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Friday, November 21st, 2014
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From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

Last week was rainy with two days of practically non-stop rain. When the rain stopped, El Sayulero asked tourists and local businesses how the rain affected either their vacation or business. You will find their answers below in
this issue of El Sayulero. 

Mark your calendars for the 4th quarterly SayulitAnimals spay and neuter clinic with Dr. Charlotte Burns from Ukiah, California. It will be on Monday, December 1st and Tuesday, December 2nd. Dogs and cats need to be at SayulitAnimals by noon and should not have eaten that day. Appointments are recommended, but not necessary. This is a great opportunity to help prevent unwanted puppies and kittens, so bring your pet, your neighbor's pet, or a homeless animal.

Last night Bliss hosted a fundraiser for Corazon de Nina, a program for girls who come from high-risk situations. At this event, colorful paintings made by the girls were sold at 200 pesos to raise funds for this group. There are still several paintings available for purchase. There are also silent auction items still waiting to be bid on. Make sure to stop by Bliss for one of the paintings or to bid on a silent auction item.

The annual Christmas party for the needy children in the area will be on Monday, December 22nd. Toys are currently being collected to be given as gifts. Please drop off items for the children at Blue Bamboo or Latitude 20, formerly Don Chow. 

Festival Gourmet International is currently going on through Sunday, November 23rd. Green Bistro at La Tranquila in Punta de Mita is one of the participating restaurants. They are offering a wonderful chef's tasting menu, complete with wine pairing. Get 10% off this dinner option, as well as their other options. 

Thank you for reading this edition of El Sayulero,

Stacey Elkins

Whole turkeys to go on Thanksgiving Day.  Call now to reserve yours.  


This Week's El Sayulero

  1. Villa Amor Adds Luxury Pool
  2. Help Keep La Lancha Beach Open
  3. Earn Your Margaritas with MexiFit
  4. CM Boutique in Sayulita Adds Solar Panels
  5. Lifeguard and Firefighter Training to be Held in Sayulita
  6. An Interview with Brittany Kingery
  7. Escuela del Mundo near Sayulita
  8. How Did the Rain Affect Your Vacation or Business? 
  9. New and Featured Sayulita Listings
  10. A Special Note From Rollie Dick
  11. Deals & Specials
  12. Pet of the Week
  13. Photo of the Week 
  14. Upcoming events in Sayulita
  15. Reader Quote of the Week 
  16. Articles From the Last El Sayulero statistics for the last 30 days

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Villa Amor Adds Luxury Pool

By Stacey Elkins

Villa Amor offers beachfront villas that are perfect for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a trip with friends. Villa Amor’s restaurant, “O” Restaurant, noted for its delicious food and beautiful dining area is right on the water. Their La Gran Villa offers an unobstructed 360 degree view of Sayulita and is a favorite wedding venue. Now Villa Amor has added a large swimming pool, a palapa, and a Zen garden, making this an even more desirable hotel.

John Briggs, who was the driving homeowner at Villa Amor behind the addition of the pool project said, “Villa Amor has always strived to be the top hotel in Sayulita.”

While the pool, deck, and palapa were designed by architect, Arturo Fernandez, Hidro Sol Albercas completed the project. “The focus of this project was to make it as eco-friendly as possible. An ecological pump was installed in the pool to save energy, and LED lights, both on the deck, and in the pool, were also installed since they consume very little energy. The pool is saltwater, which is more natural, and is better for the guests. This infinity pool includes a swim-up bar, as well as an underwater bench lining a section of the pool, and the tile finish is made from crystal glass,” shared Juan Cristobal Solórzano Orozco, one of the owners of Hidro Sol Albercas.

“We are really excited to have one of the few heated pools in Sayulita. We are also pleased to be offering yoga, personal training, and physical fitness classes under the new palapa. Soon, MexiFit will be offering their Power Ropes Fusion class, as well. We are thrilled to be able to improve the experience at Villa Amor for our guests,” said Jack Jones, administrator of the Home Owners Association for Villa Amor.

The pool area offers a wonderful, romantic ambiance in the evening due to the six underwater LED lights in the pool that change color and the 35 flat LED lights are placed strategically around the pool.

“This new space provides an ideal location for weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, and other events. We’ve already booked more weddings because of the pool. No one else in Sayulita has a venue like our pool area, and I’m so happy that we can offer this additional venue to our guests,” shared Karen Ruezga, an event coordinator and wedding planner at Villa Amor.



 Help Keep La Lancha Beach Open

By Stacey Elkins

La Lancha, a beach in Punta de Mita near Sayulita, is a well-known and loved surfing destination.  This gorgeous beach has the most consistent surf waves in the area and is perfect for beginner to intermediate surfers. However, access to La Lancha has been gradually restricted the last few years by the owners of the private land surrounding it.

“La Lancha used to host approximately 300 surfers a day during high season, but now only 20 surfers per day are allowed access. While the beach and the old Mangrove Trail to access La Lancha are on federal land, a private company has illegally put up a wire fence, blocking access to the beach,” exclaimed Javier Chavez, a Sayulita business owner and surfer. 

This is disappointing not only for local surfers and tourists, looking for waves, but also for the community. Entire families, including their dogs, used to picnic in the area, watch the surfers, play in the sand, and make a day of it on the beach. Now due to the restrictions by the private land owners, we are at risk of losing access to one of the most beautiful beaches in our area.

“My intention is to spread the word about what is happening. The way we are being denied access to La Lancha is illegal. There are many of us taking steps to demand from the government  to legally establish access to this beach for the public,” said Javier.

Javier encourages people to spread the word about what is going on and make the lack of access to La Lancha a topic of discussion.  A group of local surfers and business owners are raising funds via indiegogo
to aid in funding legal action and are asking for donations to help fight the loss of such a valued beach near our community. It is also encouraged that those affected file a complaint to PROFEPA, which is the Mexican agency in charge of regulating beach access.

“Don’t give up hope. The law is on our side. It is all about patience and following the correct legal procedures. So far we have not gotten a lot of response from the Mexican government in response to this issue, but we are not giving up,” shared Javier.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact Javier at

Earn Your Margaritas with MexiFit

By Stacey Elkins

When I lived in Chicago, I loved attending physical fitness classes at the gym. There’s something about the energy in the room, the instructor’s encouragement and instruction, and the incredible feeling of strength and accomplishment following a great workout.  However, after moving to Sayulita, I focused solely on running. That is, until now, when I discovered MexiFit.

The first class that I attended was YogaLates, taught by Shelly Labovitz, one of the owners of MexiFit. This class is an integration of yoga and pilates, with a special emphasis placed on connecting breathing to movement. The abdominal muscles are a central focus of this class, and when I do the movements correctly, a nice burn is felt.

The Power Ropes Fusion class, also taught by Shelly, is designed to challenge your entire body and hit all of the usual trouble spots, like the abdominals, buttocks and thighs.  This non-impact, suspension training workout, incorporates the use of Power Ropes, and is sure to result in a beach body with regular attendance. Alignment and isolation of muscle groups are key, and the squats, lunges, planks, and other exercises, leave my muscles shaking and burning.

The Your Yoga class, also with Shelly, focuses on the yin side of yoga, and incorporates slow, deep stretches. The importance of alignment, breathing, and correcting imbalances in the body are all central to this class. Shelly emphasizes that this is not just a physical practice and intends that you leave feeling refreshed on all levels.

With over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Shelly has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her goal is not to simply kick your butt, but also to have you learn about how you move and how to take care of yourself better.  She has a MD and Masters of Public Health from Northwestern University Medical School, is a certified personal trainer, and also has certifications in Mat Pilates, YogaLates and Yoga.

Shelly places a special emphasis on safety and injury prevention, always beginning each class asking about injuries or recent surgeries. She also stresses correct body alignment and posture during class to prevent injuries. Based on fitness level, she offers several modifications of each exercise, and encourages everyone to move at their own pace.

Shelly is a wonderful instructor. She always has a smile on her face, and immediately makes me feel comfortable as she greets the class. She offers great analogies, with a sense of humor, as she explains how to properly do an exercise.

All of the MexiFit classes in Sayulita take place at Palapa Brisa Mar, Don Pedro’s wedding palapa, overlooking the ocean, and offering a breathtaking view. The open palapa allows a gentle breeze to flow through, and is the perfect location to get sweaty during a workout.

I have yet to take a class from Josh, Shelly’s husband and co-owner of MexiFit, who is currently teaching classes in Punta de Mita and opening a private studio. However, I have heard equally amazing things about him.

If you would like to experience one of these MexiFit
classes for yourself, simply show up for class or sign up for personal training. Learn more about other services Shelly and Josh offer on their website.



CM Boutique in Sayulita

Adds Solar Panels

By Stacey Elkins

CM Boutique, located at the corner of Revolucion and Pelicanos in Sayulita, offers unique handmade items, such as paintings, ceramics, mosaics, silver jewelry, clothing, and more. Just last week, an exciting change was made at this boutique when 16 photovoltaic solar panels were installed by Alpha & Omega Commerce. Jane Bloem, owner of CM Boutique, and Ing. Fernando Becerra, a branch manager at Alpha & Omega Commerce, share with El Sayulero about this exciting development with solar panels.

What are solar panels being used for?  (Fernando)

Solar panels are used to generate electricity using light radiated by the sun. The solar radiation is transformed by the solar panels and is environmentally friendly and uncontaminated. Solar panels are utilized for residential purposes, business use, and are also used in places that do not have any connection to CFE, like farms, ranches, and agricultural communities.

What is a Photovoltaic Solar System? (Fernando)

It is equipment that uses solar energy to transform it into electric energy. It consists of four elements: solar panel, power inverter, supports and wiring, and a bidirectional meter.

Why did you decide to have these solar panels installed? (Jane)

To me, it was a win-win scenario and I couldn’t see any reason not to do it. It’s the ecologically responsible thing to do. I run the air conditioning year round in CM Boutique so that customers can relax and be more comfortable while they shop. The amount of electricity the store uses is high, and it made sense to go with the solar panels, particularly since we get so much sun in Sayulita.

How do you like your new solar power system? (Jane)

I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s fun to check how much energy the solar panels are producing from the sun each day. Based on prior electric bills, I know the store uses approximately 12 to 14 kilowatts per day, and so far, the solar panels are producing what is needed. Today, 9.4 kilowatts have already been produced, and it’s only 2:00 p.m. If the sun produces extra kilowatts, the meter actually reverses.

Why should other businesses follow suit and install solar panels? (Jane)

I think that solar panels are often looked at as being very expensive, but people need to look at it in the long term. It will only take me five years to pay off this investment and that is great. There’s no reason not to do it with the amount of sun here. Even on hazy days, the solar panels still produce energy.

What is the benefit of having solar panels installed? (Fernando)

By installing a photovoltaic system, you can cover 100% of your electricity consumption, and you only pay the basic contractual fee. You also are creating your own clean energy, solely by using the power of the sun.

What was it like working with Alpha & Omega? (Jane)

They showed up when they said they would, they cleaned up any mess they made, and they were very clear about what they doing and followed through. Now that the solar panels have been installed, they do regular maintenance checks and make sure the inverter is producing as much energy as it should. Also, both of the partners speak fluent English, as well as Spanish. Overall, I am very pleased with Alpha & Omega Commerce.

Lifeguard and Firefighter Training

to be Held in Sayulita

By Angela Wieland

Photo by Ed Dorsett with Wicked Fotos 

In early December, Firefighters Crossing Borders (FFCB) will be holding two separate programs in Bahia de Banderas to train both lifeguards and firefighters. Sayulita will serve as one of the sites that will host the lifeguard trainings, in addition to Puerto Vallarta, and as the only location where the firefighter training will occur.
The lifeguard (guardavida) training will consist of four half days designed to train auxiliary lifeguards for the beaches of Bahía de Banderas in basic surf rescue techniques. These auxiliary lifeguards will work with Civil Protection's paid lifeguards and together will provide better safety on the beaches of Punta Mita, Bucerias, and Sayulita. The lifeguard training will take place at a number of locations. The first day (Dec 1) and last day (Dec 4) will be held in Sayulita. The final day of training will involve the application of the learned rescue skills in the open water in Sayulita’s north beach.  Approximately 25-30 trainees are expected to attend.
The second training program is for firefighters from Bahía de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta, and will provide an opportunity to develop strong team and technical skills. All of this training will take place in Sayulita on December 3rd and 4th. FFCB instructors will be running a number of life-like emergency incident scenarios, including a car accident with a trapped victim, a vertical rope rescue, a fire with a missing person, and a Hazmat incident with a chemical leak, where local firefighters will practice and improve their firefighting and rescue skills. 

This program will take place at and around the main park in Sayulita. Organizers are working on providing an observation area for the public. Twelve FFCB Instructors are coming from the US and Canada to work with the local firefighters and lifeguards. This one day program will be repeated twice. Bahia de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta fire departments will each send 20 different firefighters each day, resulting in a daily class size of 40, and providing an overall training opportunity for 80 firefighters. Each day, the 40 firefighters will be divided into fire department specific crews of one officer and four firefighters which will move through the different scenarios.
Brian Singleton, the coordinator of these events, and a retired Assistant Fire Chief hailing from Vancouver Canada, stressed that, “FFCB is committed to assisting firefighters in Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta, and the region by providing good US surplus equipment, consulting and training from leading fire service experts”.


An Interview with Brittany Kingery 

     By Stacey Elkins

Photograph by Emalee Hill
Brittany Kingery, an American born singer from Washington, released her first album, Edge of the Ocean, in 2013. The songs on this CD are mostly about what life is like in Bucerias, a pueblo approximately 30 minutes from Sayulita. Shortly after the CD was released, Brittany left behind a government job in the states and moved to Bucerias, following her dream to become a full time musician. In July of this year, Brittany released her second album, Dream in Blue. On this album is a song, “Sayulita,” which is about our about our magical pueblo.

How did you end up in this part of Mexico?

I first visited Bucerias in 2009 and sang at the St. Patrick’s Day Festival as part of Game Six, my co-writer Rob Hill’s band. They were releasing an album called God, Love & Mexico, on which I was a featured vocalist. I have been working with Rob in one capacity or another for almost ten years, and this has been his favorite vacation spot for a long time. I came back with him in 2012 to shoot some music video, and my love for the area that began on that first trip really deepened on the second visit. At one point Rob asked me why, if I loved it so much, I didn’t move here. At first I thought he was joking, but after thinking about it, I started asking the same “Why not?” questions. I came back to release Edge of the Ocean in the spring of 2013, and for me, that trip was kind of a test. I stayed a month and really thought about what it would be like to live here. I decided it would be awesome. I went home, quit my job and came back in August of 2013. Now it feels like home.

How would you describe your style of music?

My original music, the music that’s written by Rob or co-written by Rob and me, is a blend of different styles – it’s a little country, a little rock, a little reggae, and a little Latin sometimes. In some circles, what I do is called “tropical rock” or “trop rock” for short, and that’s a pretty good shorthand for a lot of the music I play. I identify with artists like Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Zac Brown, and Kenny Chesney.

What is your inspiration for the song, “Sayulita?” What is the song about?
Sayulita” is kind of a maturation of a song Rob had in the works for years. In putting together Dream in Blue, I wanted to write a song that was not just about being in a beach town, but a song that really captured the moment in my life – a moment of calculated risk, a moment of escape, but not just an escape from something but an escape into something. Into life, really. So even though the song is literally about Sayulita, it’s really about what Sayulita symbolizes for me, which is the idea that the real payoff and the real joy in life comes when you are willing to take a big risk to follow your heart’s desire. The line in the song that sums it up and most captures this moment in my life is the start of the second verse: “It’s time now for a change of plans/We need to take some chances in our lives”.

What is it that you like about our pueblo, Sayulita?

There are obviously a lot of very cool things and places and things to do in Sayulita, but more than that, there is also a youthful energy and creativity there that is hard to explain. Not just creativity in the sense that people are making and doing imaginative things, but that it seems like a place where people come to make their lives into works of art.

How would you describe your video of “Sayulita” and why did you choose to shoot the video as you did?

Well, when you shoot a video with no budget on a short timeline, there really are not a lot of choices. I would have loved to have gotten some shots of the coast from a helicopter, but none of my friends here have one! Thematically, the song is about being on the road, literally and metaphorically, to this magical place called Sayulita. So the video is divided between the contemplative journey and the joyful arrival.

Where can people see you perform live? Will you be performing in Sayulita?

I play weekly on Sunday evenings in Bucerias at the Drunken Duck at 5:00 p.m. with my full band and on Wednesday nights in Puerto Vallarta at Que Pasa as an acoustic duo. As the tourist season heats up, my performance calendar will expand to four or five nights a week, and yes, absolutely I would love to have one of those weekly performances be in Sayulita!

Any final words or thoughts?

I feel incredibly fortunate to be living this magical journey, and I am determined to never take it for granted. I wake up every day and am just amazed that I am not dreaming. I love being in Mexico and I love performing my music for people.
Additional information:

Check my website and my page for additional biographical information.
Dream in Blue and Edge of the Ocean are available at all my performances and also at Music is also available for download at I-Tunes and I will be performing here in Mexico until approximately the end of April 2015, and then am returning to the United States for the final leg of my Dream in Blue tour in the late spring and summer, which will include concerts throughout the United States and Southern Canada.

Performance dates will be listed at and People interested in booking concerts or events can email 
or call 360-280-5209 from the US or Canada.
Click here to watch Brittany's video, "Sayulita."



Escuela del Mundo near Sayulita 


Escuela del Mundo is a Montessori school that accepts visiting children on a short term basis and provides the little ones with a sense of choice and freedom, while still maintaining a very orderly classroom setting. “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create,” proclaimed Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, pioneer of theories in early childhood education, and founder of the first Montessori school.

This San Pancho school, a short drive from Sayulita, is a small community school, with less than 45 children in attendance. The visiting student will be brought into an environment where children are working on projects of special interest, while still being guided by the teacher. Mixed aged classrooms, where students are helping each other, are the norm. This allows younger children to see what the older kids are working on, and helps them gain awareness of where they are as learners and where they are going in the future.

The language of instruction is Spanish, but most of the kids are bilingual, and help visiting students with language barriers. This is the magic of this setting. Visitors are swept up in school life, and assimilate and learn in a natural child centered setting. Visiting students will experience the culture and food, and be full participants in school life.

A typical day includes circle time, which might include a story, or a discussion of upcoming events, and helps to create a centered start to the day. There is open learning with Montessori materials, movement and songs, lunch and clean-up, and supervised play. There are also workshops and classes, such as English, sports, art, music, yoga, art, environmental education, and imagination time.

“When my wife and I were first visiting Sayulita about eight years ago, we met the founding parents of Escuela del Mundo. They were simply glowing with a sense of pride and accomplishment of having just opened this new community school. Though we were only vacationing, I think we saw our future and our children’s future at that moment. This great little community school was yet another reason for us to pick up and make a permanent move to Sayulita. Both of our children currently attend this school and it’s amazing to see the kids learning. When we observe the classes, the kids are excited and working with each other, as well as the teachers. I wish our home life was this tranquil,” shared Darrin Polischuck, a Sayulita local.

Escuela del Mundo is prepared and currently open to accepting new students for short term visits, even as short as a week. This is the only school in the area that accepts students on this basis and offers a great way for visiting children to experience a different way of life and culture. 


How Did the Rain Affect Your
Vacation or Business? 

Zoe Hernandez
Dallas, Texas

I enjoyed it because I wasn't feeling very well. I stayed inside and slept, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I also enjoyed listening to the sound of the rain. 

Damien Porter
Don Pedro's Restaurant  

The rain was very good for our business. There are not a lot of restaurants in Sayulita with covered areas for people to dine. We have two floors of covered area, so the rain helped us. 
Shelly Spalding
Aspen, Colorado

I loved the rain, and I loved listening to it and walking around in it. It was beautiful and felt cleansing. After the rain stopped, I watched a spider rebuild his web, and the mango grove became alive with butterflies and birds. 
David Dezonia
Town Around

More people called to rent golf carts. It was raining hard and they didn't want to get soaked. 
Darlene Koller
Cultus Lake, British Columbia

The rain did not stop us from going outside, swimming or taking classes with MexiFit. The rain was a bit of an adventure because it created a different experience than we had expected. It was warm and we walked through streets covered in water. 

Winter Wooden Surfboard Workshops

A Special Note From Rollie Dick 

Dear Sayulita Friends

As you know, Rollie’s Restaurant is for sale.  The sale includes the business, the land, the living quarters on the second and third floor, all licenses, (Including a full liquor license.) recipes, and all furniture and equipment.  Since everything is there, it is truly a “turn-key” operation.  You open the door and it is ready to go.  Also, Rollie would be willing to come down and spend as much time as needed to bring the new owners up to speed on the operation as well as maybe some advice on staffing.  The land is fully regularized for ownership.

We really thought it would sell quickly.  It has become a landmark and one of the better-known restaurants in Mexico.  It was a wonderful “retirement” for Jeanne and me and provided us with a nice income as well as the opportunity to meet thousands of wonderful people.

Well, it hasn’t sold.  We have listed it with several real estate firms with no success.  It is not now listed with anyone. 

When we first listed it the price was in the million- dollar range.  No action.  We reduced it to $795,000.  No action.  We reduced it to $695,000.  Some action, no sale. 

So, we are ready to entertain offers below that.  Are you interested?  If so, make us an offer.  Who knows, we might accept it.  We really think it is a shame that nobody will be doing Rollie’s this year.  It looks like a great year and could be a real moneymaker.    Think it over. Let us know if you would like to look at the place.

Rollie & Jeanne
(831) 333-1985
(831) 402-8268
(831) 402-8267

New and Featured Sayulita Listings

Villa For Sale: Casa Jungla

This partially furnished two bedroom, three bathroom house is located just a three-minute walk from the plaza and the beach. A spacious terrace and a gourmet kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests. 


Villa For Sale: Casa Dos Perros

Three self - contained, fully equipped units on three different levels. Each with its own separate entrance. Shared pool, large pool deck and seating area under palapa. Two of the three units were recently constructed two years ago.


Price Reduced:  Casa Pacifica

A one of a kind secluded tropical paradise located in the jungle directly above Carricitos beach, a short walk to the sand. The Villa is surrounded by lush palms  and enjoys mild ocean breezes, and the sound of the surf, all day long. 


Price Reduced:  Villa del Sol

Villa del Sol is a five bedroom, luxury hilltop home with spectacular views of the ocean, mountains and village of Sayulita, and only a five minute walk to the beach. This beautiful hacienda style home has terracotta tile floors throughout.


New Rental Listing:  Casa Kelmar
From $450/night

Almost complete and ready for bookings. This luxury vacation home, with a saltwater infinity pool, has two master suites and two additional bedrooms. Located on the North side.


New Business:  Nutrify For Life 
Food delivery to your door!

Nutrify For Life in Sayulita, Mexico provides monthly health-enhancing cleanses aimed to "reset" the body's natural healing abilities. The 5-day Renew Reset includes freshly prepared organic foods, juices and elixirs.

List your rental, real estate, or  business on and start reaching over 15,000 visitors every week. Inclusion in our 11,000+ subscriber newsletter included.           Contact Hanne Baert | | (322) 142-4699

Local Deals & Specials

The following specials will run from Friday, November 21st through Thursday, December, 4th. To get these special deals, mention these ads in El Sayulero.

Bliss - Receive a complimentary manicure and a glass of specialty champagne with the purchase of a haircut. 


Los Corazones - This restaurant is offering 10% off a spin on the classic hamburger. Try their house-made
filet mignon burger, topped with garlic aioli, carmamelized onions, mushrooms, and gouda cheese.

Pet of the Week

Hi! My name is Billy-Bob. I am a distemper survivor and I have lost most of my teeth. Sometimes I let my tongue hang long out of the side of my mouth, just because it's comfortable and it makes humans laugh. I'm a bit of a macho, to be honest, and like to show that to other dogs even though I get along with them just fine. I am a mellow and faithful guy. I would love to hang out with you! Would you let me stay with you and be your best friend? I'd love that!
Contact SayulitAnimals here!

Photo of the Week
Photo by Ed Dorsett with Wicked Fotos
Sayulita's youth dressed up for Mexico's 
Revolution Day Parade yesterday.

Upcoming Events in Sayulita
November 24
Intensive Spanish Class
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
CVIS Language Center
November 24
American Tribal Belly Dance Class
6:30 PM Mondays & Thursdays
Ginger's Dance Studio, 14-E Miramar
November 27
Gypsy Flamenco with Latcho & Andrea
7:00 PM Thursdays
Don Pedro's

December 1 - 4
Lifeguard Training
8:00 AM, 4 Day Program
Beach House on North End
December 1
Intensive Spanish Class
9:00 to 11:00 Mon - Fri
CVIS Language Center


Click here to view our community calendar.

Reader Quote of the Week
We receive the Sayulero each week. I can't you how anxious it makes
us when we read it. Makes us want to pack up and move. We visited Sayulita several times when it was just a sleepy little town. At that time the young Americans were sleeping in their cars and vans just so they could surf. There weren't many places to stay. We were once offered a tiny little room off the beach with nothing but cots, but it was free. We knew it would not be long before everything would change in Sayulita. Hope everything has changed for the good!

We will be in Sayulita in a few weeks, hope to pay you a visit and
thank you personally for the great job you are doing.
John & Jess N.
Cool and Colorful Colorado

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