his wife, Becca, recently celebrated 34 years of marriage. They have 5 children and 2 grandchildren.

Pictured below left to right: 
Rev. Dale French, Rev. Demetrius Booker, Rev. Andy Christiansen, Rev. Clarence Christiansen-his father, Dr. Esther and Dr. Chris Cottrell

Washington Court House
First Church of God

Pastor Installation
Patrick K. Gamble Sr.

October 20, 2019

Pictured here: Rev. Patrick Gamble Sr., Dr. Esther Cottrell and Constance Gamble

Pastor Patrick was an associate with Bishop Timothy J. Clarke at First Church of God in Columbus before becoming the new pastor at Washington Court House. The church was filled to capacity with both Columbus 1st and Washington CH folks to bless Pastor Patrick and First Lady Constance as they officially begin this new ministry.
* * * * * * * * * *
Sharing Your Story for God’s Glory: We are encouraging you to share your congregation’s story of Redemption and Victory in the areas of Church Transformation, Multiplication and Leadership Development. We will use your story to encourage and empower other leaders and congregations. Please submit your story to
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Ohio State Youth Convention of the Church of God

NOVEMBER 8-10, 2019



6500 Southway Road, Clayton OH 45315

OSYC 2019 Packet HERE  |  Schedule HERE

Ohio Events in Review
Senior Adult Fall Feasts Review
We had a combined attendance of 447 who attended either Walnut Creek and/or Plain City. Worship leaders were Rev. Jennifer Dorn and Rev. Roger McDaniel. Our speakers this year were Rev. Richard and Claudia Triplett.

Save the date for April 23, 2020
at Der Dutchman in Plain City
General Assembly Review
Ballot results:
The following persons were ratified:
Governing Board Members: Rev. Richard Triplett, Rev. Matt Roe, Rev. Josh Deeter
Credentials Committee Chair Nominee: Rev. David Guess
Ordination Candidates: David R. DeWitt, Charles E. Dorsey Sr., Patrick K. Gamble Sr., Garry Griffith,
Kimberly Leach, Mitchell R. Martin, Kelsey McKenzie, Anthony Perrine, Sheila A. Reed, Brian Robertson, Gayle Sharp, Benjamin Wilson

Ordination Review

October 24, 2019 we celebrated 12 candidates who were ordained during the evening service.

Ordination Program:

Worship lead by Rev. Tod Huston | First Church of God-Ravenna
Welcome & Introduction of Candidates by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Grubbs | State Credentials Chair
Time of Communion & Prayer lead by Rev. David Guess | Amsterdam Community Church
Message brought by Rev. Demetrius Booker, State Associate Pastor & Church Health | Ohio Ministries
50 Year Presentations by Rev. Dr. Esther Cottrell | State Pastor
Recipients: Rev. Frederick C. Bays, Rev. Jerri A. Bomgardner, Rev. Gary G. Swogger
Hearing the Call: Service of Ordination by Rev. Josh Hauser |First Church of God-Mason
Ordination Scriptures by Rev. Louise Worsham | Southeast District Credential Chair
Ordination Covenant & Vows by Rev. Mike Parks | Central District Credential Chair

Recognition of Family & Mentors by Rev. Martin Johnson | State Credentials

Laying on of Hands & Blessing lead by Rev. Marty Johnson | Northwest District

Benediction by Rev. Dr. Jonathan Grubbs | State Credentials Chair

Partners in Ministry

Church of God in Michigan
Dr. Bill Jones, State Pastor

November 1, 2019
Congratulations are in order for Dr. Bill Jones on his retirement. Dr. Bill Jones, on behalf of the Church of God in Michigan, served as their catalytic leader in the creation of the tri-state ministries (Indiana, Michigan, Ohio). (Photo above: Dr. Doug Talley, Dr. Bill Jones and Dr. Esther Cottrell)

New State Pastor
Rev. Mark K. Richardson
Church of God in Michigan

November 2, 2019
Congratulations Rev. Mark K. Richardson upon his installment as the new State Pastor of the Church of God in Michigan. Mark has deep roots in Ohio; former member of Arlington Church of God; and worked with Ohio Ministries State Office as a Regional Pastor. In addition he worked with Church of God Ministries for several years.
Hello Sweet Friends! 
What was known as Camp Marengo, now Camp Ministries of Church of God Ohio (COGO), is excited to be preparing for the summer of 2020. Staff, Counselor, and Volunteer applications are live and available online. 
We are thrilled to be currently cultivating next year's theme of Resting in Truth. Through this theme, we will be exploring and discussing the truth of the Trinity. We will be diving into who God is as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We will be discussing Isaiah 14:15-20 as our scripture for the summer, while reading and exploring other stories in the New Testament where Jesus mentions the Holy Spirit to his disciples. 
We are excited to be dreaming about and implementing this theme as well as preparing our hearts for campers next summer. For more details as well as our list of applications and registrations!
Katlyn Martin, Summer Camp Coordinator
Camp Website

Inspiration Hills- 4819 West Easton Rd, Burbank, OH 44214

 The following are some ways you can support the camp:
  • Send your child(ren) to camp
  • Be on Staff or Jr. Staff
  • Be a counselor
  • Monetary donations to help campers afford camp and also for programming
Be part of the EXPERIENCE!website

LifeGivers is a tool to provide training for pastors, leaders, laypersons and all followers of Jesus designed to help them:

Connect in discipleship with other Church of God believers.
Ignite their individual passions and purposes.
Revitalize their local church.

For more information or to become a LifeGiver, visit
Read more HERE
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Join us March 12-15, 2020 in Ridgecrest North Carolina for E2020, a conference for women exploring and living out their call to ministry.

Come see and be seen in a setting where your soul will be set on fire, your calling will be affirmed, your imagination will expand, and your ministry will be set ablaze by the Spirit of El Roi – the God Who Sees.Read more at
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Learn More about Everence
Serving those who serve others.
Dear Church Leaders,
We know that managing church finances can be overwhelming. Church leaders need access to the best resources available to effectively structure a compensation package, set up a healthy church budget, and keep up with the current tax laws and regulations.
This is why we are excited to partner with ECFA to bring you the best & most reliable resources through ChurchEXCEL. It is our hope that through access to these resources, your church may flourish.
Are you wanting to explore a call to ministry? Do you need ministerial credentials to fully engage in ministry in the Church of God? Is there a sense in your spirit that God is calling you to deeper adventures, then you may be ready to begin a ministerial credentialing journey with the Church of God? Check out the LEADERSHIP FOCUS information to learn more about this powerful journey."

For more information contact Credentials Coordinator,
Church Pastors/Staff Positions
Please click on the link below to see the opportunities we have in our state.
For a list of Open Churches, please click HERE
or go to our website: and click on For Pastors/Resources For Pastors/"Open Church List
Note to Churches: Pleasecontact the State Office if you have a position open or let us know when a position is filled. Thank you.
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Project Prayer
Ohio is on the schedule December 6 Church of God worldwide prayer 25-day vigil
With so much division in our world, how powerful it is for the church to join together praying for our leaders, the Church, and the world!

The 2019 Christmas Project
The theme is Good News:
Experiencing the Genuine Jesus!

In a world seeming overwhelmed with bad news, it’s time for some good news. Maybe it’s a positive doctor’s report, a promotion, or the announcement of a much-wanted pregnancy. Whatever the good news, it restores hope, energizes love, excites joy, and brings peace. Over the past two thousand years, people just like you and me have found that experiencing Jesus—the genuine Jesus—has enriched, and even, changed our lives. This Christmas, the CWC and regional pastors are empowering congregations and church leaders, like you, to help people in your ministry area to sample the best news of all. His name is Jesus.

You will find some excellent Christmas materials located at the CWC website.
If you have additional comments or need further assistance,

please contact Ohio Ministries. 
We believe the resources found here
will make a difference this Christmas.

Church of God Bible Institute

Equipping Men and Women for Ministry, Leadership, and Spiritual Growth

A Biblical Education for God’s People Today

Training Ministers and Laity in Biblical Knowledge and Leadership

The Church of God Bible Institute offers an affordable, two-year course of studies designed to prepare those who are called to the Ministry and leadership in the church.  Virtually everyone that desires a deeper understanding of the Bible and the doctrines on which the Church of God is built will find this course of studies beneficial. In structuring the classes online in six-week intervals adults will find the course of studies flexible and more easily adaptable to their

For All Churches and Ministers
Are Credentials with Jesus Is The Subject current?
In order to get your minister’s cards this year your registration must be up to date no later than November 1st.  REGISTER HERE
WARNING: Since September, the Faithlife platfom is being used to register both pastors and churches. Auto renew is no longer in place. See an email you should have received from Church of God Ministries. If not, please contact them at: 800-848-2464

Upcoming Events


Event ~    2020
Like us on FaceBook / Printable 2020 Calendar    
Start Fresh-Meadow Park Church of God   March 14
EASTER Sunday   April 12
Senior Adult Spring Fling-Plain City OH   April 23
Southwest OH District Camp Meeting-Lebanon OH   May 31-June 5
Church of God Regional Convention-Anderson IN   June 26-28
Southeast OH District Camp Meeting-Warsaw OH   July 10-19
Northwest OH District Camp Meeting-Payne OH   July 18-24
Northeast OH District Camp Meeting-Berlin Center OH   July 19-26
Central OH District Camp Meeting-Springfield OH   August 2-9
National Association of the CHOG Camp Meeting-West Middlesex PA   August 2-8
Men's Ox-Roast-Lebanon OH   Sept. 11-12
Senior Adult Fall Feast-Der Dutchman, Walnut Creek OH   October 1
Senior Adult Fall Feast-Der Dutchman, Plain City OH   October 13
Ohio General Assembly and Ordination Service-Meadow Park Church   October 22
OSYC-Ohio State Youth Convention-Salem Church of God   Nov. 13-15
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November 2019
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Ohio Ministries is the centralized coordinating ministry serving Church of God congregations throughout Ohio. Together with local pastors and laypersons, we provide services and expertise to help our churches thrive. 
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