September 1st, 2014
Welcome to the 1st edition of our bi-monthly newsletter. Our goal is to keep you up to date with what is going on with EMCurious as well as provide you with recommended applications, resources and literature to help you stay up to date, both in technology and in evidence based medicine practice. Every newsletter will also contain an image based case for you to ponder which will be reviewed the following newsletter. This is our first newsletter so let us know how you like the format and if you would like to see any additions or modifications. 

What's New

FOAMed Explore

As the content of the FOAMed world continues to expand, it has become quite overwhelming. Our goal with FOAMed Explore is to help provide you with a framework for your learning. We have begun archiving our weekly FOAMed Reviews to fit content we find into CORD curriculum requirements in order to be sure that we are not just covering the exciting stuff but also the essentials of what all residents should know. If your not a resident don't fear, all our recommended content is excellent for any medical mind who seek to enhance their brain power. 


We have delved into the FOAMus world in an effort to help find the best resources to help to learners understand the basics to essential bedside scans. Our core content ultrasound pages will include basic learning resources but will also be updated intermittently with more advanced topics as well as any resource that is recommended in the weekly FOAMed Review. Our echocardiography section is our prototype. Let us know your thoughts! 

Our recent blog posts

Learn about vasopressors and assessing volume status in septic shock with our info-graphic from our recent online poll. 

Do you know about delayed sequence intubation and when you should think about waiting to draw up your paralytic? Check out this cool case. 

Amyl Nitrite Toxicity 101.

Proof of concept for good return precautions with an excellent case on early appendicitis. 

Apps we use

Hands down the best app for those of you interested in keeping up to date with the literature. Follow journals, keywords and collections you are interested in. Share them with your friends and take the pain out of logging into your institution access to be able to view an article. There is a beta for website use but it functions best on iphone/ipad. 

Resources we use

Learning ultrasound case by case with Ben Smith at Ultrasound Of The Week is fun and easy to manage with a busy schedule. One case, once a week, priceless pearls.

Image Case 

Middle aged gentleman brought in as a trauma after being the restrained passenger in high speed MVC and complaining of chest pain.  Primary survey intact, GCS 15, and vitals with BP 120/70 and HR 100s. Above is his initial chest xray. What are you concerned about? What test are you going to order? We will send out the answer on the next newsletter. 

Have a good image you want to share? Send it to us we would love to share it with the community. 

Practice Changing Research

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