You're Invited to the Wake Forest Law Review's
2015 Spring Symposium: 
The Future of Financial Intermediation

Friday, March 27, 9:00-3:30
at the 
 Worrell Professional Center, Room 1312
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8:30   Coffee and Continental Breakfast     11:45  Lunch Break
9:00   Peer-to-Peer Disintermediation          1:15  Berkshire's Disintermediation
10:15  Refreshments Provided                       2:00  Refreshments Provided           10:30 Future of Financial                                2:15  Disintermediated 
            Intermediation                                                 Corporate Governance                                                                   
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Intermediation is remaking the way goods and services are sold (think eBay, Craigslist, Airbnb), and we seem to be heading toward greater intermediation in financial markets. This symposium will explore the future of financial intermediation. What role does (and can) law play in shaping and responding to that future?  What adaptations are appropriate for traditional securities disclosure and oversight regimes?  How do decentralized structures affect rules on internal controls or the laws governing corporate groups? How do these changes affect the long-term versus short-term thinking of investors and managers? Join us in our discussion.