This is our Freezer Price List. We often get calls asking about things they think we have but don't see it on our Weekly Price List. Our regular weekly e-mail is only our Fresh products. We occasionally feature freezer goods that are new or you should know about, but below is our full Retail Freezer Price List. Of course, please feel free to call with any questions!


Seafood Gumbo 16.75   Catfish Fillet(15lb box $97.50) 6.95/lb
Crawfish Etouffee 16.95   Swaii Fillet (15lb box $67.50) 8.95/2lb
Shrimp Creole Crab 15.75   Tilapia Fillet 10lb box 40.00 box
Crab & Corn Chowder 16.75   Saku Tuna(10lb box $125.00) 13.95/lb
Grp Crab & Shrimp Chow 15.95   Salt Cod 8.95/lb
Brunswick Stew w/Crab 12.95   Smelts 4.95/lb
Bayshore Soups/Chows 8.95 all   Smoked Salmon 4oz(8oz $9.95) 5.95 ea
Key Largo Soups 8.95 all   Chopped Clams 5.95/lb
Maine Lob Tails 4-5oz 9.95 ea   Escargot 12ct Tray 9.95 ea
Maine Lob Meat 2lb pkg 55.00   NZ Greenshell Mussels 2lb box 10.95 ea
FL Lobster Tails 5oz 9.95 ea   Whole Cooked Crawfish 5lb bag 22.50 ea
FL Lobster Tails 6oz 12.50 ea   Crawfish Tail Meat Import 13.95/lb
FL Lobster Tails 7oz 14.50 ea   Crawfish Tail Meat Domestic 19.95/lb
FL Lobster Tails 8oz 16.50 ea   Octopus, Spanish 6.95/lb 
FL Lobster Tails 9oz 18.95 ea   Squid Tube & Tenticle 2.5lb pkg 12.50 ea
FL Lobster Tails 10-12oz 23.95 ea   Squid Calamari Rings 2lb pkg 10.95 ea
FL Lobster Tails 16-20oz 34.50 ea   Squid Calamari Steaks 5.95/lb
Snow Crab(30lb box $360) 12.95/lb   Clean Conch Turks(5lb box $80) 16.95/lb
Soft Shell Crabs 4.50 ea   Tenderized Conch 16.50/lb
AK Crab Legs Large
AK Crab Legs Jumbo
AK Crab Legs Colossal
  Conch Fritter Batter
Key Lime Pie 
Frog Legs FL (Imp $13.50/2lb)
 9.95 ea
14.95 ea
Dungeness Crab Cluster    14.95/lb        Alligator Meat ($32.50/2.5lb) 11.50/lb
Rock Shrimp Meat(8oz 6.95)  12.50/lb        Alligator Sausage (Vaughn's 12.95/lb)   7.95/lb
Royal Red Shrimp 16-20ct    13.95/2lb       Crawfish Sausage                                  7.95/lb
Royal Red Meat                    16.95/2lb        Register's Sausage (Mild & Hot)           4.95/lb
21-30ct EZ Peel Shrimp        20.00/3lb        Andouille Sausage                                7.95/lb
various frozen peeled shrimp                       Pork Boudin                                          5.95/lb   
available. call for sizing & pricing                 Crawfish Boudin                                    7.95/lb

                                                            Poches' Turducken                             60.00 ea
                                                                     Pork Tasso                                             9.95/lb 

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