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News from the Warfront #2

From concept to miniature

When I first started looking into making these miniatures I knew that I would need to build a prototype.  To have it in hand and show it off to the people I needed to convoke that this was possible.  So what was the process?

First I worked with my concept artist to create a cool new design for powered armored soldier.  Something familiar to tabletop miniatures players, but still unique in its own design.  We created several variations before finding an awesome design that I was  happy with.

Then I contacted a 3D artist to build the concept into a digital 3D model.  With the 3D model built I needed the model posed.  Unfortunately just putting the model into cool poses wasn’t enough.  

When a miniature is going to get made you have to make sure that the model is designed in a way to allow for the model to be manufactured.  This requires special consideration when the model is built.

Finally, with the model built and prepared for 3D Printing, I sent the model files to a 3D Printing company.  Then waited. Impatiently.  After a few days the models went into the printer and then were mailed to me.  A few days after that they were in my hands.

I have had the prototypes for a while and finally got to photograph them and now at last paint them.

Its been a long road to get them here but at long last I can see all the hard work paying off.  I will be back in a few days with a new update and more news.


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