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This is one of our customers' most Frequently Asked Questions, so we thought we'd share how our flavors got their names. 
ALLIYUM (pronounced alley-umOur friend, Erika Kent, who created our logo came up with this one. Allium is the onion genus. Erika said, "Ah! Alley-yuuuuuum!"

CHA-CHA LIMA (pronounced lee-mah like the capitol of Peru) I wanted a fun name that also sounded like code for making out with a stranger. "I danced the Cha-cha Lima over the weekend, if you know what I mean [wink!]"

CY SALT (pronounced sigh) Collin's mom came up with it. For those of you who don't know, Cy is the mascot of the Iowa State University Cyclones. We both love Cy.

FEATHER DUSTER I was thinking about chickens and poultry seasoning had a smart attack.

GRILLA GORILLA & GGX Alliteration helps people remember names, so we started with the word "Grill" and went from there. For GGX, I wanted something XTREME! like Monster Energy Drink.
HERKY PERKY Our friend, Barbara, came up with this one. We wanted to make a University of Iowa-inspired flavor. Their mascot's Herky the Hawk, so we thought, "What about Herky Jerk?" but jerk seasoning is very pungent and doesn't taste great out of the bottle. So when we decided to do a lemon pepper-style flavor—something perky—Barbara said "Herky Perky!"

IOWA NICE SPICE We wanted sugar and spice and everything Iowa nice. 

PETER RABBIT It struck me that the flavor tastes like robbing a garden.

ROXY TACO was a baby shower gift to our friends, Lizzy and Mark, in honor of their daughter, Roxy. The family goes bananas for Mexican food.

WHASSAMATTERHORN I started with "Matterhorn" and have no idea where the rest came from, but according to Jen Edwards, you gotta say it like you're in Jersey Boys: "Whassamadderhorn?!"
Collin recently fell off a ladder and messed his ankle up good. Tara, one of our first and bestest customers, was fabulous to help me out at the DM Farmer's Market. It was a hopping day at the booth, and she was a flippin' champion. And lemme tell you: this girl could sell ice cubes to polar bears. She's a heck of a cook, too. Thank you, Tara, for being awesome! Go Pack! Above: Tara and some guy, both wearing t-shirts that say "You're killin' me, Smalls."
We've had a lot of requests for 4 oz glass jars, so we're bringing them back! They'll be available next week when the case comes in. We won't be hauling them to the markets (they're heavy), but if you email us, we'll bring them. Plus, you can order them online. We're also shipping flavors now by the pound and by the half pound. So many options, so little wine—er, time.
I remember when I bought my dad a pink polo shirt for Father's Day. He was like, "Uhhhhhhhh..." Well, we have the perfect Father's Day gifts for any dad. Check out our gift boxes here. We recommend The Blood Tooth for grilling dads and The Hippy Dippy for health-nut dads. $20 for three 2 oz jars or $25 for three four ounce jars. We'll wrap it and include a card with a short note. Then we'll ship it for another $7. Tada!
Customers stopping by the booth will share how they're using the spices, and we love that. We get the best recipe ideas from you. Here's some idears from Ames!
Mac 'n' Cheese with Peter Rabbit from Jana

Grilled Cheese and Tomato with Roxy Taco from Phoebe

Spinach salad with feta and walnuts sauteed in olive oil + Whassamatterhorn
from Sarah

Roasted sweet potatoes + Cha-cha Lima from the super nice dietician
If you pass by our booth in Ames this summer, instead of Collin and me, you may see this raven-haired culinary genius who lives to cook and gardens like a mofo. Christiana's taught cooking classes all over the country and makes Martha Stewart look like The Dude in Big Lebowski. So stop by, say hi, and ask her, "What would you do with [insert your favorite flavor here]?" She'll tell you, and whatever she says, it's going to be dee-licious. Just look at that sourdough loaf! Ka-pow!
6/9 3-6pm Catch us in BOONE! We LOVE Boone!
6/11 Ames Main Street Farmers Market
6/16 Boone Farmers Market
6/18 Ames Main Street Farmers Market 
6/25 DT Des Moines Farmers Market 
Click on the pic to see our entire schedule. Check FB & Twitter for the Secret Word!
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