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Extra Theme Camp Tickets

Posted: Tuesday 26 October   » View on Website

An additional 100 tickets have been allocated to Theme Camps out of the pool of 550 reserved for volunteers, Effigy, Temple, and crew.

Historically any surplus tickets in this reserved pool were released into the STEP queue around the start of January once all essential roles required to operate were filled. However, given this year’s feedback, we’ve expedited this process enabling the release sooner. The community strongly indicated that these should be allocated directly instead of entering STEP to ensure Theme Camps have the certainty and humans to bring their best.

While we would love to give all camps additional tickets that just wasn’t possible. The prioritization was based on previous contributions, sound and infrastructure needs, camp population, and the quantity + quality of offerings last year. We applied this logic evenly to all camps and ExCom signed off on these allocations.

Theme Camp Leads – Please ensure you get camp members assigned to their allocated tickets in the portal by 30 October. Adding as much detail as you can in the portal will be super helpful if any additional tickets become available.

If your Theme Camp is unable to attend please let us know ASAP by emailing so tickets can be reallocated among your peers based on the same formula.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Volunteers, Volunteers, Lend Us Your Time!

Posted: Tuesday 26 October   » View on Website

There are an absolute plethora of year-round volunteer roles within Kiwiburn that are currently (in some cases desperately) seeking capable applicants. If you are interested in giving back to your Burner community, in helping Kiwiburn continue to thrive – even grow – why not take a look? 

Surveying Lead

This role leads the team of 3-4 people responsible for physically implementing the layout of the Kiwiburn site for theme camps, art, infrastructure, and general camping. This means budgeting for the team, supporting Town Planning to create a viable map for you to carry out, and most importantly, being on the Paddock for five days before Burn to mark out the map, install road signs, mow the road, and other such shenanigans. After the Burn you’ll spend a day packing down, then later write a report. We need someone with surveying skills and GIS knowledge who can focus on the big picture.

Services Facilitator

This ExCom member is responsible for looking after Kiwiburn’s “front of house” teams both on- and off-site: Gate, Greeters, Ticketing, Traffic and Parking. This involves project and timeline management, and strong cross-team communication to produce documents and policies. The role is 2-5 hours per week year-round, rising to 5-10 hours a week from September until the Burn; you’d also be on the Paddock for 4-5 days prior to the event. Prior team and project management experience is a must, and previous leadership experience within Kiwiburn is desirable.

Services Facilitator 2iC

Essentially, a sidekick to help the Services Facilitator achieve everything described above! This role is also 2-5 hours per week year-round, rising to 5-10 hours a week from September until the Burn, with the ability to stand in for your Lead on the Paddock should the need arise. Requires a good team player with excellent communication and time-management skills, and some team-management experience.

Conduct Committee Lead

This role manages the process of dealing with reports of behaviour that transgresses the Kiwiburn Code of Conduct. We need someone with experience in mental health, mediation, complaints and conflict resolution, or other trauma-informed practice, as well as excellent communication and organisation skills, plus a strong sense of healthy boundaries, empathy, and a stomach for unpleasant subjects. Up to 3 hours per week.

Onsite Crew Support

This role looks after the onsite crew working to set up Kiwiburn on the Paddock. The job ranges from helping create inclusive menus to providing daily emotional support and organising crew events. We need someone who has experience and training in managing mental health issues, and can be on the Paddock from the start of January.

Sanitation 2iC

This sidekick helps choose where the toilets are placed, check that they’re clean, stock and restock them with dunny paper and hand sanny, and even decorate them. Less than an hour a week year-round, but busy during the Burn itself.

Arts Facilitator 2iC

This sidekick talks to Theme Camp leads and works with Paddock artists, to enforce processes and keep an eye on arts budgets and grants. 2-5 hours per week.

Accessibility, Consent, and Rainbow Leads

These roles lead teams within the Community Department – liaising with the community to: break down accessibility barriers; guide Kiwiburn’s efforts to ensure participants keep each other safe by embracing the principle of consent; make our Burn safe, inspiring, and empowering for LGBTQI+ participants. Each role is about two hours a week year-round, and requires you to be responsive via email and Slack.

Sustainability Crew/Scrum Supporter

This role revolves around making the Sustainability Leads’ work smoother, facilitating weekly catch-ups online, and preparing for the set-up of a physical space at the event. Looking for an active listener and flexible team player. 1-3 hours per week leading up to the Burn with some responsibilities on the Paddock.

Check out all these roles and more here, and volunteer by filling in this nifty form.


Image credit: Author: Tungilik. Source: Wikicommons.


The Community Department needs your input!

Posted: Tuesday 26 October   » View on Website

The newly established Community Department was set up to support the humans of Kiwiburn to do community even better. So important, and so vague! It would be easy to colonise this space with our own assumptions about what should happen, or respond with ad hoc reactions to try and minimise complaints, but neither of those strategies are going to achieve much in the long term.

We’ve heard so many people say that their experiences of community at Kiwiburn are what they cherish the most. And we’ve heard many people yearning for this to be more than a moment in time.

What is clear is that this is a task worth doing well and it’s important that the community department doesn’t set the agenda or decide the direction our community goes. Instead, we have a vision for co-creating a participatory process to enable the community to answer the juiciest and hardest questions for itself, and to find answers that we are all willing to live with.

Right now, the details are few, and the timeline is hazy. But we want you to know that we are working on something with more than just next year in mind. It’s not going to happen overnight because it needs to be sustainable. There will be a place for every voice to be heard, and every experience to be validated. There are no foregone conclusions, and no agenda to force on anyone.


We believe this is the best way for us to grow, adapt and thrive together


In the meantime, we have identified some urgent gaps, and we’ve been recruiting splendid humans to fill these roles and help us develop our longer term community strategy. Hopefully we’ll have those roles filled in the next month and you will get to hear about your new Rainbow, Accessibility and Consent Co-Leads in the Electric Fence Post. 


We’ve also prepared a survey to assist us in identifying barriers that exist at Kiwiburn which we would really appreciate you taking the time to complete if you have experienced any, or pass it on to people who you know have.




Know Your Stuff gets funding

Posted: Tuesday 26 October   » View on Website
Know your stuff logo

The Government has recently announced that they will fund recreational drug testing at festivals and events, giving $800,000 to Know Your Stuff, a service that was first made legal in New Zealand as of December, 2020,

Getting this funding will enable them to attend many more summer events and concerts, and of course, Know your Stuff will again have a presence at Kiwiburn in 2022 as well.

Watch out for a series on this subject on the coming weeks.

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