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What you need to know, need to read, and should be talking about.
October/November 2014    
“But I miss you most my darling, when autumn leaves start to fall,” -- Autumn Leaves, Mercer/Prevert/Kosma

A Book Worth Reading

I am a fan of Kristof’s New York Times Column and like the freshness of the ideas in this book. I have not had chance to read the whole thing, but Nic Kristof and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, have some interesting opinions, check it out.

                           Some Policies Worth Advocating

As we all know, many misuse laws and systems set up to encourage philanthropic activity. Lewis Cullman makes a strong case for better regulation of private foundations (not a tax haven to hire your family members) and touches on Donor Advised Funds and their potential for abuse as a tax haven. Have a look.

We all get caught up caught up in the various campaigns and legislative actions affecting our various sectors, and sometimes the collective need to advocate for nonprofit groups as a whole gets lost. The America Gives More Act will help continue tax incentives for land conservation easements and charitable donations from IRAs. It might not be a march on Washington or to the United Nations, but making a call to your Senator on behalf of your organization would be worth considering as suggested in this Chronicle of Philanthropy piece.

An Online Campaign Worth Replicating

When I worked at the Sierra Club, they were about 10 years behind in their technology. 10 years later, I am definitely learning from them. Check out this great article outlining the Club’s digital direct response team and how they are constantly testing messages and learning how members interact with the organization digitally and ultimately, what prompts them to make a gift.


Campaigns Worth Checking Out

No. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is not our campaign for the month (but did blog about it below). Check out Hope for Paws YouTube Rescue Video Series that has gone semi-viral on Facebook. This is a Los Angeles focused group, but I think this campaign has brought them national attention and I like that they include an ask to viewers to donate $5. Animal rescue stories always pull at the heartstrings, but feel this group does a good job at incorporating a donation request.

Blogs worth reading...


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