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December 2015  
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Welcome to my newsletter.

This newsletter is to share teaching ideas for auto tech instructors and to provide informational updates on what is happening in CT education around the country. 

More Tech Tools for Teaching 

Are you and your students using Google Forms? You can use Forms to create quizzes, surveys, and other types of documents, like the warm-up maintenance vocab quiz here. But here is the coolest part - install Flubaroo (an add-on for Chrome) and it will grade your responses for you.

Figure 1 is a screenshot of a vocab quiz given as a Google Form. Once the form is created, it can be shared with or sent to students in an email, and their responses are recorded and saved in a Google Sheet, similar to an Excel spreadsheet, shown in Figure 2. The Summary of Responses feature, shown in Figure 3, can be used to show overall response percentages to each question and the answers for each question but isn't effective for taking a grade.

A free add-on for Forms, called Flubaroo, takes the data from the Form that is exported into a Sheet and outputs grades for each student and question. Figure 4 shows how Flubaroo displays a graded Form. For quick ASE style questions, this works great, but it will not grade extended response questions, that will still be on the teacher.

Another way I've been using Forms is for student evaluations at the end of the semester or school year. Shown in Figure 5, this is a piece of an evaluation I have students complete. Since it can be anonymous, it can provide useful feedback about the class and instruction. In addition, as shown in Figure 6, it can be used to obtain information asked for in the ASE accreditation process.

Speak It - is another Google Chrome extension that allows the user to highlight web-based text and have it read back to them, which can be useful for a variety of reasons but especially for students with reading disabilities.

As this is the December issue, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Stay Tuned!
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