Jump Pack Testing Part 2

March 2016 
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Jump Pack Testing Part 2

Last month was my initial test of a power brick/jump starting device in a lab environment. Since then, I have used the ChargeIt! Jump more than a dozen times to jump-start school vehicles and the results are as follows.

In Figure 1, I'm jump-starting a 1998 Ford Windstar 3.8L. Without a jump box, the engine will not crank over. Not shown in the waveform is the OCV of the battery was 11.21V. With the ChargeIt! connected, the engine cranked and started several times without a problem.

Figure 2 is from a 2000 Olds Bravada 4.3L. Upon initial connection and cranking attempt, you can see the engine did not actually crank over. A poor connection on the battery allowed just enough current to cycle the solenoid but not enough to crank the engine. Figure 3 shows the Bravada cranking and starting using the jump pack.

Figure 4 shows jump-starting a 1998 Cadillac Deville 4.6L. Again, for a little power pack, the ChargeIt! did just fine.

By the time I jump-started the Deville, the ChargeIt! had been used over 15 times on four different vehicles without a recharge as the internal power meter still showed a full charge. Not bad for a tiny little power brick, in my opinion.

DISCLAIMER - I'm not selling, endorsing, or otherwise promoting this particular product (ChargeIt! Jump) nor receiving any compensation from its manufacturer or Amazon.
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Figure 2
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Figure 4

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