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On a different note, Sayuleros were not kidding when they told me it got hotter. I am from Philadelphia, and we have had our share of hot days, but not like this! It is hot! However, there are still many ways to cool down like SUP and a dip in a pool or the ocean, that I make sure to take advantage of. 

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River Clean-up Just in Time

By Stacey Elkins

On Saturday, June 7th at 9:00 a.m., approximately 40 people from the community gathered at Coffee on the Corner to participate in a river clean-up. The day was overcast and perfect for picking up trash in the river and along the river bank.
This river clean-up was organized by Eco Sayulita in preparation for the summer rain. Environmentally friendly garbage bags, made from corn starch, were dispersed outside the coffee shop. Coffee and juice was also provided by Eco Sayulita for all of the volunteers.
Amongst those who volunteered were approximately 10 children from the Costa Verde International School.
“We encouraged the students to come out and participate in the clean-up. The benefits of clean-ups like this are what the kids learn about every day in school. Many students did come out, but we can always be more involved,” says Whitney Kerner, a 3rd and 4th grade teacher at Costa Verde.
When asked the importance of cleaning garbage from the river, Nainoa Ramos Helms, a 3rd grade student at Costa Verde, said, “So it doesn’t go into the ocean. So when we surf there isn’t trash.” Enzo Gomez Jolley, a 2nd grade student at Costa Verde responded, “We need to clean-up so the ocean stays clean and we don’t kill any animals.”
Dave Fran, a retired local, discussed the importance of the community becoming more aware of how garbage filters into the ocean by means of the river. “Maybe over time as we continue to keep cleaning up the garbage, everyone will become more aware of the environment and the need to dispose of garbage properly.”
As the bags were filled, two groups supported by Pro Sayulita, Sayulimpia and Voluntarios Sayulimpia, collected the bags of garbage and hauled them to the dump.
The day was a large success with 65 to 70 bags of trash collected, but the project to keep the river clean doesn’t stop there. Lina Weissman, a member of Eco Sayulita says the next project is having the children at the elementary school and Costa Verde design signs that ask people not to throw garbage into the river. Once the signs are complete, they will be hung along the riverbed.


Sayuparke  Progress 

By  Stacey Elkins

After a hot summer day in Sayulita, all welcomed a beautiful and cooler evening on Friday, June 13th for the Sayuparke benefit. The doors opened at Brisa Mar Palapa at 8:00 p.m. and a 50 peso donation per person was collected.  
A cash bar was hosted by
Don Pedro’s, with a portion of the bar sales generously donated to Sayuparke. More than 100 people were in attendance, all in a festive mood, as they danced the night away to the music of the local punk band, Los Gatos Negros and DJ Jessmonaught.
The next day, Saturday, June 14th at 9:00 a.m., approximately 100 people gathered at Sayuparke for a community workday. Several projects were completed, including finishing the plaster of the interior wall, painting a boat that will be made into a pirate ship and building a tire mountain.
The tire mound took a lot of work, which included cleaning 40 tires, bolting them together, shoveling dirt in and around them and stomping the dirt down. Many of the children in the community joined efforts in this success. They painted the tires in bright colors and patterns, helped shovel and stomp dirt and also painted rocks, which will be used for a concrete installation in the future.
The next Sayuparke Community Day will held be on Saturday, July 5th. This will involve installing 3 pieces of environmentally friendly playground equipment made from recycled plastic. Once this is complete, the park will officially be open.
Octavio Jolley, owner of El Break Café and one of the women behind Sayuparke, expressed her gratitude for the efforts of the community throughout this project.
“We’re so thankful that there’s been so much support from individuals and businesses. Together this project has and will be a huge success. A special thanks is deserved by many.”
The committee of Sayuparke would like to thank the following: Villa Sayulita, Vivero Villa Nuevo, Punta Sayulita, Prisa Paint, Mauricio Paint, Teitiare Estate, CVIS, Tanja for the tires, Sayubicla, Sayulimpia, Entre Amigos, Don Pedro's, Gatos Negros, Grupo Pro Sayulita, Koranay,Waikika, Mango Tree Project ,El Break Café, Lalo’ Ferreteria and ChocoBanana.
Donations are still needed for maintenance, equipment and general upkeep. Please make donations at or drop donations off at El Break Café or Waikika. 

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Sayulita's Neighbor Takes the Stage

By Joseph Riddle
Today Friday June 20th, the 9th Pacific Alliance Summit meeting will be held in our own backyard. The event, taking place in Punta Mita just a few miles from Sayulita, will be a gathering of many Latin American dignitaries. The guest list includes President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico, who will be the hosting the event, along with Presidents Ollanta Moises Humala Tasso from Peru, Michelle Bachelet Jeria from Chile, and Juan Manuel Santos Calderon from Colombia, along with hundreds of the region's top experts in economics, and social reform.
The focus of the event will be to continue their work in the four main objectives of the alliance, the free movement of goods, people, capital, and the cooperation of all involved.
You may notice some increased security for the event along the highway from Sayulita to Vallarta, as a large expanded police force has been put in place, in order to secure a productive meeting for the world leaders. Officers and soldiers are stationed at the airport investigating cars and passersby’s, along with many checkpoints and additional security measures. 
The work that they are doing just a short drive down the road is commendable and brings about a fresh hope for Latin American unity and the more then 200 million people the alliance effects. 
Perhaps, after the meetings, we will witness some of the guests exploring the surrounding area, and taking in the sights of Sayulita! 


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