It's warm, everything is turning green…what's not to like?
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Happy Saturday!

Finally it's spring time!


New month already. God, time does fly when you're having fun. Anyway, I don't have much to share this time. Just that our new website is almost ready!!!!!111oneone

Great work was done by @otobrglez, @mfilej, @zigomir and @matixmatix and I couldn't be happier. You can help too if you have time, you know. Just a couple of more boxes to tick on the pull request.
You might have seen already, but anyway - this month's meetup won't be like any other. It will be more like an open door event. Because we always host meetups on the last Thursday in the month we're stuck to have it in the "holiday week". A lot of people are going climbing, swimming, and what-not, so it makes no sense to host a "proper" meetup.

So - there will be no formal lectures or anything like that but there will be drinks. Sponsored drinksAnyone can come. You can bring your own project and talk about it. You can come pitching your startup. You can come with a coding problem. Not necessarily Ruby related. You can come even if you're not a developer at all but are interested what we're like. And if you really have absolutely nothing going on in your life worth talking about - come for the drinks and good company.


March picks

Oto Brglez - @otobrglez

Miha Filej - @mfilej

Miha Rekar - @mrfoto

I'm really looking forward to this month's meetup. Should be super fun ^^

In the mean time you can invite your friends to join us, and tell them to subscribe to this.

That's all from us this time, hopefully we'll see you all on Thursday, 30th.

Slovenia Ruby User Group 2015 

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