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Healthy Young Minds

4 & 5th July 2016

Victoria College (VCJ) and Mind Jersey are working together to stage a two-day conference on Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 July at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

500 people are expected at the event which is designed to help students, parents and professionals learn more about mental health issues that affect young people. 

The conference will bring together local experts and well-known visiting speakers from the UK to explore how the community can support young people. 

Alun Watkins, VCJ headteacher says: “We know that many young people suffer with problems that prevent them from thriving and getting what they should out of life.

"We recognise that teachers, parents and young people themselves are increasingly concerned. This event is designed to create a place where all interested parties can tackle this important issue.”

4 July - open to professionals and volunteers who work with children and young people (8.30am-4.30PM) (6hrs CPD)

5 July -  open to 14 to 18 year olds in the morning (8.30am -1pm), and to parents in the evening (7pm-9.30pm)

Tickets for these workshops are free of charge and can be booked online here.

Charities with an interest in child and adolescent wellbeing are invited to contribute to this event by setting up an information stand in the foyer of the Radisson Blu. If you would like to be involved, please email Amanda as soon as possible.
Jersey Cheshire Home
Jersey Cheshire Home
Making Dreams Happen

Back in March, Jersey Cheshire Home arranged for resident, Peter Riley, to travel to the UK to see his beloved team, Manchester United play at home in the FA Cup quarter finals.

Peter, an avid Manchester United fan since a young boy (despite being a ‘Scouser’), made the trip with his daughter Jess and carer Ben Franklin. Not only did they have fantastic seats for the Man U vs. West Ham match at Old Trafford, but Peter also got to take part in his sister’s 80th birthday celebrations, which the family thoughtfully arranged to coincide with his trip.

Peter, having suffered a double brain haemorrhage twelve years ago has been living at Jersey Cheshire Home since 2009 and this is now where he calls home. Following his accident, doctors expected that if he ever woke up he would be severely brain damaged and that he would certainly never walk again, but in true Peter style - he defied all the odds! With his strong will and determination he regained his speech just months after regaining consciousness and through persistence with his physiotherapy was walking again less than a year later!

Though he enjoys a comfortable life surrounded by staff and friends and family that regularly visit, Peter’s mobility is declining and he continues to suffer severe epileptic fits (as a result of his brain haemorrhage), which cause frequent injury due to his falls. On top of this, last year, Peter had to cope with yet more grief when his son tragically passed away at the age of only 25.

David Lord, Jersey Cheshire Home General Manager explains: “Peter has suffered significant family trauma over the last few years and we desperately wanted to give him something to smile about. Before his accident, he would watch Man U play live whenever he could, so it seemed appropriate that we make his dream come true by giving him the opportunity to see them play once again!”

This trip to Old Trafford, a surprise for Peter, was funded thanks to a generous donation from his friends and family and topped up through public donations. His reaction when he found out was better than anyone could have imagined and the video of him learning the news (a must watch) can be seen on the Jersey
Cheshire Home Facebook page.

Jersey Cheshire Home, who provide residential care and support to adults living with a range of physical disabilities are this year raising funds to make their disabled residents dreams come true, no matter how big or small those dreams might be!

The charity is appealing to anyone who can help offer donations to fund once in a lifetime experiences that are pertinent to each of their residents, whether it be riding on the back of a motorbike, learning new IT skills or seeing their football team play live. You can help make these dreams come true by donating via their website or calling them on 285858 for more information.

Workshops & Training
Workshops & Training
Good Governance
Why Do We Need It?

with Jane Galloway
Arclight Solutions

 Tuesday 23 June 2016
Jersey Hospice Care
Training Centre

£25 per person

This course is a basic introduction to the important area of governance and its role within your organisation.

If you are a trustee, or member of the governing body, you have specific responsibilities which you must carry out with the other members of the governing body, according to your constitution and relevant legislation.

These can include defining and agreeing the purpose of your organisation; securing its long term direction and developing strategies; being accountable; fiscal responsibility and ensuring the charity is run in a legal, responsible and effective manner.

In this workshop, you will also look at the UK Charity Commission’s Code Of The Voluntary And Community Sector which sets out best practice for governance for the voluntary and community sector. 


Developing A Fundraising Strategy
with Jane Galloway
Arclight Solutions

Tuesday 21 June
Jersey Hospice Care
Training Centre

Having a clear fundraising strategy is essential to keeping your organisation on track with its fundraising goals and in order to get the best returns from your time, resources and budget. 

This workshop will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to develop and successfully implement a great fundraising strategy and to be able to:

• Research and use the information required to build your strategy
• Analyse past performance to inform more profitable future activities
• Identify and evaluate the best fundraising sources for your organisation
• Integrate different forms of fundraising into your plan
• Identifying and managing the risks associated with your strategy 

New Charities' Law
with Jane Galloway
Arclight Solutions

Wednesday 22nd June 2016
5.15pm to 8.15pm
St Paul's Centre

After a vote by politicians last year, the States of Jersey allocated £70,000 towards the implementation of a new law governing the way charities operate and are regulated. A charity commissioner is to be appointed and a central register to be introduced to oversee the new law.

The new Charities’ Law will help new organisations gain charitable status and provide a clearer definition of what actually constitutes a charity, while defining ‘public benefit’, which will impact on some local organisations.

The Law will also set out rules for the duties of governors/trustees and places restrictions on the use of the terms "charity" and "charitable".

This session looks at what the Law means in reality for island based charities and organisations.
Please contact Lyn or call 840138 for more information on any of the above or to book your places.

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Resilience Workshops

Resilience Matters is a new Jersey Charity that wants to see a fundamentally different way of life – one where people have the resources, skill set and mindset to be able to positively manage their psychological, emotional and physical health.

The charity is offering 500 parents a resilience gift across 2016 through their interactive and engaging skill based resilience workshops. The workshops are not about teaching people how to parent but designed to help parents deal with all the stuff that gets in the way of being a parent.

All daytime workshops are free of charge and a donation is asked for in return for the Saturday and evening workshops.

Resilience Matters are also keen to meet charities who might be interested in discussing potential ways of working together in 2016.

Contact Emma or visit the website for more details.

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Payroll Donations

The AJC wants to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful Jersey volunteers who help so many charities to do so much and to reach so many people.

Our thanks also go to the volunteers who have shared their stories with us in this newsletter below.

This National Volunteer Week will be in King Street (1,2,3 & 6,7 June) between 10am and 2pm, giving out gold stars to islanders who volunteer. We will also be encouraging people who don’t yet volunteer, to think about doing so.
Charity vacancies will be advertised in The Co-op Grande Marche stores, Checkers Xpress, Bath Street, Holme Grown Farm Shop and Ransoms. And if you have positions you need volunteers for, please contact Lyn.

Keep posted to FB over the course of the week
and visit to find out what’s happening in the UK where volunteering is being celebrated for 12 days.

Interested to know what kind of volunteering best fits your personality and interests? Why not check out this BBC online quiz too.  

Thank you
National Trust For Jersey
Mac Macready
National Trust For Jersey

I actually came to volunteering at the National Trust for Jersey by accident. I worked on shifts at the airport as a refueller.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with a health problem; my doctor advised me that I needed to undertake more exercise; I didn’t fancy running on the treadmill or lifting weights at the gym!

My wife was listening to BBC Radio Jersey and Charles Alluto, the CEO for the National Trust, was being interviewed and mentioned the Trust were looking for volunteers.

And that’s how it started. A few weeks later I was volunteering! I started with some gardening jobs; cutting grass at the Elms and helping with small maintenance jobs at the various Trust sites.

I try and keep my volunteering close to where I live, so I don’t have to travel far. I was getting the exercise I needed and I could fit my volunteering around my shift work.

While cutting the grass one day at the Elms, I was asked if I'd like to help out at the annual Black Butter event.  I'd always been interested in this, as I can remember seeing it made as a young boy, and I'm keen to see local traditions such as this continue.

Volunteering at the Black Butter event is now a regular date in my diary. I've helped with all aspects from washing jam jars, peeling apples and regularly undertaking a 36 hour shift, though the night overseeing the stirring of the  Black Butter in the bachin. Whilst some physical activity (and stamina!) is required to stir, I find it therapeutic and a good way of relaxing, it’s just something totally different.

When I retired I found I was also available for other jobs. I love the variety, from gardening tasks, odd maintenance jobs, to delivering brochures and putting up banners - there is always something to help out with.

The Trust has such a small team, and there are always more tasks to be undertaken than resources available, so I help where I can.

Why do I volunteer? I love Jersey, and believe in the aims of the National Trust in preserving and safeguarding sites of historic and natural interest for the benefit of the island. I get pleasure in knowing that I can help make a difference in helping preserve Jersey’s traditions and environment.

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and being part of a team, making a contribution to a worthwhile cause and keeping fit at the same time!

T: 483193

Inclusion Youth Project

Adelina d’Orleans from Jersey’s Youth Service wants to thank all her volunteers who she says are: “pretty amazing!”

“We have some brilliant volunteers within the Inclusion Project, many of whom have a disability and attended the project as youngsters themselves, who have then gone on to volunteer for us.”

Project Linus
Sarah Jordan
Project Linus UK
Channel Islands

I first started knitting for Project Linus UK about 18 years ago. I found a leaflet in a local (now closed down) wool shop and I used (and still use) knitting as therapy.

I used to knit blankets for children of friends, and inbetween I knitted for Project Linus, mailing my creations to a UK address.

About seven or eight years ago, Project Linus UK suggested I may like to take on the mantle of the Channel Island
co-ordinator, as there was a vacant role.

After some serious consideration (my main concern being that I live with depression, which can be very debilitating on a cyclical basis, and that I may not be able to fulfil the role adequately as a result, and being re-assured that this would not be a problem), I decided to proceed and the Jersey charity was born in early 2009.

As most of the co-ordinators in the UK have usually taken over an existing role, I was groping in the dark somewhat as to the first place to recruit ‘blanketeers.’ 

After a slow start, I now have lots of blanketeers, including quilters, knitters and those who crochet or fringe and decorate fleeces, from all walks of life and some with various disabilities. 

Some work in groups, some work alone and some are in nursing homes. I often hear how the blanket making has had a therapeutic effect, most particularly in the realm of increasing confidence or helping them through a difficult time themselves.

Having recruited a band of helpers, I then had to research agencies through which the blankets could be distributed. I now regularly donate to the Special Care Baby Unit and Robin Ward at the General Hospital; NSPCC – baby steps parenting programme; Brighter Futures (for the Inbetweenies programme) Jersey Womens Refuge, The Causeway Association and  to counsellors who help children with emotional issues.

We have also donated to Oakwell Respite Home, Maison Allo Respite Home, Children’s Bereavement via Hospice, various Schools, La Preference Children’s Home, Brig-y-Don Children’s Home, The White House, The Grace Crocker Foundation, and to various children which come to our attention from time to time.

Until I started this work, I had no idea of what I call “the secret underbelly of society” which no-one talks about. I have met some amazing, truly inspirational people who donate their time, abilities and money to supporting this worthwhile project.

I have also met some absolutely gorgeous children, heard some heart-rending stories of physical and emotional need and read some beautiful and heartfelt thank yous which, in addition to bringing a tear to my eye, have made this job so rewarding.

I am now supported by a team who help with administration, blanket labelling, deliveries and collections and since May 2015 there has been a Guernsey co-ordinator, Debbie Baker, so the Channel Islands are covered for the most part. I am now unable to carry out paid work, but I can still do something towards this great cause when I am able.

T: 07797 763 776


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