New year, January meetup and some picks…
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Happy Wednesday!

And a Happy New Year!

Hey! How've you been?

It's been a crazy year for Slovenia RUG this 2014 and we can't wait what 2015 will bring. For starters we'll be making some changes at our monthly meetups.

As you already know V Živo is kind enough to live stream them. After the event they post recordings on YouTube, so even if you missed the meetup you can watch them later. How cool is that? There are conferences who aren't this organised. As you might imagine the streams/recordings are a huge success. This video of Mitja Mavsar's talk was watched more than a 100 times. And it's in slovene. So this brings us to the first change: all talks from now on will be in english.

Another thing we tried on November's meetup and worked out pretty good is lightning talks. I know there are a lot of you who do interesting stuff and want to show it to the world. But maybe you don't have time to prepare a full talk. Or maybe you're a startup hiring a Ruby dev? What better place than at a RUG meetup? Maybe you have too much time on your hands and you did some crazy thing and want to share it with our members? This is where the lightning talks come in. Do whatever you want, there is just one rule: strict 5 minute time limit. After the "main talks" are over there will now be an opening for lightning talks. You can come prepared, you can do it on the fly,… whatever floats your boat. Can't wait to see what cool things we'll get to know about you, <<Name>>!
Our next meetup is on 29th. Thanks to Oto's sourcing there will be 3 awesome talks this time:
  • Jan Berdajs from RankTrackr will talk about his gem datasource
  • Luka Zakrajšek from Koofr will say a few words about Go
  • Marko Zabreznik from Edgar will talk about the MEAN stack
Do RSVP and comment with the title of your lightning talk.

December picks

Oto Brglez - @otobrglez

Miha Rekar - @mrfoto

Žiga Vidic - @zigomir

As you know, this December marked one year since we (re)started the Slovenia RUG. This means we had to renew our subscription on We're still "selling" stickers as a form of donation so if you need to stock up on them, do buy some!

Thanks to everyone who already donated!
We're at 90 members ATM and a little birdie from GitHub told me they have a surprise for us when we reach a 100, so do invite your friends to join us, and tell them to subscribe to this.

That's all from us this time, hopefully we'll see you all on Thursday, 29th.

Slovenia Ruby User Group 2015 

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