Using technology in the auto tech class.

April 2015
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This newsletter is to share teaching ideas for auto tech instructors and to provide informational updates on what is happening in CT education around the country. 

Using technology in the auto tech classroom - work smarter not harder part 5. 

Continued from last month...

10. Here's an addition to using Twitter in the classroom that I found. I admit I'm not using Twitter very much, but many teachers are and are having success with some of these applications in the classroom.

11. Open Broadcast Software - Are you making your own instructional videos? One of our technology teachers turned me on to OBS for making videos and inserting content into the videos. This works especially well for screen-casting. 

12. Are you using online content but some of your students don't have Internet access at home or (for high schools) time in their schedule to use a media center? The Pocket application, for both Android and Apple, allows users to download articles, videos, and more for later viewing offline. Available from the Chrome web store and Apple store

13. If you liked last month's issue on Ed.Ted, you'll like this app as well. EDpuzzle allows users to add videos, edit video length, add narrations and audio notes, and insert questions. Unlike Ed.Ted, EDpuzzle allows you to insert videos from YouTube, Ed.Ted, Khan Academy, NatGeo, Numberphile, Vimeo, TeacherTube and others. Here's an example created by out building technology person.

Next month I will take a break from sharing tech ideas and start a series on using scopes to teach basic concepts with electricity and engine performance.

More to come next month.
Stay Tuned!

What's going on around the country in auto tech and education.

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Head to my website for PowerPoints, waveform images, and photos that are available for download for instructional use. Check back often as I add more images and additional instructor resources. 

Below are two examples of images on my website that can be downloaded and used for instruction.
Two screen captures using a MODIS to teach the four strokes. The left image is a cranking compression waveform with the cursors showing max and min cylinder pressures. The image on the right has the four strokes labeled. Using images like these in conjunction with other teaching aids can really reinforce basic concepts. 

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