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Hi there,

I am writing this as I sip on turmeric tea. I didn't think I'd enjoy drinking turmeric but this one's layered with orange and it's doing the tings! What drink have you been enjoying lately? 

This issue's lessons are from the seven year journey of growing my locs (aka Cheblocs). The idea and lessons came to me as I was procrastinating the first 2,5oo words of my dissertation. I finally submitted it and I've technically got 7,500 words more to go then I'll be done (can't wait!!!) but first the lessons...

1. Do less, be more

I've learnt that the less I do with my hair,  the more it grows. Therefore, apart from the monthly retwist and occasional styling, I let it be. It’s easy for me to say because not having to do anything to one's hair is one of the best perks of having locs (there are six more I wrote about) but this is also starting to become a life philosophy and I love it!

2. Nourish from the root to the tip

In the beginning I used to only moisturise my hair’s roots until my friend asked me why I wasn't showing love to the rest of the loc. Turns out that was why I had weak points along the length of my locs. Nowadays I cleanse, treat and moisturise every inch of my locs and they love it! I hope this reminds you to nourish every part of your being/body/hair/relationships/life too. 

3. Don't let things build up

Build up has to be the worst con of having locs especially those maintained by beeswax. If you look closely at my locs you'll see white marks (a combination of lint, wax and oil)  along the lengths of it. I have tried so many things to get rid of them from apple cider vinegar rinse ( I've got youtube evidence of that) to cleansing shampoos. However, they still persist which means that I shouldn't have let things build up in the first place. To help I no longer use beeswax to twist instead I use coconut or shea butter; I clean them more regularly; I use lighter oils like coconut (only use castor oil for the edges); and I wrap them in satin. The double-edged lesson here is to cleanse and purge your life as often as you need to because build up ain't cute. 

4. Of this I am satin

Satin protects my hair so well. It's not just in preventing build up but also keeping the moisture all sealed in.  Beyond that I am also certain that satin😏 makes life better generally. From bonnets to durags to pillowcases to slip dresses, aaah!!! Get you some satin. Yeah that's the whole message.

5. Faith not sight

If someone had told me that this was how my hair would look in seven years, I wouldn't have believed them. You may go to this post to see why. But here they are! Strong, long and beautiful.  In deed the  day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Celebrating every step of the journey has also shown me that there is joy to be derived from the growth of the roots, stems, leaves etc. Just because you can't see it happening doesn't mean it isn't happening. 

6. Comparison is the thief of joy

Two of my friends have the thickest most wonderful locs😍 Despite the length and health of mine I keep wishing that mine were as thick as theirs (and all the  other more 'everything that mine is not' ones). An aunt telling me that mine would have been nice if they were thicker *sigh* did not help. I've got to keep reminding myself that this is how my hair grows. I'm working on admiring without comparing. But most of all I'm also enjoying what I have; andI'm not just talking about my hair - especially not at the rate at which my mates are getting married!!!

7. Do you boo

I used to overtwist my hair because of the expectation to always have the “neat” 👀. It still isn't as simple as doing what I want with my hair because of all the politics attached to it... For example, I still retwist my hair before going where my appearance will be scrutinised (which is really everywhere when you are a woman but let's not). However, on most days I decide to go with whatever feels the most beautiful/efficient/comfortable to me. I get to define and redefine what is beautiful. I get to do me.

That's it! You'll be hearing from me soon because I want to fulfill my 'one letter a month' goal but until then...What kinds of hairstyles are y'all rocking? What lessons have you learnt whilst taking care of your hair/body? I'd love to hear from you✨

Playlist of the month
This time I put together all the songs I listen to when washing my hair usually a one ish hour experience (as the spirit leads really) . Enjoy! 
The face I hope you make as you jam to this in the shower 😊
Sending Light & Goodness,
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