Yes, you read that right, we're over a 100 members!
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Happy Saturday!

Finally it's spring time!

Hey! How you doin'?

I'm feeling awesome. The weather is perfect, the temperatures are rising, the trees are getting green, there are over a 100 members in our meetup group now,… Wait, what? You for real? Yeah, I'm for realz! 101 to be precise. I couldn't be more flattered. Thank to each and everyone of you - we couldn't have done it without you, <<Name>>!

And just when I thought the day can't get any better I checked our group reviews and found this:
Wow. Just wow.

This is exactly how I want newcomers to feel when they come to our meetups. I believe this is also the reason we keep growing.

Let's keep this up, cause it feels awesome!
OK, back to reality - we had a very cool meetup in February where we had 2 talks and 2 lightning talks. Thanks to V Živo you can watch it even if you weren't there: This months meetup will, as always, happen on the last Thursday of the month - on March 26th. We will have two talks and open platform for lightnings. Short 5 min talks, I'm sure you have something awesome/inspiring/crazy for us, <<Name>>!


March picks

Oto Brglez - @otobrglez

Miha Filej - @mfilej

Miha Rekar - @mrfoto

Žiga Vidic - @zigomir

Now getting to 100 members wasn't just about the number. This is not official yet, but I have a silent arrangement with our friends at GitHub so expect an awesome event announcement soon :winkwink:

In the mean time you can invite your friends to join us, and tell them to subscribe to this.

That's all from us this time, hopefully we'll see you all on Thursday, 26th.

Slovenia Ruby User Group 2015 

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