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Happening in A Park Near You

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

The annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration includes a keynote presentation, live entertainment and a tribute to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The celebration is free and open to the public. Attendees are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item to donate. Refreshments will be available following the program.
Location: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Recreation Center
4055 Nicollet Ave. S Minneapolis, MN 55409

Apply to Perform as Part of Music & Movies in the Park!

MPRB Music In the Parks Series takes place at five venues across Minneapolis; Lake Harriet Bandshell, Minnehaha Falls Park, Father Hennepin Park, Nicollet Island Pavilion and Bryant Square Park. The series runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Since 1892, the MPRB has been hosting Music In The Parks to provide park users and residents with FREE entertainment in their community thanks to the generosity of the musicians and program sponsors. Performer applications close on Febuary 29th.

Apply to perform here:
Learn more about becoming a sponsor under the "Get Involved" tab here:


Indoor Co-Ed Volleyball League 

Play adult sports at Minneapolis Parks this winter! Due to popular demand, we just added a new co-ed volleyball league that plays Sundays at Pearl Recreation Center!

Games start January 19, so register soon! 

Superintendent's Budget

The Superintendent's draft budget with 48+ amendments proposed by former President Bourn via Commissioner French during the Dec 4th Administration and Finance Committee meeting was adopted on December 11th.  The amendments were not provided to all commissioners in advance of the meeting, and my first view of them was when they were distributed during our meeting. Departing from previous practice, former President Bourn did not appoint all commissioners to the committee so they would have an opportunity to propose amendments or vote on any amendments being proposed. I was not a member of this committee and thus unable to vote against these amendments or support amendments to them during the televised meeting. As a result of the Bourn amendments the budget could no longer be described as financially sustainable, contained number of funding allocations that can only be described as political patronage and departed drastically from the data driven and needs based budget that acknowledged and respected resource availability within the divisions expected to expand their services provided by Superintendent Bangora. 

While I supported amendments to the amendments at the time of adoption that ensured the Tree Preservation Coordinator could continue their work of preserving mature trees in the city for at least another year, and expanding access to additional programming innovation funds to all undeserved communities of color, I could ultimately not support such a flawed budget and voted against it.

I am hopeful that under the new board leadership of President Cowgill and Vice President Vetaw, that next year's budget will work to enhance, rather than diminish, environmental stewardship activities within the system; move the Enterprise Fund towards sustainability rather than reallocating funds out of that fund to pay for one-time programming; respect our employee's analysis of their capacity to take on new work with current staffing and to once again use data driven needs based analysis to guide decision making.

Winter Operations

Hiawatha Golf Course's ski trails are groomed and the Hiawatha Clubhouse is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm. Trail maps and pass purchasing can be found on our partner The Loppet Foundation's website. Trail conditions can be found on Skinny Ski. The gate at East 43rd Street at S 27th Ave (most NE corner of the course) are unlocked (note: the gate is not left open, but is  unlocked).  This area is not a dog park, and ordinance PB2.18 applies, please keep your pet leashed.  Minneapolis Dog Parks are located throughout the city and remain open year round.

Ready to lace on your skates or borrow a pair of ours*? Before you head out, check the online rink status document for the most up-to-date information.

*Not all rink locations have community skates. Contact your recreation center for more information.

Planning Projects

Master Planning for Hiawatha Golf Course Property

The Latest:  The design team is working on a refined design based on the prioritizations provided by the CAC. 

Community Advisory Committee prioritized 26 elements for Draft Preferred Design Alternative, which will be released later this winter


At its last meeting, following 16 months of study and discussion, the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) agreed upon a list of 26 elements it prefers included in the upcoming master plan for the golf course property. The CAC agreed its top priority is “Protect homes from groundwater intrusion, including engineering analysis.”

After the meeting, the CAC prioritized the remaining list of 25 elements via online survey. Below are the ranked results, top being the highest priority.

Ranked Priorities

  1. Provide pollution mitigation coordinated by the City of Minneapolis and MPRB, including trash, sediment, and dissolved pollutant removal
  2. Maintain First Tee program
  3. Ensure more purposeful interpretation and presence of African American and Indigenous history, art, and culture
  4. Include stormwater best management practices
  5. Balance natural and recreation spaces with appropriate plantings (Vegetation that reduces maintenance needs while optimizing land use experience, water management, and wildlife)
  6. Enhance winter activities on the property
  7. Keep costs low (capital and maintenance)
  8. Explain why the MPRB wants to reduce pumping
  9. Revise/improve clubhouse, with winter activity hub, a pet friendly patio, and local business oriented
  10. Provide a plan to retain the 18-hole golf course with alternate ways to reduce pumping
  11. Protect existing wildlife habitat
  12. Enhance communal golf practice facilities
  13. Provide a plan for memorials to people
  14. Support wildlife connectivity
  15. Provide a safe walking path around the lake, not necessarily directly adjacent to lake
  16. Remove fence strategically to increase accessibility to park and water
  17. Reuse existing infrastructure
  18. New parking and traffic analysis
  19. Push Audubon Certification levels further
  20. Create public art opportunities
  21. Maintain and expand, where appropriate, biking path locations
  22. Provide opportunities for non-golf interaction on property
  23. Create passive and active areas
  24. Create an event venue
  25. Explore what each park facility building does and how its use could be expanded, i.e. event facility at SW maintenance bldg.

Additional Updates

Over the winter the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board will publish project updates about the following topics:

  1. Why and When is Groundwater Pumping at the Golf Course Bad? 
  2. Golf Course Layout
  3. Detailed Master Plan Process and Schedule
  4. Release of the Draft Preferred Design Alternative

General Master Plan Schedule

Winter 2019-2020

  1. Develop and publish Draft Preferred Design Alternative
  2. Collect feedback on Design Alternative via open house event and online survey
  3. Finalize Draft Preferred Design Alternative and create Draft Master Plan

Spring 2020

  1. Draft Master Plan published for 45-day public comment period
  2. Present Draft Master Plan to Board of Commissioners (informal presentation, no vote)

Summer 2020

  1. Tabulate public comments received
  2. Finalize Master Plan based on public comments
  3. Bring Final Master Plan to Board of Commissioners
    1. Public Hearing and consideration by Planning Committee
    2. Master Plan passed out of Planning Committee considered by full Board of Commissioners

Fall 2020

  1. Master Plan approved by Board of Commissioners sent to the Met Council for review and approval

Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan Update: Groundwater Pumping

At its last meeting, the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) asked Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) staff and consultants to explain why and when groundwater pumping at the golf course is bad and why the MPRB wants to reduce pumping.

Linked here is an explanation of how efforts to keep the golf course dry negatively affect the property's natural environment and its ability to recover from flooding and increased precipitation.

About this Project:

All CAC meetings are public and anyone interested in the creation a long-term plan for the Hiawatha Golf Course Property is welcome to attend. Snacks, refreshments, and passive children's activities are provided. Please contact Cindy Anderson at 612-230-6472 or to request language, access or interpretation accommodations. 

If you have questions or comments about the project can be submitted here:

Previous Action

At the July 25, 2018 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) of Commisioners meeting, commissioners approved a modified Resolution 2018-230 after the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan CAC requested clarification on the parameters of the new master plan for the property.

After a lengthy public testimony period and board debate, commissioners voted 6-2 to approve the modified version of Resolution 2018-230. The modified resolution directs the CAC to only consider a reduced pumping scenario and bring forward a solution that includes, at a minimum, a flood-resilient and ecologically-driven nine-hole configuration for a golf course on the property.

The modified Resolution 2018-230 also included Board direction to the CAC to reflect in the master plan appropriate methods of recognizing the role of Hiawatha Golf Course and the history of black golfers in the Minneapolis park system.

Please visit the project page for more information and to sign up for notification of upcoming meetings.

Minnehaha Creek Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan

The Latest:

The next Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meeting is scheduled Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020, 6-8 pm at Lake Nokomis Community Center, 2401 E Minnehaha Parkway.

CAC Meeting #11 will provide opportunity for the CAC and public to discuss the next round of designs for the parkway road, as well as other remaining design areas still under discussion.  Essentially, the meeting will include the entire corridor west of Cedar Avenue.

The design team is moving forward with another round of designs for the parkway road, per discussion during the last CAC meeting in December. In response to the recent traffic study and a diverse range of community comment on the current designs, these new designs will include a continuous parkway for vehicles and also address other underlying community concerns.

Specifically, the new designs will:

  • Include a continuous parkway for motorists in both directions
  • Retain the lower Nicollet Parkway under Nicollet Avenue
  • Enhance ecological function and ped/bike safety and comfort. They will not merely perpetuate existing conditions.

CAC Meeting #11

Date: Jan. 21, 2020
Time: 6-8 pm
Location: Lake Nokomis Community Center
Address: 2401 E Minnehaha Parkway
Topic: Discuss the next round of designs for the parkway road, as well as other remaining design areas still under discussion west of Cedar Avenue.

Additional Resources

CAC #10 Summary

Minnehaha Parkway Traffic Study [PDF]

About this Project:

Master Planning is underway for this regional trail. The trail encompasses parkland along both sides Minnehaha Creek between Minnehaha Regional Park and the western city limit.

Subscribe to the project page to receive updates.

Parks for All: Comprehensive Planning

The Latest: No updates at this time. 

About this project:
The current comprehensive plan covered the period of 2007-2020, this plan will provide priorities and policy direction for the park system for the next decade. This press release provides an overview of the value this planning effort provides. There are a number of ways to engage with this project: 


Minnehaha Creek FEMA Repairs

Crews are repairing 10 sites on Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis where sections of streambank and trails were eroded by high water in 2014. Seven of the sites are located downstream of Minnehaha Falls. The other three sites are east and west of I-35W.

FEMA granted an extension of the work through January 2020 as the remainder of restoration work at three sites below Minnehaha Falls is on hold due to high water flows in Minnehaha Creek. The few weeks of remaining work will resume after flows decrease enough to allow work to occur.

.This project is happening in conjunction with the MPRB's Minnehaha Parkway Trail master planning process. Please visit the project page for more information. 

Minnehaha Park Area Regional Sewer Improvements Project

Construction is expected to begin in September 2019 and be completed in summer 2021. A robust temporary conveyance system will be in place during construction to direct wastewater around the work site. Some impacts to park users and residents may include: lights, noise, nuisance odor release, tree removals, construction vehicle traffic and equipment parking, lane shifts and temporary Hiawatha Avenue intersection closures, parking restrictions on Minnehaha Parkway, and a bike trail closure.

Hiawatha Bicycle Trail Closure

A section of Hiawatha Bicycle Trail between the Minnehaha Creek Trail and Minnehaha Parkway will be closed throughout construction to accommodate temporary wastewater conveyance piping. Bicycle traffic will be detoured to Minnehaha Creek Trail, 34th Avenue and Minnehaha Parkway. Protected bike lanes with temporary bollards will be created on sections of 34th Avenue crossing Minnehaha Creek and along east- and westbound Minnehaha Parkway.

Project Page:

Lake Nokomis Shoreline Enhancements

The Latest: Erosion control and shoreline grading is nearing its end. Stormwater pipe replacement being done by the City Public Works Department is underway. 

About this Project:

A Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage grant is funding restoration of almost 4,800 linear feet of shoreline along north and northeastern shore of Lake Nokomis. This area of shoreline was selected due to increased erosion that has occurred along much of this area.

This project was identified as part of the 2015 Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan, which calls for increasing naturalized areas to improve water quality, stabilize shorelines and increase habitat. New native vegetation will extend from the shoreline to within four feet of the walking path.

Shoreline enhancements will improve habitat for both aquatic and upland animal species. It will stabilize erosion, seek to remove invasive plants, and create a functional continuum of shoreline zones. Plantings will accommodate fluctuations in water level, allowing for resilience to changing water level conditions in the lake. Improvements will be constructed primarily along the north shoreline of the lake. 

This project has received regulatory approval. The United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) and the Minnesota State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) have completed review of the Lake Nokomis Shoreline Enhancements project. SHPO concluded the proposed improvements have no adverse effects to the Grand Rounds Historic District and USACE permitted the project for proposed bank stabilization measures.

Project Design

The proposed design uses three different planting zones along the shoreline. 

The Emergent Wetland Zone starts at the ordinary high-water level (OHWL) and extends into the lake. Once established, new aquatic plants will reduce wave energy to help reduce erosion. A temporary fence will be installed to help plants establish. 

The Shoreline Buffer Zone lies between the OHWL and wetland boundary. It will be planted with a seed mix that's compatible with shoreline environmental elements.

The Upland Buffer Zone starts at the wetland boundary and extends away from the lake until four feet from the paved trail. It will be planted with a seed mix that's compatible with upland environmental elements. The four-foot strip will be mowed grass. Another temporary fence will also protect new planting areas and connect to the emergent wetland fence.

A variety of access points will still remain so park user can still access the lake.

Questions about this project can be sent to the project manager, Jon Duesman

Subscribe to the project page to receive updates.

28th Avenue S Bridge Replacement

Construction began July 15, 2019, wet conditions have delayed this project. This project was originally slated to be done this year. Unfortunately, the project fell behind schedule due to record rainfall, an unexpected water main break, and issues working with private utilities. Now that freezing temperatures have arrived, the construction crews will need to hold off on pouring the concrete decking until spring when temperatures are warm enough to ensure it sets at the appropriate strength to safely support vehicle traffic. Thecrew finished up the work they could in December and installed a temporary walkway across the creek, adding lighting, keeping traffic control in place, and handling winter snow/ice maintenance. Before the spring thaw, crews will begin preparations for the concrete pouring so that it can be poured and re-opened as soon as possible. Public Works expects the bridge to be complete by mid-June. Notification on this delay was mailed out to surrounding residents.

As called for in the Nokomis-Hiawatha Master Plan, this project not only rebuilds the bridge over Minnehaha Creek, but also connects bicycle and pedestrian trails under the 28th Avenue bridge along Minnehaha Creek to allow for a safer crossing of 28th Avenue S.

Questions about the project should be directed to the city project manager:


20 Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20)

In 2016, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and the City of Minneapolis approved ordinances to reverse years of underfunding in neighborhood parks. The 20-Year Neighborhood Park Plan (NPP20) is a long-term initiative that will transform the neighborhood park system with the following measures:

  • Protect current levels of MPRB funding.
  • Dedicate an additional $11 million annually, through 2036, in NPP20 funds for increased maintenance, rehabilitation and capital investments in neighborhood parks.
  • Allocate NPP20 funds using a data-driven, criteria-based system to help address racial and economic equity.

Phelps Park Improvements

Although construction on a range of improvements at Phelps Park was originally planned to begin in June, the project is currently on hold.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) had opted to postpone the construction bidding process for this project and several others until late summer. Under this schedule, construction was planned to begin in the fall, with completion of the project next summer. Bids were not favorable to begin work this fall. The project will be rebid this winter with construction beginning in spring of 2020. 

As a result, Phelps Park will remain open for the fall and winter. Watch for future announcements as the project proceeds. 

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) will be replacing the playground and wading pool at Phelps Park in 2018/2019! Thank you to all who have participated in the Community input process by sharing your thoughts and opinions on the future of Phelps Park. The schematic drawings reflect the comments and preferences shared by park users and neighbors including the Boys and Girls Club, neighboring childcare centers, neighborhood residents and community organizers.

Final Schematic Design Concept [PDF]

Questions about this project should be directed to the project manager : Jon Duesman,

Subscribe to the project page to receive updates. 

Commissioner Musich represents the fifth park district in the South East corner of Minneapolis.

Hello from the 5th District!

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Commissioner Musich sends out newsletters about what's happening in the fifth park district periodically.  Previous newsletters can be found here.

In this issue!


Communicate with residents about what's happening in the district. Suggest your neighbors subscribe to this newsletter! Subscription page:

Broaden access to youth sports and environmental education.

Utilize a systemic approach to capital improvements and planning processes to ensure that investments being made build on system wide goals and are done equitably.


Commissioner Musich has a BA in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, and has worked in the banking industry for the past 17 years, six of them as a Corporate Accountant and for the past eight years in various capacities on an IT team.  Along with several other neighborhood residents, she started the Friends of Lake Nokomis, a non-profit stewardship and advocacy group that partners with local government agencies and other non-profits to protect, preserve and improve Lake Nokomis and its surrounding park.  She has also served the community as a University of Minnesota Master Gardener with Hennepin County.   

Special Interests 

The commissioner, along with her husband and son have converted the lawns of their urban lot just south of Lake Nokomis into a small farm with honeybees in a second story apiary, plum trees, a cider apple tree, lingonberry and blueberry bushes, grape vines, a vegetable plot and herb gardens.  To bring more pollinators to their gardens, established perennial beds have been slowly converted to house native plants, and turf has been over seeded with yarrow, marjoram, tickweed, ground plum, creeping thyme, calico aster and clover and a green roof prairie was incorporated into the rebuilding of their garage. Learn about Bee Lawns and Green Roofs

Avid cyclists, skiers, canoists, sailors and swimmers you can often find them cruising the trails, swimming or boating throughout the system. The commissioner's son participates in the MPRB's and MPS youth sports leagues bringing the family to park courses and athletic fields throughout the city for games. While recuperating from outdoor adventures, the commissioner can be found immersed in a book.

Current reading selection: Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived by Adam Rutherford. A thorough walk through of the complexities of genetics and the story it tells of our species. 


Discover Your Next Park Adventure!

Recreation Fee Assistance

Minneapolis residents who cannot afford instructional fees because of economic need may apply for fee assistance through the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Fee Assistance Program.
Questions? Contact your local recreation center (Recreation Center List) or the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board information line at 612-230-6400 or

Each year, through generous donations from corporate sponsors and local musicians, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board puts on concerts and shows films throughout the summer season. I add all of the events occurring in or very near the 5th district to my Facebook events to make it easier for you to find something fun, and free to do that's close to home. So pack a picnic, pump up the tires on your bike and head to a park near you for some free and fun entertainment this summer!
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