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                                  Friday, July 18th, 2014                                              

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Welcome Stacey Elkins:
With the delivery of this new issue of El Sayulero, we welcome our newest Editor, Stacey Elkins.  Most of you will recognize Stacey’s writing style, as she has been a contributing editor for most of the season. 
Stacey has taken over as permanent Editor, replacing Joe Riddle, who graciously helped us out as temporary Editor from February until now.  Thanks so much Joe, we really appreciate your help!
We have a lot more new and exciting changes coming soon to our newsletter as well as to our website.  Stay tuned for updates as we prepare for a record-setting 2014-15 tourist season.

In the meantime, please join us in welcoming Stacey in her new position as she assists our team with sharing and promoting Sayulita Tourism to rest of the world. 

Ian & Kerry Hodge

From the Editor's Desk:

I’m excited to be embarking on this journey as editor of the El Sayulero. Sayulita has been home to me since December and I love the beauty that surrounds us and how everyone is community oriented. It’s a pleasure to be involved in bringing you the news of what’s going on in our town.

The days have been hot and humid, with a few cooler evenings mixed in. The ocean water is warm, but not yet “bath water” warm. The beach is quiet and while quite a few people still congregate at the plaza, most of the streets have little foot traffic. However, with the Mexican schools letting out for summer vacation, expect the next month or so to see more tourism.

It has been brought to my attention that there has been an issue with dogs and horses tearing up garbage left out overnight. If you would like your garbage picked up in the evening, please contact Alejandro with Voluntarios Sayulimpia at 322-200-5144 or via their facebook page. Please remember that this group works on tips. 

Sayuparke has officially opened after months of hard work and dedication of many people. It is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Congratulations to the committee and to all of the volunteers who helped make this happen!

Thank you for reading,

Stacey Elkins



Articles this Week

  1. Hidro Sol Changes Location
  2. SayulitAnimals Needs Volunteers
  3. A Fairytale Ending
  4. A Perfect Romantic Getaway
  5. Om Yoga Summer Programming
  6. Job Opportunity
  7. Photo of the Week
  8. Pet of the Week statistics, The last 30 days

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Advertising Opportunities | 322-142-4699

Hidro Sol Albercas Changes Location


Hidro Sol Albercas, a family owned business, specializing in the design and installation of swimming pools and pool maintenance, has moved to a new location. Previously located across the street from the Costa Verde International School, they are now residing at Avenue Revolución #19.

This move is an exciting one, allowing Hidro Sol Albercas to better serve the community. The prior office was very small and did not have room to store any products or equipment. For this reason, a bodega in Puerto Vallarta was utilized for storage. However, the new space is large enough that all items are now being stored here in Sayulita.

They carry an array of items in house, including pool pumps, pool filters, chemicals, lights, pool maintenance equipment, hot tubs, sprinklers and purification systems.

Now that everything is stored in Sayulita, a higher level of service can be provided. Hidro Sol Albercas can deliver items in a timelier manner or customers can pick up items that they need faster.

This business has also added new products with the latest technology in the pool industry. One such item is an ecological pump that uses approximately 80% less energy compared to a traditional pool pump. For instance, a traditional pump consumes approximately 700 watts of energy, while the new pump consumes only 90-100 watts of energy.

Other new technology includes solar heating systems and LED lights. The lights not only conserve energy, but also can change color.

Juan Cristobal Solórzano Orozco, one of the owners of Hidro Sol Albercas, exudes passion for the pool industry and his work. “I like the design and construction of building a pool. I like to look at someone’s yard and think about how I can make it into something special. It’s very rewarding to see the happy faces of customers.”

This business first started in 1980 in Guadalajara, but has been in Sayulita for 10 years. Since opening their doors here in town, Hidro Sol has built more than 70 pools in town, including the pool at Playa Escondida. A current project includes designing and installing a pool at Villa Amor.

"Visit us and build a pool. We always strive to provide the best customer service possible and to be honest with our customers. It’s our goal to always keep our customers happy,” said Juan Cristobal Solórzano Orozco.

For quality service or questions, call Hidro Sol Albercas at 329-291-3378.



SayulitAnimals Needs Volunteers


Volunteers are a crucial part of the success of SayulitAnimals. This non-profit animal welfare organization is not a shelter and depends on the help of the community.

Currently their greatest need is for foster homes. They currently have a handful of people willing to open their home and heart to a homeless dog or cat, but they don’t have nearly enough foster homes.

Even if you’re only vacationing in Sayulita, you can make a difference in the life of an animal. Zinnia Loya, her two sons, Francisco and Estevan Carretero,  her sister-in-law, Rosa Careterro-Fung, along with her three children, Juvin, Marcelo, and Anika Fung and their nephew, Marcelo Khamseh and two nieces, Natalie and Allison Lira, are one such example.

This big hearted family from San Francisco, California, is here for 2 weeks and is currently fostering a 5 week old puppy, Gonzo, and a 3 month old puppy, Oreo. When asked why they wanted to foster, the cousins, who range in age from 9 to 17 told me, “We like dogs and want to take care of them. It’s nice to help them. They’re good company.”

A big intention of fostering for this family is to help an animal in need and to help prepare that animal for the future transition into their forever home. For instance, they are helping Oreo, a very timid pup, become more socialized. “Yesterday Oreo wouldn’t even let us touch her, but today she is following us around. It’s very rewarding to watch her come out of her shell,” said the family.

They are also focusing on leash training. However, best of all, these young pups are being showered with love and affection and eating up every second of it. This family may only have these dogs for two weeks, but they are making a huge impact on their lives.

Even if you can’t foster an animal, you can still help out. Volunteers are needed to walk dogs, play with them and help socialize them. You can also help by transporting animals to veterinary appointments, bathing dogs and cleaning kennels. They also need people flying to Canada that are willing to have an animal accompany them on the flight. 

“Even coming in to walk a dog one time can help make a difference in that dog’s life” says Sara Briner, one of the women behind SayulitAnimals.

If you’d like to volunteer, stop by SayulitAnimals at Manuel Plascencia #3 or call 329-291-3974. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.


A Fairytale Ending

Nicole G. Leier, a fitness model and actress, and Brendan Uegama, C.S.C., a cinematographer, first vacationed in Sayulita in September of 2010. Uegama, who was filming Monster Ball and Exit Humanity in Toronto, took a break from filming to meet his girlfriend, Leier, for a much needed vacation. This Vancouver couple was soon to embark on an experience that they would never forget.

They had researched hotels and decided to stay at Villa Amor, which they absolutely loved. One evening while dining at the hotel’s O’Restaurant, they watched a storm roll over the horizon. Once it hit, it hit hard. Since they were on vacation, they didn’t let the rain deter them from a night on the town. As they danced at a local bar, water covered the floor and rose to their ankles. When they returned to Villa Amor, the rain was still pouring down and they had to crawl up the stairs to their room. Inside the room, the electricity was out and water was up to their shins. Being the troopers they are, they shrugged it off and went to bed for the night.

They woke to find that the water had continued to rise during the night and was now knee deep. A tree had fallen in front of their villa, an entire house had washed down the road and was gone and the main bridge in and out of town had been swept away. The beach was black and debris was everywhere. They had flights to catch and the only way out of town was a small boat, which is how they traveled to Puerto Vallarta.

Fast forward four years, and here they are again, in Sayulita, for the first time since they evacuated. However, this time they came for their wedding, which was Saturday, July 12th.

When asked why they chose Sayulita, they said, “When we were here the first time, Villa Amor was remodeling the Gran Villa and we could tell it was going to be amazing. We looked at each and said, ‘If we ever get married, this is where we’re going to do it.’”

The wedding ceremony took place at O’Restaurant, a sentimental gesture of watching the storm roll in four years earlier. The reception, which included two Spanish guitar players, followed in the Gran Villa, allowing a spectacular view of the ocean and the jungle covered mountains.

This couple could not be happier with their wedding, Sayulita and Villa Amor.

“The way Karen Ruzga put our wedding together was exactly as I envisioned. Her and her team did a fantastic job. She was really wonderful,” said Leier.

“Ricardo Desiderio, who works in the front office and concierge services, is a big reason we had our wedding here. He does everything with a huge smile on his face and made our stay through the storm wonderful. He even remembered us when we arrived this time. We consider him part of our family,” the couple raved.

“Sayulita is not your average town. There’s something special here and Villa Amor gives it an extra spark,” said Uegama.

A big congratulations to Nicole G.  Leier and Brendan Uegama! To learn more about this couple, check out their websites at, and


A Perfect Romantic Getaway

CNN Travel names Riviera Nayarit as one of the top destinations with an ambiance for romance. Between the Pacific Coastline and the Sierra Madre Mountains, the beauty of the area, as we all know, is something to behold. 

Sayulita is specifically mentioned for it's laid back vibe and the abundance of water activities and land activities that are available. Between surfing, paddle boarding, zip lining, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, trips to the Marietta Islands and more, there is something to appeal to everyone. 

With this positive publicity for Sayulita, we surely will see an increase in tourism. After all, who wouldn't want to see our picturesque pueblo for themselves and experience the magic for themselves?


New and Featured Listings

Lot For Sale

This 4,400 square foot lot is within walking distance of the beach and downtown. With water, electricity, and sewage hook ups, this is an easy lot to build on. 

Click here for more details.

Casa Sonrisa Price Reduced 
Lowered from $369K to $299K

This 2-unit house with an ocean view is located in the north central part of Sayulita. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a covered dining terrace, pool and barbecue area. It's only a 5 minute walk from the plaza and the beach.

Click here for more details.

Casa Alas

Congratulations to Sayulita Investment Reality on another sale! We welcome the new owners to Sayulita!

Click here to see what you missed.

Om Yoga Summer Programming
By Stacey Elkins

For many people, yoga is a luxury. However, Om Yoga wants it to be a practice that everyone can enjoy, regardless of income. “Low season is the perfect time to bring the community into our classes to promote the care of nature and health and offer the tools to help bring people into their inner space,” says Nydia Zarate, a certified yoga teacher at the traditional-style certified yoga school, Davannayoga®, studio caretaker and summer program coordinator.

This yoga studio, currently owned by Derrick Lundy and Sandra Smith, is located at Manuel Plascencia #81. The space is beautiful, set under a palapa, with a nice breeze. It comes equipped with everything that one needs to practice yoga, including mats, straps and blocks. “This studio has an energy. People who come to practice tell me that there is a good vibe,” says Zarate.

This summer Om Yoga is offering free demonstration classes, donation only classes, low cost workshops and yoga for children. “We’d like to open the studio to the community for people to find tools to use for their benefit in their own home,” says Zarate.

Zarate recently became certified by Rainbow Kids Yoga and is currently offering a free children’s class every Saturday at 11:00 a.m. In this class, Zarate is integrating yoga into play for the kids. Make note that this class will not be held on Saturday, July 26th due to a workshop, Breath Wave with Robin Clements.

This three day, low cost workshop will be held Friday, July 25th through Sunday, July 27th. It is only 150 pesos per day or 600 pesos for all three days. Breath Wave is a gentle approach to transformational breathing to help one reach higher levels of consciousness and clarity of mind.

There will also be a Cacao Ceremony, which is an ancestral Mayan ceremony, on Sunday, July 27th.

A donation only community class will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:00 p.m., starting in August. There will also be a family class, which will also be a donation class. However, the schedule is yet to be determined.
A Kirtan session is being offered once a month for 100 pesos for adults and children are free. This is the practice of using spiritual chants to soothe the mind, open the heart and purify the atmosphere.

Free demonstration classes are offered sporadically and are taught in a variety of styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Power.

“My goal is to bring community to unity,” says Zarate.

Make sure to check Om Yoga's Facebook page for more information.



Job Opportunity

Villa Amor is seeking a responsible, friendly, outgoing front desk receptionist, who is a team player. Applicants must be 90% bilingual, both in speech and writing, and possess basic computer skills for reservations and front desk assignments.

If you would like to apply for this position, please contact Norma at generalmanager@villaamor.


Upcoming Events in Sayulita

July 19
Natural Products Workshop
Third in a six class series: Oils for the body
9 am to 2 pm Casa Mexhica, Tamarindo
July 21 - 25
CVIS Summer Camp
9 am to 12 pm
Ages 4-12
July 21 
Spanish Intensive Class
Mon-Fri 9 am to 11:00 am
July 23 - 26
Surfabilly Summer Surf Camp
9 am -1 pm
Ages 7-14
July 27
Cacao Ceremony
7 pm
July 28 - Aug 1
CVIS Summer Camp
9 am to 12 pm
Ages 4-12
July 30 - Aug 2
Surfabilly Summer Surf Camp
9 am -1 pm
Ages 7-14
Click here to view the community calendar!

Photo of the Week
Delfines street in Sayulita. Another beautiful, sunny day to love, live and laugh in our magical pueblo.


Pet of the Week


I am Brownie, a beautiful one year old male chocolate lab mix who was found abandoned on the Punta Mita highway in Sayulita. I am a very happy dog who is always smiling. I have a very mellow and relaxed personality, but also enjoy a good adventure and walk. I get along with all dogs, cats, kids and humans. I am great off-leash, and will not run away from the house of the people who care for me. Right now I am a street foster in front of SayulitAnimals, because they are so full in the back and I am so healthy. I would love to find a family to call my own.

Please contact my friends at SayulitAnimals if you have room in your heart and home for me!

Contact SayulitAnimals here.



Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
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