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January 2016 
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This newsletter is to share teaching ideas for auto tech instructors and to provide informational updates on what is happening in CT education around the country. 

More Tools for Teaching 

Having trouble getting students to not overtighten micrometers? A simple but very effective method I use is to have students practice measuring the thickness of their cell phones. This is especially fun with rotor mics. Once shown how to properly use a mic, usually by asking for one of the students to volunteer his or her phone (and them not knowing what I'm about to do, of course) have them measure their own phones.This way students very quickly learn the importance of proper mic operation. 

When teaching hydraulics, I use several syringes of different sizes connected with vacuum hoses. Using water as the hydraulic fluid, we build several different hydraulic circuits to represent disc and drum brake systems. Students very quickly and easily see how different size output pistons react to the "master cylinder."

When discussing ride height, springs, shocks, sway bars, and driving dynamics in the steering and suspension course, a common and reoccurring problem is that many students equate ride height with shock absorber condition, meaning worn shocks will cause low ride height. To provide a tangible example of how shocks do not affect ride height, I use one of our school vehicles, a RWD 2001 Kia Sportage,  By leaving a rear shock disconnected, students can see and measure how ride height is unaffected by the shock. This also makes for interesting test-drives to show how severely ride control is compromised by a "defective" or broken shock.

Another method I use for this lesson is to have students who are struggling getting the concept sit on a coil spring and then sit on a shock absorber. When the biggest student in class can barely cause a spring to compress and the smallest student causes a shock to collapse, any doubters are usually convinced as to the purpose of each component. 
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What's going on in auto tech and in education.

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