Using technology in the auto tech class.

January 2015
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Using technology in the auto tech classroom - work smarter not harder part 2. 

Continued from last month...

3. Find the part (scavenger hunting) - When I begin a new topic, such as brake systems, I have the students find various brake parts on different vehicles. This gets them to use the SI and check out different makes and models to see things that are similar yet different. One way I have them show me that they found a particular item, such as an ABS HCU, is to take a pic with their phone and then show me their evidence. Other students take pictures of pieces of SI or diagrams and take the image back to where they are working. 

4. Remind (formerly Remind101) - is a free app that allows you to text your students anonymously. This is a great app for communicating information to your students without them knowing your phone number or you having their numbers. You can also have parents sign up and receive updates in addition to your students. 

Remind continues to add functions, such as Stamp, which allows you send questions and get responses. Check it out!

5. Twitter - I admit I'm new to Twitter and don't use it a lot as it is blocked by my district over our Internet service. However, I do have students who subscribe to my "teacher" Twitter account. I send updates and interesting tweets from other automotive sources. It's a good way to share relevant automotive info from many different companies. 

More to come next month...
Stay Tuned!

What's going on around the country in auto tech and education.

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Recently added material on Quizlet. Quizlet is an online flashcard, test review, and study tool website that is free to use. I have added all of the key terms for Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair and am adding supplemental terms as well. Key terms for Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach 6e are in progress.

To access these resources, simply register with Quizlet or sign in using your Google or Facebook account. Look for
RobThompson-Auto to access the key terms.

In addition, I continue to add PowerPoints and photos my website for download and instructional use. 

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