Using ExamView for more than paper and pencil testing Part 2.

November 2014
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Using ExamView for more than paper and pencil testing - work smarter not harder. 

The last issue looked at features included in ExamView (EV) test generation software, specifically exporting a test as an html file. This issue examines using the Test Manager and local area network or LAN-based testing. As with using the testing via an html file, LAN testing eliminates the paper and pencil test and does the grading for you based on the answers input into the EV test question bank.

Figure 1 shows the EV menu and the option to publish the test on the LAN. To use this option, you must have the test manager installed on a computer or network drive that can retrieve testing data from the computer(s) on which the testing will take place. For example, the test manager can be installed on a shared network drive that students have access to. Once a test is created, you share the test location with the students and the test manager will retrieve the test data as students complete the test. 

Benefits of using the LAN (local area network) Test Manager include:
  • Selecting specific classes and times for testing to take place. This can be helpful if you're teaching several sections of the same class but not all sections are at the same pace. See Figure 2.
  • Restricting certain tests to certain students.
  • Customizing tests for students with IEPs. You can select a test with fewer options for the MC questions or reduce the number of questions in the test. See Figure 3
  • Extracting test data by Test Manager. The test manager software will grade and score the tests based on question data. It will also allow you to generate reports based on the individual and class scores. See Figure 4.
Another useful part of EV is that when exporting a test to html, discussed in last month's newsletter, the file can be created as a study guide, shown in Figure 5. The file will be similar to a test except answers are not scored and sent to the instructor. When setting up the study guide, you can also select what information the student sees upon completion, as shown in Figure 6

Overall, I've found ExamView to be handy in making testing and grading easier and more time efficient. Using electronic testing also eliminates paper and toner use and is more realistically preparing students for the kind of computer-based training and testing common in the auto industry. 
Stay Tuned!

Newly revised and updated, the 6th Edition of Automotive Technology: A Systems Approach, was released in the spring of 2014. The 6th Edition is updated to the NATEF MAST standards and has two new chapters covering hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition to the new chapters, all sections have been revised and updated to provide the most up-to-date content possible. 

Another new feature is the addition of The Three Cs case studies. Shown in Figures 7 and 8, this feature highlights a customer's concern presented as a repair order. While reading the chapter, the student will learn possible causes for the concern and (hopefully) begin to mentally diagnose the cause of the concern.

At the conclusion of the chapter, the cause of the concern and the method of diagnosis are provided. This can help the student develop diagnostic procedures and demonstrate how to document a repair order.

Click here to request a review copy or to request a preview of the MindTap Electronic Edition.
Figure 1 - ExamView menu

Figure 2 -  Test setup

Figure 3 -  Test setup cont.

Figure 4 -  Test Manager setup

Figure 5 - EV study guide

Figure 6 - EV study guide setup

Figure 7 - The chapter opening Three Cs Repair Order

Figure 8 - The conclusion of the Three Cs Repair Order

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