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Welcome to our December newsletter. 

This time is best with a delicious warm tea or a  mulled wine. Although this autumn seemed to be warm in recent days temperature began to really fall and winter has arrived!.

I hope that you will enjoy a leisurely December and leave the pre-Christmas rush and stress outside to freeze and treat yourself with the warm cup of a tea, cocoa, punch or mulled wine or visit the Christmas markets to be inspired with an Advent atmosphere and local specialties.

Can you smell the cinnamon, vanilla and nuts? Christmas season is here! 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be back and bring you more news next year.

Yours Alena

ACCEE symposium in Brno

November was for us really busy month. Not only we visited St. Martin's wine tastings and tried the goodies associated with them, but also had Wine4Life’s first presentation.

 In mid-November we attended a financial symposium hosted in Hotel International in Brno. The reason was simple - we wanted to present our company. At our stall you could have learned who we are, what are our goals and what we do to achieve them. You could take our new brochures, business cards, taste local wine and Moravian cookies.

Our first exhibition experience moved us forward and we can promise you - you will hear more about us! ☺

The first evening with St. Martin's wine
and roasted goose

Our first activity of this international financial symposium organized by the ACCEE was a

dinner to welcome visitors to Brno and South Moravian region. And it was very successful!

A total of 46 visitors from different parts of Europe and USA were entertained in a

beautifully decorated traditional restaurant called Sunny courtyard in Brno-Slatina.

It was an opportunity to introduce St Martin’s tradition- when in the past it was the time

to celebrate the hard work of the wine harvest ending with a good heavy meal and a drop

of the first young wine harvested in August and see if it is going to pay off as a good year.

It is still too early to say, but gives you some idea.

Our menu was delicious and our guests had the opportunity to enjoy a goose soup, roasted

goose in honey with the traditional dumplings. It would not be complete without a glass of

the 2014 young wine to celebrate St. Martin festival - symbol of the forthcoming winter

season. And young wine was tasting rather good this year. Its fresh with a pleasant acidity,

accompanied with good traditional cymbal music made for a homely and friendly

atmosphere of the evening and the following days.

After the dinner we moved downstairs to hotel’s wine bar, with an authentic atmosphere

of Moravian wine cellars. Some of the construction interior’s bricks were brought from

historical buildings .

Here we were introduced to the somellier, Mr. Rovenský presented his young wines and

their story.

We wanted to not only give a warm welcome to the Moravian region but also to make it a

special evening to remember. And so Mr. Rovenský finished his presentation with Czech

Republic best Sauvignon in 2013 and also introduced us to the current leading trend in the

Czech Republic’s rose wines- Merlot rose 2013.

I was expecting the rose’s aroma to be of strawberries but we were surprised with a

variety of harmonious aromas of small black fruits and it tasted so beautiful with

traditional flavours that follows the history and tradition of rosé wines in Moravia. I could

not keep such an experience just for myself!

The first history and wine weekend

In November we have proudly completed this first weekend trip! The first five brave souls

decided to experience the beauty and the history of our region with us. And how was it?

The whole event started by moving into the heart of wine region in town called Lednice—

which name also could be translated from Czech to English as “the fridge”. Here we had

romantic accommodation in the hotel next to the UNESCO protected Chateau where we

started the weekend with a nice dinner. It was then further acquaintance with a local

wine. Saturday was then dedicated to the history of the neighbourhood. We started to

walk in the Chateau’s park, admiring the chateau’s design, artistic perfection of the

autumn gardens and Windsor Gothic style.

We then travelled to the next town called Valtice, where we visited one of the Colonnade

(Reistna). The extremely windy weather sent us back into the car!!

To keep ourselves warm with a cup of coffee and sweet crepes in the Chateau restaurant

to walk in another Valtice Chateau’s park, this is from the Lednice completely different.

Followed by a tour of the Baroque jewel of Moravia - Valtice Chateau we have completed

our Saturday’s history tour while the wine tour was about to start.

The cellars of the chateau are administered by the National Wine Centre. They have a

large Wine exposition. Here you can experience by yourself or with a professional

sommelier the best wines of Czech Republic in one place. We went for the second option

with a sommelier. After a guided wine tasting we returned to the restaurant for a late

lunch and returned to the hotel for a short relaxation break .

In the evening we visited a local historic wine cellar from the 19th century. We were

served with a typical Moravian meal and excellent wines. Our choice was Veltlíner, typical

white wine of this region and interesting choice of rose. The visit included a guided tasting

with the winemaker and then we were seated and tasted more from local specialities and

discussed about wine, the local architecture, history and sorts of other things.

Sunday belonged to another part of the region. The group moved to Austerlitz, which is

famous with the history connected with the Napoleonic period. The weather was nice so

we had a look around the chateau and its beautiful interiors accompanied by the young

and talented guide who brought the energy rushing through the place and our veins.

Listening to the famous story of the battle in Austerlitz, history of castle inhabitants we

have ended our tour in a castle restaurant like in Napoleon’s days.

We had lunch in the lounge named after Napoleon surrounded by his portraits and pictures

representing the battle themes.

Beautifully prepared pork dissolved in the mouth and quietened the company enjoying

Moravia and savouring its flavours. Conversation came rushing back after drinking Muller

Thurgau white young wine with its St. Martin's freshness.

It was the last stop of our wine and history weekend.

I believe that first weekend was very successful and our five guests got to know Moravia

region, its tastes authentically pretty closely. ☺

Napoleon in Brno


My next article is also closely related to Emperor Napoleon.

I believe he was charmed by Brno’s architecture style, warmth from local people, hosted with good wine and food, which maybe inspired and strengthened him and his army to famous victory.

It was not an easy period for poor people, who were seriously impacted by stay of

populated armies and never ending fights.

Each year, on the anniversary associated with the world famous Battle of Three Emperors at Austerlitz, Brno welcoms the emperor with his ever charming Josephine and the French army. The parade was to evoke ancient times when the emperor arrived in Brno.

The governor’s palace was ready for visitors’ attractions presenting French cuisine and Burgundy menu.

I had my eyes not only for soldiers and their uniforms, but also for elegance, beauty of noble women and their costumes, hairstyles and graceful dance.

A spectacle of such range is not an everyday thing for us mortals and I was very pleased that I'm not theonly one looking with admiration but together with a wide audience of several hundrer, including parents with their little ones. Some children with wide eyes and mouths open saw Napoleon for the first time. ☺ It was not scary as in old days, when the feel of war was so close.

Austerlitz - the Moment of the Battle is unavoidable

For history buffs South Moravia has great attraction as one of the most important events,

which commemorates the Battle of Austerlitz.

So I set off to follow their footsteps, this time outside Brno, right on the battlefield.

How and why are there encountered the troops of the Three Emperors, many remember

from school for a refreshing story about them or you can refresh from Wikipedia.

I decided to start already on a Friday night and went in Chateau Austerlitz ready for a visit

of significant distinguished guests- The emperors.

In a foggy and chilly evening at the Chateau already two of the mentioned arrived -

Austrian Emperor Franz and Russian Tsar Alexander. Their Majesties arrived by a beautiful carriage and welcomed their armies’ commanders and also the common people. Some were gifted with small surprise from Austrian Emperor directly. "Czech soldier, good soldier" said His Majesty as he pressed a coin into the hands of children and soldiers.

Since this was an important visit in their honour, audience was ready to set for the party,

how else than in the form of music and dance performance. Common people danced under the stars in the courtyard of the Chateau and Austerlitz lived its small celebration for a while. The emperors left to rest before the big day.

On Saturday afternoon, it was, however an altogether different mood.

Troops began to prepare for the famous battle at one of many famous places of

battlefield, next to hill named after the French left-Santon French army and military allies

prepared an unprecedented demonstration of fighting 1805 style for their visitors.

Spectators were introduced to traditional uniforms of military units, their weapons and

battle tactics.

You could chat with representatives of the various armies, generals and doctors prior

battle started. It was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with enthusiasts historical

volunteers and their stories, who every year descend from the Czech Republic, Slovakia,

Hungary, Poland, but also from Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia and other countries

gathered again engaged in Austerlitz battle and attracting tourists from all over the world

to this wonderful show.

In the field below Santon, there were seen several battle twists and already when it

seemed that the Allies brought by Great Britain to fight against the French have

superiority over Napoleon, however, it was a major turning point of Napoleon’s famous

strategy and allied troops began to recede until they completely capitulated.

After an hour of shootings, fights and loud canons a recurrence of Napoleon's troops

victory all battlefield celebrated in peace together the famous historical event together

in peace all drinking fresh and hot mead, punch or mulled wine. Sweet and warm reward

especially in this cold day. Everything went well, nobody died or been wounded and

spectators were rewarded with beautiful photographs and footage filmed most on the

smart phone. ☺ How history changed so much.

Who knows how army got warm and get energy from? Definitely delicious local wine and a

good roast played part in it, as a reward to winning army!!

It was a cold day spectacle of not very jolly history in our country, but still a beautiful

show of enthusiasm and love for historical documentation for the present and future



Next year, visitors can look forward to the 210th anniversary of the famous battle.

So many good stories we have lived in November.

What a rich month!

And where to look for in December?


Please accept our invitation to soak in our Moravian Christmas - taste it with us!


December is the time of slaughtering pig, pig roast and sausages and period of the traditional Christmas fairs, craft shows and bethlem displays.

If you need to calm down during the last hectic days of this year, stop by the local church for the Christmas concert or see the display of Bethlehem inside.

And if your year was generous to you, try to give your gratitude back with a small donation to those in need. The joy of giving is part of Christmas. You will feel better and fulfilled that you helped a little to someone or specific project.

Head to the Advent display to Valtice on December 14th and remind on the old crafts, taste candies or a punch.

You can also view the festively decorated castle in Bitov on December 13th where Mr. and Mrs. Wardens share their stories.

If you want to change, taste pork and beer, than drive to the Old Brewery in Rosicewhere in addition to beer and goodies Mr. Butcher will be also serving the traditional Christmas drinks.

And for those who will need inspiration for Christmas gifts pay a visit 5-12th December in Brno Exhibition Centre or to any of traditional Christmas markets in Brno, your town or village.

We wish you a beautiful Advent celebration, blessed Christmas and a joyful New Year.

We will be back in the next year.

Your Daria and Alena

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