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Join Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee

Posted: Monday 22 November   » View on Website

Kiwiburn’s Executive Committee – better known as ExCom, since that sounds more like a cool spaceship from a ‘90s video game and less like a bunch of people who attend Zoom meetings – has a few seats that currently need to be filled. These roles are vital for overseeing the Burn and ensuring it all runs smoothly, so if you have the time and the skills and want to help lead your community, apply now!


The Treasurer oversees and reports on the financial administration of Kiwiburn Inc. They ensure our finances are as healthy as possible and that we meet reporting and auditing requirements. They also manage cashflow to meet payment obligations in a timely manner. With the Financial Oversight Group, they develop Kiwiburn’s financial strategy to serve the community’s long-term plans. Either they or their 2iC should be present on-site for the build period as well as Event itself. The successful applicant for this role will need a sound understanding of accounting, experience in preparing tax returns, budgeting and cashflow, and the ability to work collaboratively. 

Site Safety Facilitator

The Site Safety Facilitator is responsible for making the Kiwiburn site physically safe and compliant for all personnel. They lead a General Health & Safety team, and two fire teams (the Fire Arts & Safety team and the Perimeter team). They work with all other Kiwiburn teams to clearly communicate safety plans and ensure others adhere to these. Successful applicants should be familiar with Health and Safety legislation, have experience as a team leader (preferably within Kiwiburn), and have strong communication and collaboration skills. Also looking for a Site Safety 2IC, like the above but a little less responsibility. 

Wellbeing Facilitator

The Wellbeing Facilitator ensures Kiwiburn protects and promotes the mental and physical wellbeing of all participants. They oversee the Black Sheep Rangers, Sanctuary, Consent Club, Know Your Stuff, and Medics, developing and managing policies to support these teams. The ideal person for this role should have an understanding of mental health care, consent culture, and drug-related issues relevant to Kiwiburn, as well as previously leadership experience (preferably within Kiwiburn). They should also be an excellent collaborator and communicator. This role also needs a supportive Wellbeing 2IC

Surveying Lead (Not an ExCom role, really quite important though!)

The Surveying Lead and their team implement the layout of the Kiwiburn site for Theme Camps, art, infrastructure, and general camping. This means budgeting for the team, supporting Town Planning to create a viable map for them to carry out, and most importantly, being on the Paddock for five days before Burn to mark out the map, install road signs, mow the road, and other such chores. After the Burn they spend a day packing down, then later write a report. Surveying skills and GIS knowledge are helpful.

Time Commitments and Applying

Each of these roles will take up about 2 to 5 hours time per week from March to September (except the Surveying Lead, who has little to do during these months), rising to 5 to 10 hours from September until the Burn. The Surveying, Site Safety, and Wellbeing Leads all need to be on the Paddock for about five days before gate opens.

Of course, there are also quite a few other 2IC roles and other non ExCom roles, so check here for these job descriptions (and more!) and apply via this link


Introducing… the Kiwiburn Portal!

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The Kiwiburn IT Team has been ferreting away behind the scenes all year, bringing some sweet new tools to life, and we’re proud to announce the all new Kiwiburn Portal!

The Portal is your one-stop shop for managing your participation in the upcoming Kiwiburn Event, from Volunteering and Rosters through to Theme Camps, Artworks and Workshops. With one easy login, you’ll be able to review and manage your application details, assign reserved tickets, complete your health and safety plans, and so much more.

For more information about the Portal, and some helpful videos showing you how to use it, check out Or if you’re ready to jump straight in, you can access the portal at


Welcome: New Services Facilitator Chloe!

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Chloe, reclining in a hammock, looking like a boss!

Chloe is taking over from Craig as our new Services Facilitator, but you may already know her from Gate! And here is more about Chloe:

Tell us a little about yourself:

My first Burn was 2018, despite having known about Kiwiburn since 2010, and I instantly fell in love with the community and the myriad of wonderful people who have made my life a much more interesting and exciting place. I volunteered from day dot, and in 2020 became the 2IC for Gate, quickly followed by me stepping up to be Gate Lead for 2021. I’ll be staying on as Gate Lead for KB22, and then handing it off to the next keen and capable Gate Goblin! 

For Kiwiburn 2022, I’ll be camped up with my dear mates at The Rusty Joint, but you’ll also see my flitting around The Sensory Dispensary. I suck at talking about myself, so if you’d like to know more come find me on the Paddock! 

Firstly, what does your new role involve?

I’ll be helping Gate, Greeters, parking, and traffic run smoothly and ensuring we can all work together to get participants safely and quickly onto the Paddock. I’ll also be part of ExCom, which means more involvement regarding planning and direction of Kiwiburn. I’m sure there’s more and I’m excited to see what else the role may have me doing

How do you spend your time when you are not doing things related to Kiwiburn?

In the default world I work as an office admin/nursery manager, and I like to fill my time dancing, practicing yoga, reading, indoor rock climbing, gaming, and spending time outdoors.

Being involved with Kiwiburn can take a lot of energy. How do you re-energise?

Spending time in nature is a great recharger for me, as well as hanging out with friends or being at home with my cat! 

Do you have a favourite burn outfit?

A good bikini and kimono are my favourite things to wear on the Paddock during the day, and at night you’ll usually see me wearing something warm and fluffy

What skills have you learned by being involved with Kiwiburn?

What it takes to help run an event! Lots of clear open communication, organisation, and management. The biggest skill I’ve learned though is believing in myself – super cheesy, but it’s true!

What has been your favourite moment at a Burn?

So many it’s hard to pick…but being carted around in a wheelbarrow in The Hangout while one of my favourite songs was playing on Burn night was a highlight this year.

What are you most excited about for Kiwiburn 2022? 

Getting to reunite with everyone after a particularly tough year! And seeing what magic the Temple and Effigy crews will be bringing to the Paddock – one of my favourite parts of Kiwiburn is driving down that driveway and seeing the Temple and Effigy for the first time!


Thank you to Outgoing Services Facilitator Craig

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Craig, dressed like an awesome wolf man

As can be read here, we have a new Services Facilitator on ExCom, welcome Chloe!  And so it is a massive thank you to Craig, Odin Patterpaws, who leaves the Services department in ship shape, though he is not going far!

Craig (while also looking after ticketing!) has recently taken on the co-lead role of Community Facilitator (alongside Tamati). He is passionate about making Kiwiburn more inclusive and accessible, and so jumped at the chance to get involved in the brand new Community department. Kiwiburn has benefited greatly from Craig’s energy and deep seated desire to make things better. It takes a village, though it also takes dedicated individuals like him who donate a serious amount of time to make things happen! Thank you Craig!


Time Travel: The Blog

Posted: Monday 22 November   » View on Website

With a theme like Time Travel, it is time to travel back and remember the Burns that were – when only 7 of us burnt an Effigy of a packing crate in a barrel while smoking river weeds, Gate was just a line in the sand, and everything was just BETTER, in them old days.

Read our inaugural time travel report from Kiwiburn 2011: Twisted Reality (also the theme of Earth 2021 in general) as remembered by Lumos, here.

Do you want to share your recollection of a past Burn with us? Navigator, our esteemed blogger, is seeking seasoned time travelers to bring us blogs from all over Burn history, so if you can go there in your mind, write it down and send it to


That's it for this week! As always, if you'd like to contribute or volunteer some time, email us! Whether it's an item of news, gossip or reviews... we'd love to hear from you. 
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