Using student response systems for data collection and remediation - part 3.

September 2014
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Using student response or polling systems - Part 3. 

In part 1 of this series, I introduced reasons why I am using a student response system, TurningPoint (TP), and gave some examples of how it can be used. The August issue focused on the benefits of being able to collect data instantly from responses and how to use the information to drive instruction. This issue looks at a couple of examples of data collection and how the data can be used. 

Depending on where you teach, you may need to correlate your instruction to specific standards. For example, since Ohio has signed on to be a Common Core state, schools are focused on tracking student performance on specific standards. Using a response system, such as TP, allows you to select and track student learning based on specific standards.

Figure 1 shows standards from Ohio's transportation pathway, which often coincide with the NATEF standards. Standards from other states are also available, shown in Figure 2. You can input your own standards in addition to standards already supplied by Turning Technologies.

Once you have created your presentation and assigned any standards to particular questions, you can present and track how well your students are achieving those standards. As discussed in the August issue, instantaneous response information about each question can be a great way to quickly evaluate how well students are doing and fine-tune your instruction. Once you have presented, you can use the Reports function in TP to correlate your session data.

Refer to Figure 3, which shows an example of reporting student responses to a single question. TP provides several methods of viewing the response data. Figure 4 shows the total results for a class after a session. Since the data is reported in Excel, it is easy to customize how to display the results. The tabs along the bottom of the sheet show a few of the ways in which the data can be displayed. 

By having TP collect and report the results of a session, within seconds you can see how each student and how the class is performing. Analyzing this data allows you to focus on areas for remediation and target specific topics with specific students more quickly. 
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Figure 1 - from TP standards selection

Figure 2 -  TP state standards

Figure 3 -  from a report

Figure 4 - from a report

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