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Rage relocation

Raging Dragons in Venice

A fresh start at our new home

A lot has happened in the last few months. After many years at the London Regatta Centre, Rage finally returned to the Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre this season where our club spent its earliest days. 
Last Rage water training at the London Regatta Centre
While it was sad to part ways with our fellow London clubs, we left our mark (literally) and have set ourselves up nicely at our new home. 

Paddler of the month: July 2017

Johnny Leung
Congratulations to Johnny Leung on July's Paddler of the Month award. Since joining Rage last season he has brought much laughter, energy and entertainment to the club and has been extremely dedicated in his attendance at both land and water trainings.

While he's lost an incredible 20kg, we're glad he still enjoys a good feed and knows where to find all the best eating spots – no matter where in the UK (or Italy) we are :)

Thanks for organising our awesome team food outings, for always being positive, polite, helpful and respectful to everyone around you. We're so glad to have you and the rest of the 'Banana gang' on board. May you guys be here to spread your infectious cheerful spirit at Rage for many years to come.

Paddler of the month: August 2017

Tom Relihan
Our August award winner is passionate about our results on the water, and quietly does his bit to help Rage off the water.

He never seeks acknowledgement or attention. Instead he willingly gives his time (and sometimes money) generously – never asking anything from the club in return.

Thank you for your consistency, attitude, love of Rage and consideration towards your team mates for all the time you've been with us.

It gives us great pleasure to congratulate and finally be able to offer a small bit of long deserved recognition to Tom Relihan.

Paddler of the month: September 2017

Aside from a sweet smile, this girl has guts and grit at the gym and on the boat. As far as water and land trainings go, Jocelyn Ooi clocks one of the highest attendance scores at Rage. Since joining the club last year she has worked hard to get fitter, stronger and better at the sport.

It's always a pleasure to work with accommodating paddlers who do whatever is needed to best help power the team. Thank you for being so versatile and for giving us your best no matter where you are on the boat – at the front, back, or on the drum. Maybe we can get you to try helming next?!

Congratulations to Gaydon and Komaki

Gaydon and Komaki
Congratulations to Gaydon and Komaki on their big day back in July. Wishing you guys love, health and happiness from us all.

Congrats also to Gaydon on securing his place as an MBA candidate with the London Business School. This does mean he'll be very busy and we may possibly see less of him with his newfound commitments. We're very proud of you and look forward to paddling alongside you as often as you can still make it. Wishing you all the best – you deserve it.

Wrapping up the season

It's been an eventful year – Rage attended all seven BDA League events to finish in a close 6th place on the National Premier League table in the open category, 2nd in the mixed division, and our ladies competed again as mighty Firestorm, successfully defending our title as national league champions alongside our Typhoon compatriots. Our handsome Firemen have also had their fair share of impressive victories. They debuted a little late in the season and scored points for just 5 out of 7 possible races, however still managed to secure a solid 3rd place on the Open Super 12 table. Well done, guys!

It was also great to embark on our Italian paddling adventure in Venice, and to see the club attend at least one day of the Nationals in Nottingham this year after last season's absence.

We've been battling it out against some tough competition, and our opponents are saying they want to chase us down next year. To be set as a goal post by other crews is a great thing, as it means we are respectably regarded as worthy competition.

We've also managed to get ourselves into some semis and finals alongside the strongest teams in the country these last few months. Onwards and upwards from here.
Rage as one.

– Vic and Jen.

Editor: Jen Szeto