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Friday, January 30th, 2015
From the Editor's Desk:

Happy Friday!

Last night was the first time we have had rain in quite a long time. It was nice and refreshing, and a bit of a surprise.

Tonight, January 30th, there is a fundraiser to support the Sayulimpia volunteers. This event will take place at Monchis at 7:00 pm and will include a delicious meal of chili rellenos, beans and rice, chips and salsa, agua frescas, and dessert. There will also be live music. The price per ticket is only 150 pesos per person. If you are in town, consider going to this dinner to support these volunteers, who work very hard to keep Sayulita clean.

Make sure to mark your calendars for March 11th for the Pro Sayulita Fiesta, which is their big annual fundraiser. This is a highly anticipated event that you will not want to miss. 

Thank you for reading this edition of El Sayulero,

Stacey Elkins
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Pro Sayulita and Pueblo
Magico Progress  

On Wednesday, January 21st, approximately 45 Sayulita locals gathered at Latitude 20 for a Pro Sayulita meeting. In attendance was Sayulita’s Delegado, Jesus Rodriguez, the President of Sayulita Civil Action, Teodoro Guerrero, the Sayulita Commander of State Police, Carlos Arrendondo Vazquez, and several members of the Pro Sayulita board, including the President, Jack Jones. This meet-and-greet between high ranking Sayulita officials and Sayulita locals showed that everyone has their sights on the same goal: A partnership between village leaders and the community in order to improve Sayulita for everyone. 


An Interview with Damien Porter, Owner of Don Pedro's

Don Pedro’s Restaurant & Bar is situated on the main beach in Sayulita under a beautiful thatched palapa. It is the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner,  as you take in the view and enjoy the breeze. The restaurant was established in 1994 and is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.  Damien Porter, who owns Don Pedro’s with his cousin and chef, Nicholas Parrillo, sits down with El Sayulero to share more about Don Pedro’s and the exciting renovations they have undergone.

An Interview with Mi Chaparrita


The Verdin family first opened the doors of Mi Chaparrita in Sayulita 12 years ago. This family owned tour company offers a number of excursions and activities, including horseback riding, zip lining, boat trips to the Marietta Islands, sport fishing, surf lessons, and an ATV excursion. Luis Humberto Verdín Plascencia sits down with El Sayulero and share more about their business, the history, and their tours.

Origenes Men in Sayulita 

Only 11 months after opening Origenes David Luna in Sayulita, Pepe Kabande and David Luna, have opened a second store, Origenes Men in Sayulita. This new shop, which opened December 30th, carries ethnic clothing and accessories for men. These fashionable items are made in various locations of Mexico from natural fabrics and materials. 


An Interview with Charlene Cordner

Charlene is pictured far left
Charlene Cordner is the soccer coach for the girls’ team and is a captain of the women’s soccer team for Sayulita Futbol Club, a soccer club for boys, girls and women of all ages. Originally from Washington, her passion for soccer began when she first played at 5 years old. She competed all through school, even playing for three different teams at one time. “Soccer has been my life,” Charlene shared as she sat down with El Sayulero to tell us more about her love for soccer, coaching soccer in Sayulita, the needs of the soccer teams, and how you can help. 

Festival Sayulita: It's a Wrap

Photos by Ed Dorsett with Wicked Fotos
All the fun and excitement of Festival Sayulita was wrapped up on Sunday, January 18th with the Master Tasting event at Don Pedro’s Palapa. Attendees gazed out over the spectacular view of the bay as they sampled tequila, wine, and spirits, and anticipated the viewing of the film, “Big in Japan.” The night also doubled as an award ceremony and many people reflected on the wonderful week of film, surf, music, tequila, pairing dinners, and other activities.

Festival highlights included:


Sayulita Wine Shop

If you are a wine aficionado or you want to learn more about wine, the Sayulita Wine Shop is the place to be. This wine shop, located on the south side of town, was opened by Calixto Gattas and Gisela Marlin at the end of December. “The wines that we sell are our personal selection and we carefully select them based on a balance between quality and price. The majority of the wines you will not find anywhere else in Sayulita,” shared Gisela.

Plastic: A Harmful Material

Written by Leonarda Estefania Peredia Romero
Grade 9, Costa Verde International School
At Costa Verde International School, Secundaria students have initiated a project to reduce plastic use here in Sayulita. Currently as a community we use plastic bags and bottles too much when we should be using reusable bags and bottles. By doing this, we would avoid contaminating the ocean, the land, the river, and animals with garbage and harmful chemicals.



Thank You Pro Sayulita! Though
We Still Have More to Do...



I have always thought of Sayulita as a “small town” but also an important tourist destination. In addition to the many people who come and stay with us residents for a few days or a few months, our town receives thousands of visitors daily. It feels like our population doubles in the daytime hours during the high tourist season. This is great for businesses, but taking care of so many visitors requires essential services such as police, garbage pick up, life guards, parking, etc.

Many of us who live here contribute toward these services, both personally and through our businesses (in my case, through Fundacion Punta Sayulita).  

Everybody’s efforts are paying off.  We have a tourism police force, a fire truck, ambulance, lifeguards, garbage pick up and recycling services.  None of this existed even five years ago.  We have achieved this through the hard work of many individuals and by partnering with local and state government. 

Having said that, given the number of tourists who visit us and the number of residents, we have only just begun to scratch the surface of what is needed. Only if visitors and residents alike feel safe, if they know they have access to medical assistance, and are able to enjoy clean beaches and streets, will Sayulita continue to be a great place to live and visit. As a resident, I have already benefitted from the ambulance service, when I needed to get to a hospital. Our business, Punta Sayulita, has used the services of the Municipal, Tourism & Transit police, as well as the Proteccion Civil.  

So -- we have made great progress, but we need to do more to ensure our charming, small town stays clean, safe, healthy, and fun so people will want to return time and time again.    


Brett Ellsworth, 
Punta Sayulita


Pro Sayulita provides $120,000 U.S. per year to provide these essential services to you, your families and your visitors.  Join your fellow supporters, who have already raised $60,000 through the annual Fiesta. You can give at any level, but here are some suggested benchmarks: 
Gold Supporter: $500 — $1,000+ (or the sky’s the llimit!)
Silver Supporter: $365 ($1/day) — $500
Bronze Supporter: $50 — $364
Other:  $____________

Supporting Pro Sayulita is easy: go to  and click “donation.”
Your donation will go through “Friends of Sayulita,” a 501(3)(c) not-for-profit organization and is tax deductible in the United States.


What is Your Most Memorable Experience in Sayulita?

Thea Mitchell, Calgary

Going on the Chica Locca. It was a perfect day and I don't think I've had that much fun with my kids in a while.
Magee and Anne

Going whale watching with Sayulita Entourage. They do a very good job and are very personable. The whales were spectacular. 
Eduardo Sandoval, Sayulita

When Julion Alvarez and Ricardo Montanel who are famous singers in Mexico, came to stay at Hotel Sayulita Central. They came to do a video two weeks ago and it was a surprise to us. 
Rusty Jeffress, Sayulita

Sitting under a palapa on the beach on an incredibly clear day and watching the local surfers.
Josue Cortez with daughter, Aaleyah

Following several unfortunate events, I opened my own restaurant, Aaleyah's Nachos & Wings.


New and Featured Sayulita Listings

Villa For Sale: Casa Jungla

This partially furnished two bedroom, three bathroom house is located just a three-minute walk from the plaza and the beach. A spacious terrace and a gourmet kitchen is perfect for entertaining guests.


Villa For Sale: Casa Rio Zarquito

This property consists of three apartments, located just a three minute walk from the square and the beach. This is the perfect income property, complete with ocean views, and a pool and cabana with an outdoor kitchen. 


Casa For Sale: Casa Agua Azul

Lovely, open air design, ocean view home at the north end of Sayulita. This contemporary home has two bedrooms on the main level, and a large master suite with bonus room on the upper level.

Business For Sale: Flora Amor

Acquire an established, respected business with an ever growing client base. Everything you need to start is included with the sale. No searching for floral wholesalers, glass wholesalers, lists of resorts and contacts, hotel and restaurant contacts, lists of wedding and event planners, etc. It’s all done for you.
New Business Listing:  Sayulita Clarity
Alternative Therapies

Angela Wieland specializes in hypnotherapy, life coaching, toe reading, and destiny cards life path and/or compatibility readings. She makes house calls in and around Sayulita.

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Pet of the Week

My name is Foxy. I got dumped near the highway and had to fend for myself for a while. Finally someone took me in, but because I'm fascinated by chickens (I kill them), the person wanted to kill me. So some wonderful people took me away and to a safe place. I actually am a very loving and affectionate girl. I get along with other dogs, cats and children. I'm spayed, healthy and house trained. In other words, I'm ready to come live with you!
Contact SayulitAnimals here!

Photo of the Week

Photo by Camilla Fuchs with Camilla Fuchs Photography
Although Sayulita has evolved in many ways over the years, this recent picture of two fishermen on their bird surrounded panga could just as well have been taken 30 years ago.

Upcoming Events in Sayulita

January 30
Sayulimpia Mexican Dinner Fundraiser
7:00 PM
Monchi's Sayulita Restaurant and Bar

January 30
Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars
7:30 PM
Zen Garden

February 10
Sayulita Days-Carnival, Street Vendors and Fun!
Daily, culminating on Feb 24
Sayulita Baseball Field


February 12
Latcho & Andrea Gypsy Flamenco
7:00 PM
Don Pedro's


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Thanks for reading.  Please let us know your opinions, suggestions, complaints or anything else you feel will help make Sayulita a better place in which to live and vacation.
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