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Surf-a-thon Success

By Lizzie Blumenthal
With plenty of sunshine and playful waves, Costa Verde International School (CVIS) enjoyed another success from the 6th annual Surf-a-Thon on May 24.  According to parent, Octavia Jolley, there were up to 40 participants, which helped raise approximately $14,000 toward scholarship funds for students. 

This is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Costa Verde School,” Jolley stated, who noted that 45 percent of students who attend CVIS are on either a full or partial scholarship.

As stated on the SayulitaLife website about CVIS, “The scholarship program is designed to provide increased access for local children who are in need of financial assistance, 
Funding for this program is achieved 100%, by the fundraising efforts of our staff, board of directors, and local community.

This year, to help boost participation, students from the Costalympic teams were also encouraged to join in the fun. Each student participating of all ages and experience levels, worked to find sponsors or donations from various sources.
Not only was this a way for the school to provide scholarships that help to diversify its population, but the event also brings families together for an active day outdoors. Students came geared with boogie boards, stand-up paddles, surfboards, etc.
The event helps promote school spirit and gets everyone together for a fun day at the beach, while raising money for the school program.”

CVIS would like to thank the following for their efforts and participation: “Thank you Punta Sayulita for hosting the event and thank you to Patricio Gozalez and James Pribram, Eco Warrior Foundation; Autumn Schelvan - APO Surf Team - Charlie Winsor - Clint Coddington – Costa Munoz Waxman - CVIS Kids Surf Team - Enzo Ackermann - Enzo Gomez - Grace Coddington - Harry windsor - Hot Wheels Team - Indigo Marshal - Jack Hodge - Jacques Ackermann - James Pribram - Anne Ackermann - Johann Ackermann - Kekoa Ramos-Helms - Liliana Peixotto - Lucca Gomez Jolley - Luke Ackermann - Miller Roman - Nainoa Ramos - Helms - Nathaniel Peixotto - Omar - Osmar - Rogelio Ramos - Serena Moeller - Simon Lysek - Summer Heather Helms - Talula Koch - Team Lambrecht - Theo Koch - Theodore Lysek.”

Those who would like to donate to the program, please visit!

Sea Turtles in Sayulita Start Soon 

By  Jose Luis Caselin
Sayulita´s Campamento Tourtuguero Sea Turtle Camp, confirms the start of it's 2014-2015 season. During the coming months the Sea Turtle Camp´s volunteers will take cleaning, patrol, inspection, and conservation actions as sea turtles will start arriving in Sayulita to lay their eggs.

Last year the season showed a successful results with 281 nests collected, 26,354 eggs protected, and 22,050 baby turtles released and registered here in Sayulita!

Every night volunteers will patrol the beach (walking) trying to find mother turtles laying their eggs or their newly made  nests. After collecting nests, the eggs are relocated to our local sea turtle nursery, which is located at the beach house known as Casa del Mar, belonging to longtime residents Erick Jorgenson & Odette Gordon.

 In this upcomming year, the Camp will be collaborating with RED TORTUGUERA A.C.  as well as with Biologist Maria Alejandra Aguirre, and some volunteers, to continue to work for better conservation methods and practices. This year the program would also like to extend the patrol area to Playa Los Muertos and Playa Mal Paso, were there are many turtle´s and unprotected nests.

Sayulita's Campamento Tourtuguero would like to invite all in the community to volunteer as well as participate in the new program called  “Adopt a Nest” where a private donation can be accepted and the donator will be invited to that specific nest´s baby turtle release, after an approximately 45-day incubation period.

Campamento Tourtuguero Sayulita, is also always in need of some materials if you would like to donate, here is their need´s list:

Clip Boards
Sharpie makers
Radios (walkie talkie)
One of the most important needs for the camp is to get a ATV vehicle that will support the night patrols, traveling longer distances and increasing the number of nests collected per night.

If you would like to be part of these actions as a volunteer or contribute with a donation, please contact us via email at or at our facebook page!

New and Featured Listings

Price Reduced by $26K 

Casa Marisol  

This lovely custom-built fully walled and titled 4000 sf home was built on a level lot to USA standards; by an American Designer for his personal residence.. CASA MARISOL was built with comfort, security, privacy and low maintenance in mind.  View more information.

New Real Estate Listing:

Villa Periquito in Los Almendros complex  

This elegant Northside villa in Sayulita, Mexico will fit your every need. Two blocks from the beach, and six flat blocks to town. No need for a car, but if you have one, there is gated, off street parking with 24 hour security. 
The owners have priced this unit to sell and it is ready to be titled..  View more information.

New Real Estate Listing

Hacienda de Cereza $395K USD

Hacienda de Cereza is a beautifully designed, very spacious home is located only a few blocks to downtown and the beach.  The home is completely enclosed with a large courtyard and plenty of outdoor space.  There is one bedroom, one bath on the upper level and one bedroom, one bath on the lower level, both levels with kitchen.  Nicely furnished and tastefully decorated, Hacienda de Cereza is ready to move in or start renting right now!.  View more information.

Rock n'Roll Dance Party for Sayuparke

By Stacey Elkins
On Friday, June  13th, Don Pedro’s will be hosting a benefit at sunset for Sayuparke. A 50 peso minimum donation will get you in the door at Brisa Del Mar Palapa, and a cash bar will be available. Dance the night away to the music of the local band, Los Gatos Negros, followed by DJ Jessmonaut!
Gabbi Villarrubi, drummer for Los Gatos Negros and supporter of Sayuparke tells El Sayulero about his band and why they are supporting this great endeavor:
What's the story behind the formation of your group, Los Gatos Negros?
As we like to say, "The Los Gatos Negros = We aren't very good, but we're pretty #@$%in' awesome!" - Los Gatos Negros were born of a desire to bring some old school Rock n' Roll to the land of Reggae and beach grooves. While we all love that onda, man cannot live on one groove alone. Everyone in the band comes from a punk/new-wave/no-wave/glam-rock background, and after years of living in Sayulita off a beach vibe, decided to let our freak flag fly and break some hearts and ear-drums! With a shared love of vintage rock, we decided to play punked up versions of our favorite songs, and Los Gatos was born!! Honestly, when we booked our first shows, we assumed no one would come, and whoever came would boo us off stage. Instead, we brought out the rock n' roller in every Sayulero, and our shows became legend. We also do not play very often, so our 2-3 shows per season are somewhat special events. You may not remember them due to your personal choice of intoxication-weapon, but you will never forget the sweet noise that rings in your ears!
Why was the name Los Gatos Negros chosen?
We are all black cats, no? Sayulita is a town of wanderers, vagabonds, folks broken off from their tribes to find a new clan. We are a gathering of those 5 people. Never meant to be together, but still, making questionably beautiful (?) music together! Most the members of the band are not big night owls, with kids and all that rotten stuff, but when we do go out, its past midnight, and you don't really want to cross our paths... trust me on that one... 
How would you describe the type of music your group plays?
Mexi-Punk n' Roll!! Your favorite hits from the 50's to the 80's, really  #@$%in' fast!! 
Your band is playing for the upcoming benefit for Sayuparke. Who organized this event?
This great event was created by Chris and Damien of Don Pedro's, who happen to be awesome supporters of the chaos that is Los Gatos Negros, and more importantly parents and true Sayuleros. Years ago we did a "Start of Summer" show at the palapa, and it was great fun. Actually, it was Los Gatos first show. This is a revisit to that, with a better cause than just getting blurry! haha. We are all parents of kids in this town now, and we are behind the need to get more outlets for our kids here, to keep them out of trouble (like joining punk bands! haha!!). In all honesty, I personally want more places for my kids to play, safely and all day, and Sayuparke's efforts are supporting that. Octavia and Tessa, plus many others are spearheading the park, and the rest of us are throwing a great party to support the effort - plus, we need more reasons to get loud and snotty once in a while! Oi Oi Oi!! 
Why did Los Gatos Negros decide to play for this benefit?
Easy! We are all parents, part of this amazing community, and looking to support more spaces for our children. Oh, and I really want to play punk rock for my friends, and stay up late at least once a year!! (Old punk rock parent = in bed by 10!) - Los Gatos was born and bred in Sayulita (like my kids!) and will do anything to support this town in our own chaotic way! 
What is it about the Sayuparke project that you're passionate about?
Again, this is about our kids. Not to get all Whitney on y'all, but the children are the future. I believe that, and if they don't have somewhere safe to hang out, they'll turn out like me! haha. Actually, we need more punk rockers in Sayulita! Most of the Punk rockers I know are pretty cool, upstanding citizens, and politically minded. Orale. 
What are you hoping to achieve from this benefit?
A good buzz, ringing ears, and lots of money for Sayuparke (not in that order) !! 
How do you think this park will benefit the children of the community?
A safe place to hang out. Somewhere for the kids to go when the surf is down, but the groove is up. Clean, well cared for grounds, where not only for the kids, but parents can meet and talk about being parents, the benefits as well as how it is making us insane (in a good way!) haha! :) 
Why should people come out to support this effort?
Sayuparke rules!! Los Gatos Rule!! DJ Jessmonaut, who is going to take the party into the dance space-out-atmosphere after the Gatos rules!! And really, a party at the Palapa, in the heat of summer, full of Sayuleros who CARE rules!!! Ya'll gotta be there for the good cause and good high! 
What kind of night can people expect when they come out to support this benefit for Sayuparke?
Well, I guess to be honest, a very loud night, full of happy people, stoked to be in Sayulita!! Great music from Los Gatos, an amazing groove from an amazing DJ and local parent and musical genius Jess Edmondson i.e. DJ/Jessmonaut. Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about this!! 

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CVIS Says Goodbye

By Joe Riddle
Costa Verde International School has been a vital member of our community for quite some time now. The social events, performances, and many other gatherings have made the school a community staple. Additionally, the positive change that the school has made in the lives of many children is particularly commendable. A large portion of this positive change can be attributed to the schools director, Kathy Nicoletti. Unfortunately, for Sayulita, Kathy has decided to move back to the states to tend to her family. Her leadership and guidance will be missed greatly.

In order show appreciation of all of Kathy's work the parent's association at the school organized a great surprise dinner a few nights ago. The dinner was complete with delicious food, a beautiful view, and a choreographed dance from all of the teachers at the school. The food was provided by a team of members of the parents association who spent hours cooking egg rolls and other delicious fare. 

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Kathy, I am sure you can join me in saying, Thank you Kathy, for all of your hard work and dedication to the school and the community, we wish you luck in all of your future endeavors. 

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Full Speed
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