Leaving 2020 in the dust

Thank You for Keeping Saltlickers Licking

Thank the Maker, 2020's almost over. We hope you and your peeps are well. We know folks who lost loved ones this year, and our hearts are with them. Back in April, we had no idea if we could survive a pandemic but we're still here, because of you.

We tried new ways to keep the spicy supply chain flowing, like running a Delivery Train, where we learned to navigate the neighborhoods of Des Moines, Ankeny, Boone, Story City, Webster City, Marshalltown, Tama, and Ely. Those delivery train runs also gave us a chance to GO SOMEWHERE, and we really needed that!
By May, Iowa markets with local products were booming, and we were delivering jars to new-to-us retailers like Des Moines Mercantile, Hardons in Tama, the Iowa Food Coop in Des Moines, Timber Ridge Cattle Co. in Osceola, and Mother Hen in Cherokee. Then
America ran out of spice packagingYou can't make this stuff up! So we drove a truck to Chicago to pick up enough jars, lids and shakers to last us till next September! HAHAHAHA! S*ck it, COVID!

Thank you for making this past holiday season the busiest we've ever had. Yes, some of your packages are still floating around outer space (check your tracking # and
email me if it hasn't arrived). Of course, we (and by we I mean me) made some incomprehensible mistakes when we were wrapping packages at 4 am, like the time we sent our scissors to Jill, along with her gift box. But get this: Jill mailed them back...BOOK RATE! How fantastically savvy is that?!

So from the bottom of our shakers, thank you, Salty Dogs. Thank you, #blamedarrell, for all the amazing HOME MADE CANDY!!!!!! Thank you, Max, for the ISU Wrestling sticker. Collin LOVES free stickers. Thank you, Cindy in Suquamish, for being patient about your broken French Tickler. Thanks for pics of the food you're cooking. Thank you, all. We hope to see you back at the Farmers Markets this spring.

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Anzac Biscuits: Licked!

Cooks Illustrated had several great recipes this month, including my new favorite cookie: these New Zealand-style oatmeal cookies with coconut and golden syrup, which you can buy in a super fancy can, or make with sugar and lemon. The cookies are dense, chewy, and caramel-y (there's that word again!). I swapped out regular salt in the recipe for Smoke Licker and doubled the amount. I also added white chocolate chips in one batch, but I couldn't even find them afterwards. That's how awesome these cookies are! They say, "We den need yeh choclit, mait!" in an adorable Kiwi accent.

O hai Im Maggie

The new dog Maggie says hai and Happy New Year. Wendy from Nevada told us her markings are called "Naughty spots." Wish us luck!


The Cy-co Mary
When the ISU Alumni Association asked us to invent a tailgate-ready cocktail for the Big 12 Championship pep rally, I called Tara, a renowned Bloody Mary whisperer from LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Tara knew immediately which flavors would create the perfect balance of spice and savory refreshingness. The Cy-co Mary also makes the perfect drink for a kicking it kind of New Year's Day. The CY in the name comes from ISU's mascot, a cardinal named Cy (pronounced Sigh).

8 oz tomato juice (low salt works best)
1/4 tsp Cy Salt
1/4 tsp Ames Chili Champ
1/4 tsp horseradish (optional)
Tabasco to taste (optional)
1 shot of vodka
Comically elaborate garnishes

Instructions: In a pint glass, mix the tomato juice, Ames Chili Champ, and Cy Salt. Mix in the horseradish and tabasco if you're using them, then add the vodka and ice. Top with flaming cheese batons, sweet & sour ham rockets, etc. 

Burnin' 2020 to the Ground with the Singe
Tara and I came up with the Singe. If you're an ISU fan, you can call it the Cynge. It's %$#@&* DELICIOUS and works great as a mocktail, too. As the ice melts, the salt dissolves and gives it an even more caramel-y taste. :)!

8 oz Canada Dry bold ginger ale
4 shakes of
Smoke Licker smoked sea salt
1 shot of Fireball (any booze will work)
Instructions: Pour the ginger ale into a glass. Give the Smoke Licker four good shakes into the ginger ale, and watch it FIZZ! Pour in the Fireball and add ice.

Our Ready-Steady Tailgater giftbox has all three flavors for a day-drinking adventure with 10,000 of your closest friends.

I UN-effed My Chex Mix & You Can Too!

If you're a Chex Mix champion, and you read the old Chex Mix recipe on our website—specifically the part that said "Use oil"—you might've done a spit take! "What a bunch of dolts!" you might've exclaimed, then called your family to gather 'round your monitor and laugh like donkeys while they pitched Chex Mix at the screen.

Pros know BUTTER is the only way to go!
Butter blends and suspends the spice mix, while oil separates and makes glop in the bottom of the pot. How did we learn this? The hard way, of course. We fixed the recipe on the website, and in the immortal words of Patsy Cline, it feels so good not to be so wrong anymore.
Sing it, Patsy!

Baked Egg Sammies

Here's another winner from this months Cook's that we Saltlickerated with Cy Salt and Rooster Shake, then topped with sauteed onions and bacon. The recipe calls for 8 eggs, spice, water, and that's it! Any of our flavors will rock here, and the leftovers are like hip, delicious astronaut grub.
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