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Let us Begin Again

Posted: Sunday 13 March   » View on Website

Kiwiburn 2022 was the Burn that wasn’t – it encountered Covid and backed politely away, ensuring our safety at the expense of our beautiful self expression. It was mourned in myriads of mini-burns, campfires and in our burning hearts.

And now it’s March: the Burn is dead, long live the Burn! We are waking up, regrouping, and starting to time travel into the future (one second at a time, baby!) to Kiwiburn 2023: Time travel (Deja vu?).

If you’re looking to find your calling in this strange world, here is your opportunity to step into a leadership role and help make KB23 a reality. The canvas is blank, we start anew, and you could be shaping the future this time. Read about our newly created or vacated ExCom roles, and sign up here.

Most ExCom roles have the responsibility of running multiple teams of volunteers, participating in ExCom discussions and setting strategic direction for the group. These roles are for burners with experience – of Burns, of Kiwiburn, and of volunteering and behind the scenes work. You may be looking for a new challenge, returning from a hiatus or looking for a new way to contribute to Kiwiburn. If you are a virgin or feel like one, apply for one of our other roles and gain some experience first!


Site Safety

Posted: Sunday 13 March   » View on Website
A house of cards

The Site Safety Facilitator works with all the other teams (Theme camps, arts, etc) to make sure that what they are making is safe for everyone to interact with. It’s all fun and NOBODY gets hurt, is the motto here. There is also a big component of Fire Safety  – things that are on fire should definitely be safe-as, and so you will be helping manage the Fire Arts and Safety Team (FAST) and Perimeter Team, too.

Read the job spec to understand the requirements in terms of your time and the skills you need, and apply here.

This role is also in need of a 2IC, so apply for either and you may be surprised at what happens!

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons



Posted: Sunday 13 March   » View on Website
A beautful sad blond female angel holds a branch with flowers while facing left. Her wings have peacock feathers.

The Wellbeing Facilitator is a new role, pulling together all aspects of looking after mental and physical wellbeing of participants, volunteers, and any other humans who might be involved in the Burn. This means you look after the Black Sheep Rangers, the Medics, Sanctuary, Know your Stuff, and Consent Club. We would like our Wellbeing God(dess) to be empathetic and caring in their ascending aspect, but organised and structured when Jupiter aligns with Mars, sort of thing. Like all ExCom roles, you will be thinking about strategic direction and the big picture while ensuring all teams are doing what they can to support and hold us humans in our Burn journey. 

Sound like you? Read the full job spec which gives a lot of detail about time commitment and skill set here, and sign up here.

This role also has an open 2iC position, so we can accommodate two fabulous deities!

Image Credit: “Angel”, Kazimierz Sichulski, 1911.



Posted: Sunday 13 March   » View on Website
Ben Affleck looking cool and tough on a poster for the film "The Accountant"

Kiwiburn welcomes our accounting overlords! If your default world talents include working with money, budgets, spreadsheets, debits and credits – this is your chance to apply your skills in a creative context that will not get you arrested. 

The treasurer is a lone wolf, an accountant (bookkeeper? CFO? Auditor? We’ll flesh it out in post production!) on a mission of making ticket revenue balance with fun(ding for arts and facilities). Other accountants look at the Kiwiburn Treasurer in awe – how can one individual display such professional competence while being just so darn cool? 

Notable past treasurers include our current ExCom Big Boss, Money Daddy, as well as Ben Affleck as seen in “The Accountant”. For reals. Read the delightful job description here and apply before the others get there first!



Posted: Sunday 13 March   » View on Website
In this classic painting by Grant Wood, a man and woman in austere clothing, with serious facial expressions, stand stiffly in front of a barn. The man holds a pitchfork, while the woman holds a concerned facial expression.

The Crew Facilitator looks after alllll the peeeeeople (so many people) who volunteer at Kiwiburn. By our last count, that’s a lot! Volunteer support includes recruiting volunteers, providing training, providing Crew Assistance and support (burn out is a Burn thing!), ensuring we have lovely Swag, and and and (so many things!). There are numerous teams working under the Crew Facilitator – so what we are looking for is someone to pull all the threads together.

You will be able to pat yourself on the back like a proud parent if we manage to recruit, train, support and hold space for our lovely, boisterous, excited giant bunch of volunteers. If this appeals, read the full job spec here, and send us your application here. We can’t wait to meet our new Mom/Dad!



Posted: Thursday 10 March   » View on Website
A vintage poster of a lion tamer standing boldly in the middle, surrounded by wild lions on all sides.

The Infrastructure Facilitator looks after the physical structures of Kiwiburn: If you build it, they will come.

This includes wrangling the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), Sanitation (yum!), Town Planning (the great who goes where and why debate) and finally also Leave No Trace to make sure we look after the beautiful Paddock like good humans. This role needs a person who can think practically and three dimensionally, and knows how to run big projects and herd big cats!

If you have what it takes, check out the full job spec and apply here!

That's it for this week! As always, if you'd like to contribute or volunteer some time, email us! Whether it's an item of news, gossip or reviews... we'd love to hear from you. 
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