2015 Legislative Update For Week of 2/16/15
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Weekly Update


Senate Finance Fireworks

State Treasurer submits alternative budget

Proposal met with harsh criticism by committee members, public
In a dramatic and unprecedented move -- and in direct opposition to the Governor -- State Treasurer Dan Schwartz presented his own alternative budget (Budget 1080) to the Senate Committee on Finance last Thursday. The Governor's budget ambitiously aims to raise $882 million for education. The Treasurer's budget, in contrast, looks to cut that figure by $400 million and slash basic and specialized educational programs.

Committee Chair Ben Kieckhefer, Sen. Michael Roberson, and other committee members lambasted Schwartz. Emotions escalated when a string of family members testified, each with their own heart-wrenching personal story that illustrated the importance of programs Schwartz aims to cut, such as autistic education and anti-bullying programs. HOPE was present at the meeting and submitted testimony against the Treasurer's alternative budget.

Follow up to SB25

Senate Bill 25 cleans up language from State Board of Education reforms of 2011, in part referring to Pre-Kindergarten standards. It was heard by the Senate Committee on Education last Tuesday. There was a lot of push-back by homeschooling groups and families against state-provided Pre-K and support for it from CCSD. It may be heard again in a Work Session on Thursday, Feb. 19.

This Week in The Legislature

Road trip! HOPE travels to Carson City

  • Monday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m.
    SB119 is now on the Senate floor where it awaits a vote to become law. The bill will allow the for 10-year bond rollover to occur for new school construction. It will also remove the prevailing wage requirement in school construction projects.
  • Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 3:30 p.m.
    SB133 will be heard in Senate Committee on Education meeting. It creates a Teachers' School Supplies Reimbursement account to reimburse teachers for school supplies up to $100 per year from the fund.
  • Thursday, Feb. 19 at 8 a.m.
    EXECUTIVE BUDGET 2615, includes full-day kindergarten --  a HOPE Top 5 Goal! -- is sponsored by the Department of Education. It will be heard before the Senate Committee on Finance and Assembly Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittees on K-12/Higher Education/CIPS. ** HOPE will be in Carson City to testify in favor of universal full-day kindergarten! **

    Also on the agenda for Thursday's meeting are Executive Budget, 2610 Distributive School Account (DSA), and Executive Budget, 2618 Professional Development Programs.

    This meeting is video conferenced live to Room 4412E of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., or you can watch a live stream from your computer here. If you want to voice your opinion on this topic and submit testimony, it must be submitted electronically in PDF format no later than 1 p.m. the day before the meeting to the Committee on Finance Committee Manager at SenFIN@sen.state.nv.us.

Stay informed with what's going on during the legislative session by using the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS). It offers access to Bills, Budgets, and Committees, a useful Calendar, contact information, and you can also sign up for Personalized Legislative Tracking.

The spotlight
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HOPE's Top 5 Goals

What does HOPE want? We want to see change in areas that will improve the chances of a better education for our current and future students. Our platform is broad and inclusive:
  • Pre-K for low-resource children
  • Universal full-day Kindergarten
  • Embedded and collaborative Professional Development
  • Funding Formula reform and a Stabilization Account
  • Rollover bonds for school construction and refurbishment

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We all need HOPE!

HOPE is guided purely by the goal to provide the best education possible for all students in the state. Our parent advocacy group formed in 2014 to fill the void where family and community involvement was largely missing. Our membership allows us to offer a unified voice representing families and community members all over Southern Nevada. It also helps educate and inform local and state level decision-makers and legislators on specific needs of students and teachers in Clark County and beyond.

Please share HOPE with your friends and ask them to sign up to become a member today on our web site at www.hopefornevada.org. With your support, we will always have HOPE for Nevada's students!

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