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Rage Christmas 2015

Rage family Christmas gathering

Rage Christmas Special 2015

Sunday 20th December marked our last training session of the year. An impressive army of Santas, elves, reindeer, party-goers, Minions, puddings and Vikings turned up to celebrate with a final festive paddle.
Ready for some festive action
All aboard for the last training session of the year
After a few happy snaps and a bit of regular training, our Christmas special kicked off. Everyone had a go at either coaching or helming for a few minutes each. It got pretty windy towards the end, and the team worked hard to get our unusual Noah's Ark back to shore. More photos on the Rage website.
Katha practising her dragon roar and helming at the same time :)
Dressed to impress

Limbo, lunch and blindfolded Christmas drawing

Pepenero is a great little local Italian restaurant. We received VIP treatment upstairs – they gave us our own section. Just as well – as we decided to host the Rage Santa Limbo Championships here :D

Each person took turns attempting the challenge with a Santa belly (red bag) attached to their front. After much nail-biting excitement, we were finally down to our final two contenders: Jo Tang and Ken. But Jo exercised some unbelievable Matrix moves and went lower again. Ken: "noooo...!!" :D Jo finally won (and was awarded a pudding). Well done...some secret talents yet to be discovered on the team! And just as well we played this game before we ate...
Lunch at Pepenero
Candy and Mini Santa Josh
We finished off with a blindfolded Christmas drawing, and Katha was crowned as winner of this artistic challenge.

Rage's December babies

Happy birthday this month to Amit (8th), Candy (9th), Will Man (13th), Jam (15th), Jenny Nim (20th) and Connie (22nd).

New year, new season

Thanks to one and all for seeing us through a challenging but successful year. We plan to get back on the water Sunday 10th January. More details to come.

In the meantime, whether you're in London, Luton, Reading, Australia or Singapore, a very Merry Christmas to all Ragers and their loved ones near and far. 

Eat, drink – not too much! ;) And be merry. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy 2016. See you in the new year.

Rage as one,

Vic and Jen.

Editor: Jen Szeto